Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Appreciate Everything!

The past several weeks have been quite hectic, and more than anything else, just a reminder how precious everything is and not so much to fret over the small stuff which most of us usually do. Here’s a little run down on how the past few weeks have went.

Reena and I moved into our new home and we were very excited to be able move her 14 year old lab, Rocky, in with us. In her old house he had a lot of problems getting in and out of the house because he has little to no muscle left on his back legs and hip area. Since moving Rocky into our new home, he has been doing much better. We’ve also been taking him to the doctor regularly to do everything we can for him to keep him comfortable. Over the past several months, Rocky had lost a ton of weight and we had no idea why. After bringing him to the vet, they said it could just be from him getting out and maybe from the stress in Reena moving out and other changes during recent times. We ended up changing all of his food and giving him all beef and high protein foods. We brought Rocky back again a couple weeks later and he was maintaining his weight. In doing everything we possibly can for Rocky, we also wanted to get his teeth cleaned, but they would have to sedate him since they do this with all dogs, but were very cautious since he was an older dog. We brought Rocky back for a few more health tests and the vet told us he has some mass build ups in his liver and that he probably has cancer. This was a few weeks ago and the news really hit us hard and sucks, but he seems to be doing pretty well lately. It’s really wonderful that I can work from home and spend time with him all day.

Next on the list of suckiness, two weeks ago Reena’s dad had a horrible diabetes attack and ended up going into the emergency room. What we assumed would be a one or two day visit to the hospital has now been a trip through hell. With drops in blood cell counts, a ton of tests, haven been given multiple blood transfusions and even had bone marrow taken for tests, nothing has gone right lately. To make things even worse, the doctor that was responsible for the bone marrow test, ended up poking him something like 40 times to withdraw the bone marrow. Not only has this left her father with excruciating pain for several days now, but his leg is internally bleeding down to his calf muscles from a bad procedure, which is now being worked on. We can only hope and pray he will be released and better by Christmas.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, over the past week my chest has started to bother me. It feels has if someone is sitting on my chest with all the weight condensed into one area. It was steadily getting worse and yesterday I finally decided to go into the emergency room. Reena and I drove over and my father met us there as well. After an EKG, xrays and some other tests, they said everything was mostly fine. Apparently the end diagnosis is stress, which would make sense with the way things have been going lately. (picture: I made sure to keep my hospital tag for my blog post… had to think about something while laying in the hospital for a few hours! 🙂 ) Let’s see how this week turns out… hopefully I feel much better and Reena’s dad is released from the hospital and feeling much better.

As mentioned earlier, this is just a reminder of what we should focus on in life and not overwhelm ourselves with little things that really don’t matter in the end. Live every day like it’s your last, because you never know what tomorrow holds and time flies by way too fast. I’m not trying to depress anyone, and I focus this blog on “making money“, but honestly, I would trade it all if anything was to happen to anyone I love.

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  1. Sorry to hear all of that Zac! Im sure things will get better for you soon. Its good to see that even though you make great money as a super affiliate, your not a money making robot. you still have heart and feelings.

    best of luck with everything.

  2. Yeah man don’t sweat the chest thing if all the test came back fine. I’ve had it at one point in my life too. It’s amazing what stress can do to your body. You might want to check out a book called the mind body connection by John Sarno, it’s an interesting read.

    Where’d you get the COLLEGE DROPOUT shirt? I love it!

  3. Zack,

    Really sorry to hear about everything that’s been going badly lately for you. The most important thing to remember is that there is always somebody in a much worse situation than you and that you should always enjoy the good times while they last.

    I truly beleive that everybody who goes through a bad stage in their life is better because of it.

    Keep up the great quality posts, but at the end of day if the blog gives you any stress whatsoever, there is no harm in having a little break. You’re not much good to any of us dead.

  4. Yeah. Stress can hit you hard. Happened to me earlier this year with panic attacks. I did the full stress test thing and I was fine.

    You have the right idea, and mindset, so you're ahead of the game. They key is learning and dealing with it.

    This is why I try to work on things that are fun. Life is too short to do things that aren't fun, right?

    Take care of your family, because the day all of this internet stuff ends they will still be around.

  5. Zac, the ‘small’ things are too often the ‘big’ things.

    There are 2 posts on my blog that show up when I ran a search for ‘Rocky’.

    This one:

    And this one:

    October 14th was one of my most miserable days this year, when our Rocky passed away peacefully, leaving a vacuum in my life that’ll be hard to fill.

    Hope things get better for you – and be grateful for the ‘small’ BIG things 🙂

    All success

  6. I had a friend get a collapsed lung during a real stressful time before. Definitely makes you step back and rethink the stuff you stress over.

  7. woa, tough stretch. hopefully the worst is behind you now.

    I hit the stresss hurdle about 1.5 years ago and ended up at the er. I walk 30 minutes/7days a week now and it helps. each of us is different though so good luck finding the key to bringing you stress down.

  8. Hey Zack, Sorry about the tough times. I am sure all will work out in the coming days!

    I tagged you with a meme. As I wrote in a comment to John Chow, you guys have been around a while and I am sure have done the “7 random facts” thing before. But, I am new to all this and thought I would hit up the blogs I read often. Anyways, link is below:

  9. Zac,

    It's easy for us to sweat small stuff and forget to give thanks for all of the little things. I hope that everything that you are going through personally works out. I had a very rought 2006 and 2007 with my family and now personally with my job going the way of the T-Rex. But I still give thaks for waking up everyday and for having good friends and a wonderful family.

  10. Hope you are fine now. Every once in a while, we have to take a step back and take a break. Not worth earning so much money and spending all of them in an emergency room.

    Happy Holidays!

  11. Labs are my favorite people. Wish you and your family (including Rocky of course) good health and happiness.

  12. I fully agree with you. I sometimes also forget about it and focus to much on my projects, make money online, etc. There is nothing more important in this world then our family/children, friends, etc.

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