Dow Hits Record High, Yahoo Tumbles

While the Dow Market hits a new high, the tech sector gets hit hard… especially Yahoo, which reported some lower numbers than expected. I own a bunch of stock and a large portion of them are of internet companies. Today I thought it might be useful to list some of the main internet stocks out there, what their current prices are and maybe some new companies you haven’t seen yet.

Company Symbol Price (as of April 18, 07) 52 Week Range
Google GOOG $476.51 $513.00 – $360.57
Yahoo YHOO $28.36 $34.09 – $22.65
Microsoft MSFT $28.51 $21.46 – $31.48
ValueClick VCLK $29.75 $13.15 – $31.34 AMZN $44.90 $45.32 – $25.76 NFLX $22.17 $33.12 – $18.12 MNST $43.99 $59.99 – $34.75
Ebay EBAY $34.38 $40.82 – $22.83
24/7 Media TFSM $8.47 $11.79 – $6.72
InterActiveCorp IACI $38.55 $40.99 – $23.54
Verisign VRSN $26.63 $27.02 – $15.95

It can be a lot of fun owning and watching stocks of companies that you know or work with online. Especially with all the buying out activity that happens. Just last week Google purchased DoubleClick for $3.1 billion… is ValueClick next on the block for a big buyout? If you come across any stocks that you like and would like to start trading or owning shares of a company, feel free to refer to my last post on "Make Money with High Yield Savings Accounts". You can easily setup a new account with Ameritrade or eTrade and start trading almost immediately.

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