Earn 3% More this Month at Market Leverage

I just received my latest Market Leverage American Express gift card yesterday, for my June earnings through their network. So when I saw their latest promotion, I thought it would be fitting to announce. During August, you can earn more money with Market Leverage than ever before. The ML network is holding what they call a “Double Play Triple Pay“, which means, if you can double your affiliate earnings from last month (July 2008), then you will receive Triple ML Rewards based on your commissions for August 08.

Market Leverage already has the best rewarding Rewards program, which is a 1% bonus of your monthly earnings. If you are able to double your previous month’s earnings, you are looking at a 3% bonus at the end of the month. This may not sound like a lot, but in the end, it all really helps with your marketing numbers. If you earn $20,000 this month, you would receive an additional $600 ML American Express Bonus Gift Card on top of your earnings. The gift cards can be used for personal use, or to put towards your marketing efforts.

The winner of the Apple iPod Touch from the Market Leverage promotion will be announced early next week.

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  1. Interesting. Now I've just gotta figure out how to double my earnings…. I should be getting my first Market Leverage American Express gift card this month.

    Also, I'm pumped about the iPod touch contest. I think I may be in the running for it. Anyone bold enough to reveal their July earnings? I posted an update on my blog on 7/27 showing my Market Leverage Earnings for the last 30 days.

    Hope I don't embarrass myself by throwing that out for the world to see.

  2. is market leverage any good? i see the ads and contests everywhere but i haven’t checked it out yet

    1. I've made more money with Market Leverage than I have with any other affiliate network. My net for this month with Market Leverage is around $650.

  3. Yes, Market Leverage is the best. I've work with lot of CPA network but right now I'm only focus on Market Leverage cause i want This iPod Touch from Zac. 🙂

  4. Market Leverage becoming more and more popular. I have been very happy with their service and have made good money off their affiliate program. I think every blogger should really implicate this into their moneymaking schemes.

  5. I have seen Market Leverage around the blogosphere but don't really know if I can get any success from it. Maybe I will try it out over this weekend.

  6. Since I've been procrastinating like there's no tomorrow, doubling my earnings this month shouldn't be a problem with ML lol!


  7. Market Leverage is one of the big players on the internet now… they are hitting them out of the park!

  8. Zac, I just got started with ML thanks to you, I'll let you know when i get my first gift card! You should do a post on help some of us newbie's out on how to pick the best campains and such, i kind of felt a little overwhelmed, but hopefully it will only take some time. Keep it up !

  9. I am not too keen on ML, they don’t have many products to offerr in my niche and their banner ads do not convert to cash either. I’ll keep them until the EOY then bye bye.

  10. Damn, they do have some good incentives… I have to really work on my AM… obviously I haven't earned anywhere close to $20,000 in one month lol!


  11. This is so sweet. I wished they gave you 1% no matter what, I am not a big fan of having to hit new blocks to get paid a little more.

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