Earn Big Money & Huge Prizes from Motive Network

There has never been a better time to signup as an affiliate with Motive Interactive. To kick the new year off, Motive is holding a pretty big promotion for any new affiliates that join through this blog and can push some big numbers.

For the first time, Motive Interactive will be rewarding their affiliates with some big prizes for anyone that can push volume. Here are the prizes up for grabs in January 2009!

TITANIUM TIER: $300,000 Commissions Earned
Reward: A New Smart Car ($11,990 Value)

PLATINUM TIER: $90,000 Commissions Earned
Reward: VIP Las Vegas Vacation
1st Class Air, Stay at the Wynn for 2 nights , $500 Cash

GOLD TIER: $10,000 Commissions Earned
Reward: 32 GB iPod Touch with $500 iTunes Gift Card

SILVER TIER: $1,000 Commissions Earned
Reward: XBox 360 Elite Package

The rules are simple. You must sign up to Motive Interactive through this blog to participate in this promotion. Your tier ranking will be determined by your total commissions earned between January 1st and 31st, 2009. Motive Interactive reserves the right to change, modify and have the final say on all prizes and participation. Once you hit the commission level for each tier, you will receive that individual prize. There are no limits how many prizes will be rewarded. One level tier prize per affiliate.

MORE PRIZES UPDATE: After looking over the prize levels, I wanted to make sure something was available for everyone. I sent Motive an email and they agreed on the “Silver Tier” which only requires $1,000 in earnings for January. Earn at least $1,000 and you’ll receive a free XBox 360 Elite package!


In addition to big rewards based off your January earnings, you can also win prizes just by simply writing on this promotion on your blog. Three random winners will be February 1st, that have written about and linked to this promotion post.

– $100 Cash
– Flip HD Mino Camera
– 16 GB iPod Nano

Blog winners will be selected and listed on this post on February 1, 2009.

This is a limited time promotion, so make sure to take advantage of it, if you aren’t already an affiliate with Motive Interactive.

– Join Motive Network

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  1. wooho, cool prizes there..

    I will write about it soon and participate…

    is there any way so that comment fields remain filled with my details here ???

  2. @Trisha Lyn Fawver:

    Trisha – Thanks for your comments !

    Motive Interactive has dedicated affiliate managers, support staff and resources for our affiliates.

    We will continue to improve on this as well as providing technology based on what affiliates need.

    A big part of this contest is to work with existing affiliates referred by Zac in the past to help keep these affiliates make even more money month after month.

    It's just one of the many ways Motive Interactive will be reaching out to existing and new affiliates in 2009.

  3. So, if 10 people hit $1,000 then they are giving out 10 Xbox 360's

    Am I reading this correctly??

  4. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-95909" rel="nofollow">@browie:

    I was notified that there is one winner per tier. A winner will be randomly selected by Motive Interactive from the group hitting each tier level.

  5. "The rules are simple. You must sign up to Motive Interactive through this blog to participate in this promotion."

    I've seen this before with contests, it's really only open to NEW members of Motive. That does nothing for me if I've been a member for some time.

    And I'm disillusioned with your network… for one, you changed my AM without so much as a notice, and I thought we'd established a pretty decent relationship, but I guess not. As well, you're talking to me in PR speak like you've never talked to me before, not like a real person that I've spoken to on the phone, which loses serious brownie points for the network in my eyes.

  6. @Trisha Lyn Fawver:


    You have a good point, I should have told you I was moving on to different areas at Motive and that you would have a new Affiliate Manager.

    Also please excuse the formal response it was worded as to not address private Motive Network issues in a public blog – I don’t believe it has any place here.

    I enjoyed working with you this year and hope that we can move forward in 2009 !

    Regarding your account – The account was switched to an affiliate manager that can better address your publisher needs, while I personally move on to manage some other areas at Motive including this contest with Zac and away from Affiliate Management.

    The switch over to another affiliate manager came at a busy time during the holiday season and I am sorry I did not have a chance to personally notify you of this.

    We are constantly looking into how we can improve things here at Motive and yes sometimes there are challenges and we will continue to work hard to improve things.


  7. @Luke Smith:No problem; thought more about it after I posted and there was no way to remove it lol. Anyway, good luck with the contest, I do wish you guys the best, but I’d also love to see a cool contest like this for current affiliates lol.

  8. Here is a simple solution to what needs to be done for existing affiliates. What they need to do and be allowed to do is email there affiliate managers and ask to be put under Zax's referral id. That way everyone can enter he contest.

    It is actually a very simple process to do……you just need to ask!!!

    When I get around to working out something in the up coming months with Advaliant (if I can) this will be very important to allow affiliates to change referral id's.

    When you sit back and think about it – no one really has that much loyalty to who they signed up under…do they???

  9. Zac,

    Cool contest for the heavy hitters. My profits are way under any hope of making the prize thresholds, but they seem to have some cool offers to promote.

    I'm already a member of ten other ad networks. I wonder if I am getting a bit diluted?

    Happy New Year Zac! Hope to meet you again at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas.


    Nicholas Chase

  10. @Zac Johnson:

    Oh well, I was thinking of joining, but now, not so much. The first time I read the blog post, it seemed that if you reached the tier, you get the prize – now there's some random draw involved… 🙁

  11. @Carlito:

    Carlito ,

    I am managing the contest with Zac and can confirm that If you hit your tier and you will get the prize. – This is true of all tier levels and includes the xbox and lower tiers.

    Zac will update this on the blog post shortly but please join up and lets make some money !


  12. I going to sign up should not be to hard to make 1000 for a xbox 🙂

    make about 500 a week now want to make that in a day

    need to find some better leads to sell


  13. @Amit:

    Hello Amit,

    Only affiliates who sign up to Motive Interactive under Zac Johnson or who have in the past signed up with Zac Johnson are able to participate in this contest.

    If you are unsure you can you email me with your user name and website and I will see if you qualify.


  14. I was glad to get to know more information about a contest with huge prizes from Motive Interactive. I clarified everything for mysellf.

  15. I don't think a newbie affiliate can make even the silver tier in 30 days, but I hope that I'm wrong…. that's why I'm joining 😉

  16. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-96249" rel="nofollow">@eric:

    Hey Eric. Silver shouldn't be too hard. Instead of looking at the big $1,000 number, think of it as only $32.25 per day! You may just hit an offer big and crush what you thought you could do.

  17. The prizes here are quite large, but they are appropriate based on the commissions needed to acquire them. The could be thought of as a bonus for a job that is completed. The silver tier bonus is high enough of a percentage of the commissions needed to make it quite noticeable.

  18. Can someone really reach that titanium status? It is $300,000 in commission which means that affiliates need to sell products more than that value. Assuming 10% commission is given. Thus, an affiliate needs to sell a total of $3million worth of products. 🙁

  19. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-96386" rel="nofollow">@charles palma:

    10% is a very low estimate on commissions. Affiliate marketing is nothing like commissions for retail marketing. While $300k may be a high number, it isn't that high for some of the top affiliate marketers around. Not to mention, the prize tiers are based on the reward given… so it has to scale appropriately. However, to answer your question… yes, it is attainable.

  20. @DotDriven:

    DotDriven : No this will not be extended – Affiliates are doing very well and Motive looks forward to awarding many gifts in February ! There is still time to win an XBOX system – Join Motive Interactive and start today !

  21. Nice to hear of the greatest contest onthe blog ,about the sponsor and the promised prices,I think many people decide to participate,and it will be the brightest event of the beginning of the year.

  22. Hey Zac, whats the deal with this contest? Feb 1st came and went a while ago. When you going to update this?

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