Earning High Commissions on Financial Offers with T3 Leads

Some offers are great all year, while others do better during different times of the year. Let’s take a look at financial offers for instance. Credit cards, cash advances, pay day loans and credit checks… everyone needs them and new people are signing up to them all the time. However, during the holidays people tend to sign up to these type of offers more than usual.

Why? Easy… people need money to spend on gifts, gas and everything in between. Whether it’s a credit check to see if you can get a new credit card or loan or requesting a pay day loan to pay for your latest bills and purchases, it’s all the same. People need access to money!

T3 Leads is a network that is loaded up with financial offers and they have been seeing a ton of growth and success over the past several year. I first reviewed the network a few years back and plenty has changed for the better.

Let’s take at how T3 Leads currently operates and helps affiliates make more online online.

The majority of us are already signed up to some for of ad or affiliate network. T3 Leads is pretty much the same concept as in they house offers, manage the back end tracking, payments and lead quality issues. The difference from T3 Leads and other ad networks is that they only have a select amount of offers, and they are all exclusive to the network. T3 Leads specializes in payday loans, auto loans, insurance products, and credit cards related offers.

As an affiliate of the network, you have full stats and lead tracking from within the network. As mentioned earlier, a lot has changed in the back end of T3 Leads, so their latest stats tracking version is 3.0. If you are already an activate affiliate and haven’t logged in recently, definitely log in and check out the most recent upgrades.

So what’s different from T3 Leads than any of the other networks out there.

As mentioned, T3 Leads is focused more on the financial leads, which means you won’t find zip offers and free email submits. Being in the financial niche, you will also find offers with much higher payouts, anywhere from the $30-$100 range.

With such high payouts, quality is king. T3 Leads is extremely selective on who they accept into their network, which means you will also have less competition when it comes time to promote any of their offers.

To give you an idea on why T3 Leads is so selective on the affiliates and quality they allow into their network, here is a run down on their current network averages for pay day loans related offers.

  • For email traffic, the average EPL (earning-per-lead) is $4 to $7.
  • For SEO, the average EPL is $14 to $25.
  • For PPC, the average EPL is $12 to $15.

Promoting Financial Offers During the Holidays

Speaking of financial offers and the trends they have during the year, the 4th quarter is when the big money is being made in the pay day loans and credit niche. T3 Leads is always coming out with new landing pages of their own that are custom built for holiday promotions.

It’s one thing to see a pay day loans offer in your email or on a web site, but when you get the consumer thinking about how they might need to request a loan or sign up for a new credit card to access more funds, the difference between a generic landing page and a holiday based page might be the difference in more conversions.

Not Promoting Finance Offers, But Still Want to Cash In?

Pushing financial offers isn’t for everyone, and even T3 Leads understands this. There is yet another effective way to make money by referring affiliates to their network. As more and more affiliate networks are lowering their referral program commissions or removal of the program completely, T3 Leads is standing firm with their referral percentage at 3%. For anyone with an internet marketing related blog or mailing list, this simple 3% referral commission can built up quickly over time with a few nice referrals.

Whether you are looking to promote financial related offers or start pushing affiliates their way, T3 Leads is ready to start working with affiliates through out the world who are willing to drive quality traffic and leads through their network.

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