Easily Create Affiliate Stores with PepperJam Store Builder

Once again, PepperJam Network is in the news for going beyond what the traditional affiliate network has to offer. Their latest release is a new store builder for affiliates to create quick and efficient affiliate stores/sites. How many times have you wanted to create a small site with products for an specific site, but didn’t have time to mess with a datafeed or store database? Now you don’t have to. PepperJam Network has a super easy script in place so you can make any specific store pages you like.

To create a store, simply log in to your PepperJam Network account, then click the tab that says “PJN Store Builder”. Once you click the link, you will see a form like the one below. Check off the merchants you would like to work with, then your desired categories, any additional filters, then your content and code is shown below. You can easily customize the format and content to match with any web site design.

To get a better idea of what you can do with the PJN Store Builder, take a look at a Halloween Store they created with their builder. As you can see, the design is simple enough and it probably didn’t take long to throw this site together, but it makes it easy enough for you to throw a niche site together that can work well with holidays or for specific items. Once you have a site created, you can have some original content written up for the site, and you are in business!

This is definitely a cool feature and one that I will start playing with shortly. PepperJam Network has been adding a massive amount of new merchants to the network, and every time I log in, it seems like there are another ten or more merchant programs to join.

What do you think about the new PJN Store Builder, and have you been making any money with PepperJam Network lately?

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    1. Zac – thanks for the review!

      Chris / blackysky – thank you!

      Ad Hustler – I understand your frustration with eBay deciding to be very selective with accepting new affiliates on both EPN and PJN. However, I don't think PJN should be thrown under the bus bec/ eBay has not been actively accepting applications – in short, it doesn't have anything to do with PJN's customer service, which is a cornerstone of our business and something we are very proud of. If we were authorized to accept the applications we would. 🙂 Again, sorry for the frustration.

      Kris Jones



  1. Zac;

    Have you actually built a store like this? Do they really work? I'd be curious to get some of your insight into not just how to build one of these stores but how to actually promote it a bit too.

    I built about 50 niche type sites a few years ago using the Amazon feed and they did pretty well up until about a year ago when Google started really trying to get rid of spammy sites with little original content and they pretty much fell off.

    Is that the key to these sites? Building them out with some original content, too?

    1. PepperJam just came out with their build a store today, so I haven't built anything with theirs yet. I have built a few sites using BANS and like all other sites, Google does slap them… however they still have good rankings for me in Yahoo and MSN.

      You can still make good money off free listings on just MSN and Yahoo. As for original content, it definitely helps… but does not guarantee a no-slap from Google.

  2. This is cool but how do we make them more effective and function like a actual ecommerce site.

    1. Not everything can be done for you. If you are not willing to put in any work to make money what do you expect to happen?

  3. Looks good and it is easy to use. I have tried the demo. Nowadays there are a lot of tools out there to help internet marketer build a niche store easily like amazon, BANS etc. It is a win-win situation for both affiliates and the vendors as good looking website will definitely make more conversions and sales!

  4. Please, PepperJam.

    Do something impressive. I'm somewhat new to the affiliate marketing game, but I have yet to find a use for your services. I have been turned off by just about everything about PepperJam. Everything, from the hard-on-my-eyes design, to the navigation, to the offers. I just haven't found a use for PepperJam. I'm probably just a noob, though. I hope I can find it useful and profitable in the future.

    I think I'll go to be now and quit trying to take out my low-profit day on company's that are trying to make things easier for me.

    Cheers, everyone.

    – Jeremy

  5. I think this new little tool is great. Back in April LinkConnector has attempted to do a similar widget. PepperJam's Store Builder seams to be much faster and more intuitive to use.

  6. Wow the demo store does not look that bad, hey Zac have you done any ppc testing, how does Google see this, do they give you the slap if you try to promote this in Adwords?

  7. I'd like to try this one. I have a few ebay ones set up with a free alternative I found, but it only handles ebay. It would be nice to get them all in there. The shop is only half the battle,the other half is marketing it.

  8. This is definitely the BANS replacement although PepperJam keeps stressing how much they like BANS…L.o.L.

  9. PepperJam's feed also plugs in well to Magento shopping cart (and probably other shopping carts). PepperJam is taking the affiliate world by storm.

  10. First off this is great you found a way to use pepperjam. I see its an old post but wanted to say a word or two.

    1] pepper jam store code is java script.

    2] google does not index JavaScript loaded content the way it does static or even dynamic html.

    3] ineffective for anyone trying to get SEO ranking for a store.

    My advice, export the pepper jam feed and import to your store.

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