Ecig Affiliate Program & How to Use Word of Mouth Marketing

Since the explosion of the Internet, the world of marketing has been permanently changed. You’ve got more traditional methods of marketing that will likely always be around, but the internet and social media have opened up entirely new channels of non-traditional marketing.

Some products are best promoted through traditional marketing methods like running ad campaigns. Other products are best promoted, however, through non-traditional marketing tactics, like word of mouth marketing and social media discussion. is an electronic cigarette and vaper company that offers an incredible affiliate program, which is a great example of how you can utilize word of mouth marketing (particularly online) to generate profit quickly and at a relatively low cost. Some products are best sold through non-traditional marketing methods, and this is one of them.

The power of word of mouth marketing is incredibly strong, especially when you know how to use it.


The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

The majority of non-traditional marketing relies, to a fair extent, on word of mouth marketing at its core. Generating discussion on social media about a product or blogging an official (or unofficial) referral operate on the principle of telling people who likely trust you to some extent how awesome a certain product is.

Examples of popular non-traditional online marketing methods that rely on word of mouth marketing include:

  • Social media promotion (particularly in generating unofficial discussions)
  • Blogging (this post, for example)
  • Posting on discussion boards
  • Recruiting influencers in your industry

Word of mouth marketing, in all of its various forms, is extremely powerful.

As you can see from the infographic shown below (via Womma), word of mouth marketing has an extremely high level of credibility both online and offline, and the same holds true for it’s profitability.

Word of Mouth Marketing Drives Sales

People are much more likely to trust someone they know or are familiar with than they are to trust an ad that was blatantly just created to sell them something, regardless of their actual needs. Even if the person doesn’t know you well, they’re still more likely to trust you than they would an ad or a pushy salesperson.

This is why so many brands will use celebrities online, or how impactful positive/negative reviews can be online.

Word of mouth marketing also has the potential to be one of the most viral forms of marketing. Even if the person who you connect with doesn’t purchase, they may tell someone else who does. The reputation and information of your brand and product can be spread like wildfire, continuing to move until someone, somewhere down the line purchases.

With all of that being said, let’s consider some options for how you can use out of the box thinking and word of mouth marketing to promote a site like

How to use Word of Mouth Marketing as an Ecig Affiliate

Ecig is a great example of how you can use word of mouth marketing, both as a business and as an affiliate.

Part of the reason Ecig started their affiliate marketing program is because they’ve realized that while traditional marketing methods have their place and can be effective, they’ll have much more widespread success if they enlist affiliates who can use non-traditional and word of mouth marketing methods to drastically increase their customer base.

To learn more about the affiliate program, you can watch the short video below.

As an affiliate of Ecig, the goal is to both refer new customers to Ecig as well as to refer new affiliates, since you can profit off of both. Specific examples of how you can use non-traditional online marketing methods to add affiliates and customers to your network include:

  • Talking about it on social media: Talk about Ecig everywhere you can online without making it seem like spam. Mention it on your social media sites. Find discussions and recommend it, posting your affiliate coupon. The internet is a far reaching place, and you never know how many people will see that link—or click on it.
  • Blog about it: If you have an audience for your blog, that’s the perfect platform to promote your product. Even if your blog has nothing to do with Ecig, it’s always possible to slide in a quick mention of it or focus a blog post on it somehow (ie, this blog post).
  • Tell all your friends: Your friends are a great place to start with word of mouth marketing, because they know you, trust you, and could even want to help you. Even if they don’t use Ecig’s products, they could still sign up to be an affiliate and sell to their friends who are—and then you both win.
  • Creating review and information based videos on YouTube: Every day thousands of people are searching for information on ecigs online, whether it be for pricing, health issues, generic questions or even because they are looking to make the switch from traditional cigarettes. No matter the reason, if you can provide them with an answer, you now have your own audience as well.
  • Recruit an influencer: Even if you don’t have any connections with major, traditional influencers on social media, you may know someone who could be an influencer to the people around them. I remember having a friend who worked at the mall and got everyone who worked around him hooked on e-cigarettes—including the ones who had never smoked before. That guy counts as an influencer.

The common theme among all of these options is that cigarette smokers are researching ‘ecig’ alternatives everyday on the internet. Your mission is to become the source of information and to provide it to them first. By doing this, you can then gain a customer for life — which by the way, on average spends over $1,200 per year!

Average Vaper Spends Per Year

I think it’s also important to note that there is also a huge opportunity in the organic and paid search marketing space. Look at the numbers below after running a keyword report on ‘ecig’ through LongTailPro. The big stand out here is that over 50,=00 people are searching for “ecig”, “ecigs” and “e cigs” every month in the search results, and the “Advertiser Competition” for these keywords is relatively low! This means that anyone who wants to put in the time and effort to build out a high quality ecig site, could potentially rake it in if they were to rank on the first page for any of these high quality and heavily sought after keywords.


In addition to your traditional online marketing methods, such as building out niche sites, buying search keywords and media buying… there are plenty of ways to use word of mouth marketing to connect with a new audience and promote whatever product you’re trying to sell. Ecig just happens to be example, and it’s a good one to practice and develop marketing skills with while increasing profit.

Speaking of which, let’s move on to the affiliate program.

Ecig’s Affiliate Program Features & Details

Ecig’s multi-tiered affiliate program offers a lot of potential for big commissions—especially once you start referring your own affiliates.

Ecig’s affiliate program boasts a guaranteed lifetime commission of 15% on all customers you send to them—this means you’re getting 15% on all the purchases these customers make for life.

With the average vaper user spending roughly $1,200 per year by Ecig’s own estimations, that means you could be getting $180 in commissions per year per customer, and that adds up quickly. All you have to do is get them to sign up as new customers once, and you’re racking up lifetime commission on whatever they buy in the future, too. This offers the potential for major future payoffs with just a little hard work up front.

You aren’t just restricted to making commission off the customers you directly refer; the program is four-tiered, meaning that you’ll get commission off the customers that your referred customers send to Ecig when they become affiliates. For the second level, you’ll get 5% commission; for the third and four levels, you’ll get 2% commission. Again, this can all add up really fast. These commissions are for real life, just like direct referrals.

Ecig Multi Level Affiliate Program

Affiliates are provided with their own individual, personalized, 10% off coupon code—this helps track what affiliates sent which customers to Ecig, as well as offering an incentive for new customers to buy.

Ecig Referral Coupon

There’s a lot of success stories where affiliates made a ton of easy money, fast through this program. You can read some of them here.

How to Join the Affiliate Program

Whether you are a smoker or not, there’s no denying that more people are making the switch to ‘ecigs’ vs the old cigarettes that bothers everyone around them. With all of the fancy accessories and the ability to add flavoring, the customer spending and market is just going to keep growing in size.

All of this leads way into your opportunity for cashing in with the affiliate program. For a program like this, word of mouth marketing will easily yield the best results. Ecig’s affiliate program is the perfect opportunity to practice your word of mouth marketing skills while making easy money—and potentially a lot of it. With lifetime commission on a four-tiered scale, there’s a lot of profit to be made.

Click to join the eCig affiliate program.

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