Effectively Promoting Health & Beauty Offers with Health Converter

Viagra, Dream Weight Loss Pills and anything else you could imagine… everything you can imagine, it’s out there, and it’s probably sitting in your spam folder right now. Do you really think you would be getting these types of emails for the past decade if they didn’t work? The honest truth is weight loss products, herbal supplements and pharmaceuticals is where the money is at.

The big spammers have been cashing in on these offers and mailings for years now, yet you don’t hear much about them getting caught or action taken against them. Instead, the recent focus has been on rebill offers and their fake testimonials and their relation to celebrity endorsements. The FTC is cracking down, but that doesn’t mean the flow of money in this market is slowing down, it will just continue to increase for those who are doing it right.

HealthConverter is an affiliate network that specializes in health and beauty products. Officially launched in 2009, but active since 2008, the majority of their products are based off the rebill concept, which might leave a bad taste in your mouth, but as long as these products and offers are portrayed correctly and don’t screw over the customer, they are actually legit. The rebill concept has been given a bad name with marketers pushing the likes of Oprah, Dr. Oz and Rachel Ray on products they have absolutely not association with, but the killer is how most of these fly by night companies would abuse the customer by rebilling them constantly before being able to cancel their free trial.

With that said, Health Converter has made a clear decision that they are in the health and beauty market for the long run, and doing what they can to keep everyone legitimate. It’s not only an affiliate at risk when using bad marketing tactics, but it falls back on the parent company as well. In a recent interview with Market Health owner Gary McNelley, Gary goes into details on how the FTC is cracking down hard on advertising tactics in this niche. Gary also recommends a law firm, and having your landing pages reviewed before going live. This is all to meet the standards of FTC and keep you (the affiliate), the advertiser and customer safe and happy.

Narrow Focus with Big Gains

We already covered how Health Converter works differently from other marketing companies, and tries to keep their affiliates and marketing efforts legit. For anyone promoting in the health and beauty niche, you should take a look at Health Converter. While many well known affiliate networks have a ton of offers to choose from in this area, Health Converter focuses only in health and beauty, and knows what works. The management of offers and financial handled by Health Converter can be broken down into the following categories.

– Tier 1 advertisers, such as Extenze, Hydroxatone, and Hydrolyze… these are all of the very well known products that you see advertised on tv.

– Tier 2 advertisers, which are lesser known products but still in high demand. These advertisers have to prepay directly to Health Converter for all leads. If prepaid funds are exhausted before the advertiser submits more funding, the offer is redirected to another product which is already prepaid.

– Affiliates and Networks; As mentioned, many networks have a numerous amount of health and beauty offers available, many of them being from Health Converter. You will find their offers on networks such as Neverblue, Copeac, Azoogle, Ads4Dough and more. High end “Big Pharma” (millions in ad spend) offers are also available within the Health Converter network, but on a private and accepted basis.

Why does all of this matter? Just look around at some networks over the past year. How many of them were thrown under the bus by fly by night companies paying out $50+ on a rebill offer, then not paying the networks. The networks paid out to the affiliates and got royally screwed, having to make up for the difference and even putting some networks out of business.

How to Effectively Make Money with Health & Beauty Offers

When I talked with Health Converter, it was important to discuss the best ways of promotion and how to get the best return on investment. As expected, it’s all about the pre-sell. Testimonials, review sites and “personal story” blogs are continually destroying the competition on conversion rates. You likely won’t see the killer numbers many did, back when the the free trial promotions just started, but there is still plenty of money to be made.

No need to point out any specific landing pages or urls, as you will still see these offers pushed on many major news, espn, social networks and high traffic entertainment sites. (basically any site with advertising on a cpm basic). Another huge method for promotion is PPV (pay per view) advertising. With the pre-sell landing pages on some of these offers converting so well, it’s easy enough to create a lander that pops under when visiting a site and the affiliate only has to pay pennies for each view. The high converting pre-sell lander, plus the high commission (usually $30-$45.. but up to $99.95) from free trial offers makes for a winning combination.

Keep in mind it’s not as simple as buying up as much traffic as you can for cheap, then throwing your lander up. It’s all about testing your lander, getting your pages in front of the right people and not buying crap traffic. If you would like more tips on creating high converting landers and getting heath and beauty offers in front of the right people, email Justin at Health Converter and he’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Healthy & Beauty Vertical: Competition, Demand and Profits

With everything covered so far, it’s easy to see how many marketers might shy away from this market as it seems too volatile… but like most markets, that’s where the money is. The FTC has scared a lot of the competition away, but also leaving the door open for those remaining to succeed any more. Just a quick search on Google’s Adwords Tool shows nearly 500,000 searches a month for “Extenze”. That’s just for it’s direct name, think about the advertising opportunities when targeting relevant search terms, competitors and many of the other products available through Health Converter.

Another improvement that Health Converter has over the competition, is in their efforts to provide for the customer. Some free trial offers in the past were limited on what type of credit cards could be used to place an order. HC has offers that can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and even Discover card, while offering an easy cancellation process to the customer. This should open to a new market of customers, while improving conversions for affiliates. To top it off, all offers on Health Converter that support these payment processes, also have an unlimited cap for affiliate driving traffic. No more having to switch urls between offers and networks each day when you would hit your cap.

Health and Beauty offers available on their network pay in the $30-$45 range. As mentioned, most of these are on a free trial basis. Health Converter also makes weekly wire payments for any affiliates pushing $1,000 or more per week.

The bottom line is, the health industry is making money for affiliate marketers on a daily basis. If you are still sitting on the sidelines, now is the time to take action.

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  1. Thanks for the network referral. I do some health promotions and have been trying to find good ones with the non-specific networks that are available. This could the network that I primarily use from now on.

  2. I had no idea there was still money in these kinds of offers. And it's crazy to me that so many people looked up Extenze. I've seen so many of these spam ads come and go, but had no idea there was any money available to be made with them. Interesting research.

  3. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-118892" rel="nofollow">@SnowBall:

    I'm amazed as well. Not so much that there is still money, but how often I see these ads all over the place. Any big news or entertainment site that had ad space available, you see those ads with the big teeth for whitening and even those Acai ads are still all over the place. It's quite amazing.

  4. @Zac when i click on justins name at the bottom of the post i get a 404? i wanted to email him

    thanks in advance

  5. I'm sure that is true, as it's one of the most saturated areas to make money right now. It's always tough to compete with the power house affiliates/players that already have tested and proven their ad copies for max performance.

  6. I wonder if they have products for psoriasis. I've been trying to find products for this medical condition for a while as I'm running a blog about it.

  7. One of a biggest hurdles which Market Health faces is gripping a affiliates agreeable with FTC regulations. As any network knows, when we have thousands of active internet marketers compelling your product lines it becomes formidable to keep lane of their graduation methods. Gary McNelley runs a agreeable network as well as functions energetically to stop dubious advertisements placed by his affiliates.

  8. I just signed up and we will see how it works. Thanks for he great information (tip).

  9. I've been thinking about getting into some other niches as of right now i deal mostly in fashion and celebrity products but there is only so much you can do (legally) in that arena…so thanks for the heads up.

  10. This niche has been around for years, and I don't think its going anywhere anytime soon. People are looking for easy weighs to increase their health. There's so much competition in this niche but I think its worth to try it out.

  11. Thanks for the post and the link. Appreciate all the above comments. I wish there was something out there for alternative health (chinese herbs, etc…).

  12. ny big news or entertainment site that had ad space available, you see those ads with the big teeth for whitening and even those Acai ads are still all over the place

  13. Hi Zac!

    My wife is a Nutritionist and has her own blog called The Nutrition Genie, and this sounds like the perfect network for her to start getting her CPA offers from.

    Thanks for the great tip!


  14. I think health converter and market health are owned by same person.And most of the affiliates are complaining that market health s tracking system does not work,even after ordering through their own affiliate links.May be health converter also using the same tracking systems and i am afraid to join them.So could you tell your result with them so it will help to all…

  15. Have you seen the FAQ of this affiliate network?
    "Health Converter is an invite online Ad Agency. If you're a marketer of health and beauty offers that hits over 6 figures in monthly commissions, please reach out to Health Converter. You will need strong references from industry partners. 99.9% of application are denied."
    I think I'm going to pass my way, lol 6 figures in monthly commissions
    My recent post Mon Avis sur le Régime Dr.Phil pour Maigrir Vite

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