Elite Retreat, Take Your Biz From Good to Great!

I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the winners in John Chow’s most recent blog contest, for a full pass to Elite Retreat during April. For those who aren’t aware of the event, it’s a massive one-on-one networking powerhouse with some of the best marketers and minds in the industry. The keynote speaker is the ever famous Guy Kawasaki, and other names headlining the event are Jeremy Schoemaker, Aaron Wall, Neil Patel, Andy Liu, and Brian Clark. For a full bio on each, you can review their profile pages.

When I first saw that John Chow was having a contest for a seat at the event, I was quite surprised. Sure, the prize was sponsored and provided by RocketProfit, but a ticket for EliteRetreat runs a costly $4995, as it should. This is the opportunity of a life time, to bang heads with some of the best marketers in the industry! Another surprise about the contest was that RocketProfit offered another ticket for John to give away as a bonus, for John’s blog earning over $30k during January.

So back to when I first read John’s initial post about the contest, I quickly replied a comment to the post and let everyone know that I would be taking advantage of this opportunity. How could you not spend an hour or two and really focus on writing a great article or walk-through on how to make money with RocketProfit, to solidify an entry into the contest??? I made sure to write a very detailed post, which I called “The Super Affiliate’s Guide to Mass Promotion of a Campaign“. This was an excellent contest for me, because not only did I have the opportunity to write something really great for my readers, but I had the chance to win a ticket to one of the premier events of the year.

An awesome collection of marketing minds offered at Elite Retreat!

I was finally contacted by John last night about my entry being selected and that his “winners” post was now live. With two tickets being given away, and a combined prize package over nearly $10,000… how many entries would you think the contest would bring in. With over 15,000 RSS subscribers, I would hope the competition for this promotion was tough… but to my surprise, someone asked the same question in a post on his blog. Amazingly enough, John replied back and said there were less than a dozen entries! Yes… two $4,995 prizes, and less than a dozen entries… simply amazing! Even Shoemoney let his blog readers know about the contest!

With that being said, it only solidifies what I say on this blog quite often… and that is, you can give golden tips, tell people exactly what to do, and how to make money… but how many will actually follow up and take advantage of the situation. This is one of the major reasons why it’s so hard for so many people to make money online, and also why I can share so much advice and secrets on this blog, only so many will actually take action on what I say.

So thank you John Chow & RocketProfit, for providing the chance of a lifetime for myself and Gyutae Park, the other prize winner. You can be rest assured that once I return from EliteRetreat, I will fill you in with all my new found knowledge and new ideas for you to keep making money online!

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  1. I would've entered if I had the money to travel, and wasn't in my last year of high school 🙁

  2. I am not surprised that John didn't get more entrants to the competition, the barriers of entry to the competition were way to high. Rocket profit would have gotten more bang for their buck if they had included one ticket with expenses paid.

    Internet marketing is a global business and a lot of John and Shoe's readers are new to the game so A). The package isn't that appealing (from what I understand, elite retreat is supposed to help you take your product/business to the next level. That's great and all but if you don't have a solid product/business it's not worth anywhere near the price tag) B). When you're starting off it's hard to find the spare cash to fork over for expenses like airfare, hotels etc. Hell it's hard to find the spare cash to pay a designer or do some promotion.

    Also, John and Rocketprofit did a poor job of advertising the competition, posting to your blog simply isn't even anymore. My site is getting in excess of 5-10 new competitions given to us daily and there is 35+ other competition blogs in the market at the moment. From what I saw this competition was posted to two other sites that focus strictly on blog competitions and contests.

    Shame on John and Rocketprofit for not reaching out to these blogs (and shame on those blogs for not finding this information themselves)

  3. Fortunately, I don't have to go, I can just read your posts when you return. Congratulations to you and Gyutae, this sounds like an amazing opportunity. Good points about taking action too.

  4. Congrats on the win. I simply cannot believe that there were only 12 entries?!!! I think that you summed up alot of things in business, life, sports, love, when you said

    "you can give golden tips, tell people exactly what to do, and how to make money… but how many will actually follow up and take advantage of the situation."

    In today's day and age there is really no reason to be where you are if you are uncomfortable or complain about your current circumstances. You can just about find anything on the internet about how to do something and I simply can't believe how much money is out there to be had by the people who want to take some of it. Yet it's much easier to sit on the other side of the computer thinking "that can't be me, it would never work" and then complain to your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/family about how much you hate work/lack of money/how everyone else is luckier than you.

    Have a great time Zac and I hope you post some pictures of your weekend there.

  5. Congrats! I am very happy for you. . You have a great opportunity and I'm sure you'll take full advantage to learn as much as you can. Good luck to you.

  6. Congrats Zac!

    Sounds like it will be a great time. I thought about entering, but had other commitments and would not be able to break them, not like I was gonna win.

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