EngageBDR Launches First Impression – Premium Tier-1 RTB

Ever since social and ad networks have started to open up their advertising models to self serve platforms, the growth and ability to create amazing ad campaigns has just been phenomenal. With the ability to create your own ad campaigns and manage all of the ad copy, traffic sources and targeting, you are in control of the success of your ad campaigns and you won’t have to wait on a slow support team to get your campaigns live. This is the exact business model behind the new Engage:BDR RTB Self Serve Platform.

While many other self serve advertising platforms like MySpace, Facebook and Plenty of Fish allow you to target ads within their network, you are still limited on your reach and each network has their own limitations on banner sizes and ad copy. The goal behind Engage: BDR RTB was to create a platform that allows marketers to get massive promotion across online, mobile and video display advertising, all within one platform.

“It was my goal to build a platform that direct response advertisers could use for both their online media buys as well as their mobile media buys,” commented Nick Lynch, engage:BDR’s Vice President of Platforms and Manager of First Impression.

Once setup with your account, you will have instant access to placements throughout the Engage: BDR channel. Advertising methods focus on choosing your preferred advertising methods and allows you to sort on premium placements, Above the Fold, 1st Impression and Publisher Direct traffic sources. As as advertiser you will also have access to world wide traffic sources, both focused on the US markets and International. In addition to everything else the system has to offer, you will also be working with a team of experienced and season DR representatives to provide campaign consultation

Let’s quickly recap what Engage:BDR RTB Self Serve Platform has to offer.

Inventory Types:

  • Online Display
  • Mobile Display
  • Video (Launching Mid Q2)

Inventory Quality:

  • Tier 1: engage:BDR channel – Premium, Above the Fold, 1st Impression, Publisher Direct
  • Tier 2: Mid-Level 3-5th Impression, Above the Fold
  • Tier 3: Exchange/Remnant Traffic

Inventory Reach:

  • US
  • International


  • Granular campaign control down to the creative
  • Audience Targeting: age, gender, race, income, etc.
  • Mobile Targeting: publisher, platform, make, model, device, carrier, etc.
  • Mobile Ad Builder and Landing Page Builder
  • iPhone App to manage campaigns on the go
  • API access to build your own tools and UI

As you can see, there is a ton of information and features here… which is exactly what you need when it comes to creating your own ad campaign across multiple platforms and traffic sources. Visit Engage: BDR First Impression to setup your account and start managing your own ad campaigns on one of the best self serve advertising platforms around.

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  1. Great Post!But I don't know what to say.There is just so much information.Anyways I'll try by saying that this system is pretty cool the way you can manage your inventory pretty much anywhere and sell it pretty much everywhere. 😉

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  2. good luck First Impression!!! Very excited about this launch. VOLUME!!!!
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  3. You really made a good discussion here. I'm hoping that your first impression launch will be successful!
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