Expand Your Reach Through International Affiliate Marketing

The majority of affiliate marketers start their journey with ad campaigns that are mainly focus on United States based traffic. This makes sense for a lot of reasons, specifically that most of us live within the US and it just kinda makes sense that you would know more about your countries, it’s language, targeting and everything else.

However, at the same time this leads way for some other complications as well. With so many people focusing on the US audience, that means there is a lot of competition… and with competition comes increased ad costs and lower conversions. On a brighter note, if you can find success in marketing to the US, then you should also be able to find success by expanding your reach around the globe.

The same principles apply, however you will just need to tweak your ad campaigns, copy and targeting a bit.

Take a look at Facebook for example. There are currently 1.3 billion users on their network, but 75% of them are outside of the United States. How much opportunity are you missing out on by only targeting to a US market.

Guess what — the ad spend outside of the United States is also much lower in many cases as well. Less competition + less ad costs = higher profits.

If you are currently expanding your ad campaigns outside of the US market, now is the time to get started.

WOWTrk Caters to the International Affiliate Marketer

If you’ve been in the affiliate space for a while you will have noticed the massive upswing in international offers that are currently available across many ad networks. Several years ago everything was US based and anything that was non-US usually had a very low payout.

Times have changed and online monetization has increased heavily. Throw in the massive opportunity and reach of mobile marketing and you have international being one of the hottest focuses for businesses and affiliate marketers around the world.

This is what WOWTrk has been focusing their time and effort on for the past several years now (first launched in 2007). They knew international lead gen was the future and they’ve established themselves as a prominent affiliate network in this space.

The network is over 4,000 affiliates strong and is powered through Cake Marketing, which continues to be the platform of choice among top ad networks and online marketers.

There are currently over 400 different campaigns to choose from, which span across several different countries. Once logged in you can sort through all offers based on category, country or a specific keyword search.

WowTrk Offers

Payments are sent out to affiliates on a Net 25 basis and when the £25 ($40) payment threshold is met. Payments can be sent through check, bank wire, paypal and pioneer.

Promoting Gaming Offers on WOWTrk

As mentioned earlier, expanding your reach into different countries might seem confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite simple and very scalable.

One niche that is always doing well for affiliate marketers is the gaming niche. You can see some of the various gaming offers available through WOWTrk and how they also scale across various countries.

Gaming Offers on WOWTrk

Through the use of Facebook Ads you can build out ad campaigns that target to your exact audience. In the instance of games you would want to target users that are interested in well known main stream games such as “Call of Duty” or “Farmville”, then promote other games with that same interest.

Since many of these game offers are available in multiple countries, once you find success in one you should be able to scale that success across other countries.

To learn more about international marketing and see what offers are available, be sure to check out wowtrk.com.

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