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To continually make money in the world of affiliate marketing, you always need to be looking ahead and transitioning your business for what is next. This is something I’ve personally done numerous times over the past two decades. I can’t tell you how many times I heard people saying “mobile is the future” back in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, not everyone who kept talking about it, actually followed through and benefit from it. Mobile usage and marketing has completely changed everything… not just for online marketers, but every day individuals as well. The more people continue to use their mobile devices, the more opportunities that will arise for those marketing to them.

With all of that in mind, like mobile, affiliate marketing has also greatly progressed over the years. Running ad campaigns is no longer limited to just banner ads and text on websites, but now everything from social networks, native advertising and of course mobile display and in-app advertising. Those affiliates and marketers who knew mobile was the next big thing and got in early, absolutely crushed it.

If you missed out, all is not lost! The good news is that the United States is usually way ahead of the rest of the world in terms of technology. While mobile has already exploded onto the scene in the states, it’s still experiencing massive growth numbers around the world, which leaves plenty of room for opportunity to anyone who might feel they missed out over the past few years.

As with all online lead generation and affiliate marketing, ad networks make the process a whole lot easier. Today we are going to take a look at ExpertMobi, an international affiliate marketing agency that focuses on mobile lead generation offers.

ExpertMobi Affiliate Network

ExpertMobi is an international affiliate marketing agency that has a wide range of offers for their publishers to choose from. As seen on their main page, the majority of their offers span across ten different verticals, accept traffic from over 200+ countries and regions around the world, while also having an excellent selection of nearly 700 mobile offers.


Like most ad networks, ExpertMobi is willing to fight for your business, and the best way to accomplish this is through better offers and higher rates. With more websites and traffic sources now having access to a wide range of world traffic, it’s now more important than ever to have access to affiliate offers that accept the same. Gone are the days when affiliate network focus on just “US” traffic — this has proven to be the case with ExpertMobi as well.

In addition to having a wide selection of offers to promote, ExpertMobi has a tracking solution in place to cater to affiliates and marketers of all sizes. Such features include detailed real-time statistics, landing pages, postback tracking, banners and support for all traffic sources (depending on offer).

To get a better understanding on what ExpertMobi has to offer and how the affiliate platform works, let’s take a look at the dashboard area.

ExpertMobi Affiliate Dashboard

When it comes to the tracking and platform solution an affiliate network uses, most rely on HasOffers or CAKE. ExpertMobi currently has their own custom platform in place, which allows for them to better create, customize and track offers for their affiliate partners.

After signing up for an account and receiving your login credentials, you can log into the affiliate dashboard to start making some money.


No matter what tracking platform an affiliate network might be using, the general usage and setup is usually the same.

In the screenshot above you will see the Dashboard area and how it looks when you first log in. This will give you a quick daily graph on any active impressions, clicks, conversions and revenue you have earned through the network. You can also customize this chart to show for any specific date range or individual campaigns you prefer.

The daily graph acts as a quick resource when you first log in to your account. You can drill down on much more advanced campaign data and tracking through the “Reports” tab at the top of the page.


Affiliate Offers within ExpertMobi

At the time of this publication, ExpertMobi has 684 different affiliate offers available on their network. In the screenshot below you will see some of their top rated offers, while also being able to see how many offers are available within each category. Dating (100+), Entertainment Subscriptions (200+) and Sweepstakes (150+) are three of their most popular offer categories.


When it comes to finding affiliate offers on ExpertMobi, it’s quite simple. The left side menu has everything you need to sort offers based on their category type, conversion flow, traffic type, platform (device) and geographic locations. The option is also there to stack options selections, to provide you with the most accurate offers. A good example of this would be if you were looking for “dating” offers that paid out on a “CPI” basis and available for “iOS” devices/traffic.

Another option is to use the pull-down menu on the top right to sort offers based on their rating, rate %, rate fix, start date, currency, name, and geo.

The majority of offers found within ExpertMobi are mobile focused and their payouts and conversions can range from $1 to $50 depending on the call to action. Simple lead generation offers or app installs might results in a commission of $1 per lead, while higher value leads like gaming offers can pay out up to $50 per lead.

As mentioned earlier, there are also many offers for entertainment subscriptions, sweepstakes and voucher subscriptions, and dating site sign-ups available on the network. Since these offers are quite generic and could perform well with most audiences, they are definitely something to consider if you already have a lot of traffic flowing through your sites or mobile applications.

Affiliate Offer Approval Process

Affiliate networks need to be more cautious than ever before when it comes to pushing volume through their network. Essentially, they are the middle man between an affiliate and the advertiser — while also moving a lot of funds in the process. For this reason, it’s important for ad networks to not grant access to all of their affiliate offers to all of their partners at once.

The best way for affiliate networks to manage this is to have affiliates apply before running any offers that might scale too quickly. The same holds true for ExpertMobi, but the process for applying to run traffic to an offer is quite easy.

Next to each offer is a button that reads “Add to my offers.” When you click this, a dialog box appears asking about your traffic sources.


The reason why this component of ExpertMobi is important to cover is that they can be quite strict on what offers that allow access to. This means you will need to provide some detail on the traffic source and methods of promotion you plan to use when promoting an offer. Affiliates who provide more detail will be much more likely to be approved for an offer versus those who simply type in “mobile traffic”.

At the same time, the affiliate support team at ExpertMobi is also very responsive. Upon entering a request to run an offer, affiliates will usually receive a response within 24 hours through the ticket system. If the offer is approved, then you are good to go. If the support team would like more details on how you are going to promote an offer, they will likely ask for this information as well.

While this may seem like a tedious task for affiliates, the process is in place to protect both the affiliate, the network, and the advertiser — which ultimately results in higher commissions paid out due to higher quality leads and partner relations.

How to Get Started with ExpertMobi

As with all business and money making opportunities, your experience and results will come down to your own individual efforts. ExpertMobi has the platform in place and the offers for you to run, now it’s your job to find the right traffic sources and pushing volume.

Once you are setup with an ExpertMobi partner account, you can log in to the dashboard area and start looking around. You will also be assigned an affiliate manager who will be in contact with you shortly after your acceptance.

In addition to the many features and benefits listed above, affiliates who can provide volume and high-quality leads will also have the option to make special requests on their campaigns (higher payouts, unique creatives). ExpertMobi will also be attending Affiliate World Europe, to meet with brands, businesses and affiliate marketers from all around the world.

Click here to become an affiliate partner with ExpertMobi today.

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