Exploding From 7,727 RSS Readers to Over 105,000!

There is no doubt, the hardest part about creating and successfully managing a blog, is getting subscribers and readers to visit your site. We all start out at ZERO, then we anxiously keep an eye on our RSS counters and watch as the numbers slowly increase each day. First you hit 50, then get really excited when you hit the BIG 100, and if you are fortunate enough to soon hit 1,000… you know you are doing well. After a thousand subscribers, the next big milestone is 10,000… but can you imagine hitting and passing the 100,000 mark? Even more impressive would be to pass the 100,000 subscriber mark within only a couple years… is it even possible?

Yes, it is! This is exactly what John Chow did with his controversial blog that never seems to stop growing. In August 2008 John’s FeedBurner counter showed 7,727 RSS readers, and now it’s over 105,000 subscribers today. What’s his secret? How did he turn a blog that talked about his daily life and what he ate for dinner into a six figure business ($40,000+ a month) and grab such a following?

It’s been a wild and most profitable ride, and now John has finally come out with his own Blog Profit Camp to share his stories, case studies and help others achieve the same success. Let’s be honest though… achieving the same success and John would be quite the mission, but achieiving even just a small percentage of his success and what you can learn from his experience would put you on your way to success.

I’m not going to try and sell you on a new membership service, or even a limited trial offer. Instead, you can simply download John’s new free ebook called “The Ultimate Blog Profit Model”, which recieved over 7,000 downloads in it’s first 48 hours of release. In this free guide, John walks you through the process of building a blog, establishing a readership and key tips that helped him get to where he is today.

Watch the video below, or click here to download.

Win a Free Apple iPad!
Lastly, anyone who downloads the John’s free guide will be entered to win a free Apple iPad. John has so many of these laying around the house, he seems to hand them out to anyone that reads his stuff!

Turn your blog into a moneymaking machine with The Ultimate Blog Profit Model.

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  1. Hi Zac, great article at a good time, I had some downtime on the 6th of this last month, and ended up having to do a complete site restore. I never realized it but the feed went offline. By the time I did, I was down to just a handful of subscribers left, (was a week before I noticed) I just looked after reading this and they did bounce back, but having the Feedburner stats counter would have alerted me to the problem much earlier.

  2. Hello Zac,

    we must also remember that we are speaking about one of the best bloggers, if its not the best allready.


  3. John Chow has done amazing! His blog just goes form strength to strength.

    What i don't understand is why does he give this info away for free?

  4. @PS3:

    Successful people likes to share their stories and successes. You will even more become successful if you share and help a lot of people. By doing that, you are building your credibility and reputation, so whenever you recommend something, they'll trust you on that and take advantage on what you are offering.

  5. Hey Zac,

    Thanks for sharing this. John is probably one of the best bloggers for the past few years. He really provides useful information and willing to help a lot of people. I hope that I can also achieve at least 20% of his success, as he can really inspire a lot of people with his work.

  6. Thanks for the link Zac, The Apple Ipod incentive is also a nice cherry on top of the ebook 🙂

  7. I have never really understood the hype behind John. But he is successful so he must be doing something right and I'm not going to knock him for that.

  8. …especially interesting where you say that we all start from zero… true, indeed! But some get incredible results like John and other remain to zero…!

  9. Its amazing how he gained so many readers in such a short period of time. I can't believe hes sharing his info for free. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. John cow is on my dofollow blog list. And I really admire his blog.

    So do you think that any blogger can achieve what he has achieved now and how much of effort one needs to put in?…

  11. Karan do not confuse John Chow and John Cow. The 2nd is a knock-off who piggybacked off of Chow's popularity. It is quite impressive what Chow has achieved, but he did get extremely lucky. It would be very tough for a new blogger to get as well established in such a short time frame.

  12. Making this sort of money is never going to be something that you can do without hard work, despite what some of the internets many con men will tell you in return for an overpriced ebook, but it is not rocket science.

    John has always been honest about the way he makes this money. Its very simple. He gets traffic and then he monetizes that traffic.

  13. I hope John shares his secrets to increasing feed subscribers.
    He taught me one non-legit way to increase the feed count.

  14. Always love to learn from the best and John is a blogger that we must stay close with his up date 🙂 Thanks

  15. @PS3: I feel like by giving this stuff away for free it's really not taking away from the money he's making, since there's ample opportunity out there for anyone to make tons of money, and at the same time it's building his readership and trust with his readers. So when he does come out with something he charges for, people will buy it after seeing that the free stuff worked.

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