Exploring Alternative Monetization Methods with Adsterra

The more you know about your audience, the better you can serve them with advertising while also increasing your earnings in the process. Based on several different factors such as location, age, gender and interests, your earnings and monetization method will vary. While Google Adsense is one of the most well known and easiest methods for making money with a site, no where near is it your best option.

Before implementing ad serving across your site, you will need to know why people are on your site in the first place. If you have a niche product or service based site, it would be in your best interest to only serve advertising based on a select few offers around your topic. On the flip side, if you run a high traffic and ‘general audience’ based entertainment site like BuzzFeed, it might be in your best interest to serve a wide range of advertisements and see which perform best.

You could do this on your own with multiple affiliate networks and tracking various ad campaigns across various sites, or you could use an ad network like Adsterra.com, which does this for you.

Adsterra Network is a performance based ad network that focuses on serving optimized ads to your audience, while also working the numbers on the backend to provide you with the highest eCPM possible. With over 6 billion ad impressions being served every month across 190 different geographic location, they already have a good idea on what campaigns are performing best.

Whether your are serving pushups, pop-unders, banners, interstitial ads or mobile ads, AdSterra is another option for you to consider in the never ending journey of web site monetization.


Increasing Revenue with Adsterra

When choosing a monetization method for your blog, you’ll want to pick one that can also provide some of their own advanced tools and tracking as well. Adsterra has several advantages over other ad networks, in that they work closely with GeoEdge – a premier verification software to insure ad security across all desktop and mobile systems. In short, this allows Adsterra to make sure all of their ad campaigns are not only up and running, but also fully optimized and targeted based on a user’s location in the world. This is just one of the many advantages to explore when monetizing your site through their ad serving platform.

To get started with Adsterra, you can apply as a publisher on their site at https://adsterra.com. Once you are setup with your account, you can then login to the member’s area, in which you will then see the Dashboard area below.


Right away you will notice that Adsterra has a very minimalistic approach to their site and login area. This was done on purpose, as they simply don’t waste time with the process of choosing different offers to post to your site, and instead provide you with one tracking code to serve all ads. The ads are then optimized through their advanced tracking on the backend to see which are performing best, on both a click and conversion basis.

Should you have any questions or comments about your account or setting up ad serving on your site, you can click over to the “Support” area and connect with their dedicated support team which is available 24/7. Since Adsterra caters to different web sites from around the world, they also offer multi-lingual support, which is something you don’t commonly see with affiliate and ad networks.

From the Dashboard area you can also access the many other areas of the site, such as your account details, statistics, ad tags and support — all of which we will be covering in the details below.

Going Live with Adsterra Ads on Your Site

The process of making money with Adsterra is quite simply. All you need to do is login to your account, add the URL you want to serve advertising on, select your ad size and click “Get Banner Code”. You will then be given a simple line of code to place on your site, which will then be individually tracked through the Adsterra platform and members area.

While new ad campaigns are being added often, the majority of ads in place right now are targeted towards video streaming, entertainment, gaming and adult sites. The performance of ads being served on your site will vary based on content, placement and traffic type.

When adding a new site property into the Adsterra platform, you will need to have the site manually approved before you can start serving ads on your site. The good news is that Adsterra accepts nearly all traffic (which includes adult, file, image and content based sites). After having your site accepted, you can also request to receive “push up” ad creatives — which are the highest performing ad campaigns on the network (also paying out the most).


Payments are sent out to publishers on a Net 15 basis when the minimum threshold of $100 has been earned. The actual earnings and eCPM rates from ad campaigns served through Adsterra aren’t publicly displayed, as these numbers will vary based on creative size, location and the audience / niche of your site. To get a good read on how much you might earn through your site, it’s recommended to serve at least 50,000 impressions to each creative.

Payments are also sent out through a wide range of options, including PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney, Payza, ePayments and wire transfers. Large volume publishers can request request their own preference on payment options while also implementing a rewards program based off their performance.

UPDATE: Adsterra has recently updated their platform for publishers for new publishers of all sizes. There are no more restrictions on the daily website traffic for the new publishers required to sign up. Furthermore, now site monetization starts on the day of registration, instead of waiting a few days for manual approval. However, one of the biggest changes comes in the form of payment thresholds, whish is now set at a minimum payout of just $5 for ePayments, Webmoney & Paxum payment systems.

Maximizing Your Earnings with Adsterra

Just like any ad network or opportunity, the amount your site will earn is dependent upon the amount of advertising you can serve on your site, and more importantly it’s quality. Since advertisers are always looking for “conversions” and not “clicks”, the more engaged your audience is and the more relevant they are to the ads being shown, the more likely they are to convert into a high value lead.

This is why Adsterra works directly with each of the publishers, offering them the opportunity to work alongside their support team to serve the best advertisements on their site and in the best locations. Obviously ads that appear above the fold will yield a much higher eCPM than those that you would have to scroll down to click.

No matter where or how you are serving ad placements, you can always check the performance of each site and ad campaign in the Adsterra stats area. You can also break down your stats based on country as well. This is a great feature, as it will allow you to invest more advertising in countries that are earning more money while they are actually on your site.


In the world of online marketing, there are thousands of ad networks to choose from. While Adsterra may not be amongst the biggest names in the industry, they have been aggressively growing in size as of lately. For what it’s worth, the Alexa ranking for its main landing page reveals a current ranking of 195 (as of this writing). In comparison to all the sites in the world, that’s a pretty aggressive feat to accomplish.

You can also see some of the recent payments sent out from Adsterra to their top site partners in the screenshot below. As the network continues to grow in size, bring in more advertisers and serve advertising across more publisher sites, I’m sure you will see their name become more of an recurrence.


As we all continue to weigh the different options we have for site monetization, Adsterra looks to be another that you can add to your marketing rolodex and arsenal.

Now that you’ve had a preview of how their network and ad serving works, why not give the Adsterra Network a try. It’s free to sign up and easy enough to implement. Run their campaigns against or alongside Google Adsense and see which performs best for your site.

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