Facebook Ads and Banner Blindness

This is a guest post by Jonathan Volk who runs an internet marketing blog where he teaches the techniques he has used to generate millions of dollars per year online.

How often do you see ads just like this one on your facebook? I know I see these ads over and over among others so often.

What is Banner Blindness?

Banner blindness on facebook ads is when an ad such as the one above is just ignored simply due to the fact that it has been seen so many times before by the same demographic.

Ads that once worked amazingly well (as I’m sure this ad did – although I never personally ran it) loses it’s effectiveness all together.

Banner blindness can set in rather fast on Facebook. I’ve seen ads move from profitable to unprofitable in a single day by not implementing the correct protocols (featured below). This happens especially fast when targeting smaller numbers of people.

Overcoming Banner Blindness

Overcoming this banner blindness is a huge struggle as a facebook advertiser, specially when you’re generating high volume ads.

To overcome Banner blindness, my team has tried numerous techniques. Here are a couple techniques that can help you to overcome this banner blindness and increase your facebook ads profitability.

  • Put a border around the image ad – In Photoshop you can easily add a red border around your currently high converting image to create a bit more attention to an ad losing it’s effectiveness.
  • Try changing the headline to something 100% different. Often, changing the headline to something completely different can have a good effect on your ad conversions.
  • Always run more than one ad variation. If you run more variations of ads, your ads lose effectiveness slower. Even if one ad is less profitable, it’s worth running to keep your higher profiting ad running for longer.
  • Of course, switch out the image. Easiest and simplest trick in the book, but it works.

By using some of these techniques, you should be able to overcome banner blindness to some extent.

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  1. Pretty Useful info. People are becoming more blind. Always can use tips to overcome thier blindness.

  2. Short, but extremely informative post. Truly applies to not just Facebook advertising, but generally all sorts of advertising. By the way, I really like that coined term "banner blindness." 😉

  3. This is very true. With the multitude of banner ads that people see each time they go online, we have to continuously find a way to make our ads more appealing than the other ads.This is the very reason why we can learn from other people's experiences in their Internet marketing strategies. But we have to tailor-fit our ads based on the product and target market.

  4. Banner blindness most definitely has become a problem the last several years. As people see the same kind of banners over and over, they eventually ignore them. This already happened with standard graphic ads and then Google AdSense units. With facebook ads, if people aren't interested in what you're pitching, repackaging it won't make much difference.

  5. Some really good tips there. i need to get on the Facebook bandwagon, do you think it's too late?

  6. Great tips. Do these stupid Triangles convert? I mean, are people really that stupid to fall for something like that? grz

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