Facebook Advertising Just Got Better

HTML clipboardAs if Facebook advertising wasn’t awesome enough, it just got better. Earlier today I received an email titled, “Announcing New Facebook Advertising Metrics“. Now usually when you receive an email from an ad network or stats place that they have improved their stats tracking… it’s usually nothing big, or just some new crappy stats. With Facebook, they actually have provided some value here.

Here is a breakdown on the different new reports you can pull from your Facebook advertising account:

Responder Demographics” report: Facebook users spend a lot of time connecting with friends and family on Facebook – uploading photos, writing on each others’ Walls, posting notes. Now you can find out who is interacting with your ads. This report provides the aggregate age, gender and geographic location of the users who have clicked on your ad.

Responder Profiles” report: In addition to age, gender and geographic location of the users who have clicked on your ad, we’re happy to provide psychographic information of these same users. This data is aggregated from user profiles and shows common interests, favorite TV shows, movies, books and music.

Advertising Performance” report: This report will give you a downloadable version of the performance information you already see online– impressions, clicks and click-through rates—as well as a new section for performance data by unique user and performance data specific to your ads that contained social actions, if applicable.

So what does all of this mean? Basically you now has an amazing amount of new data to work with. You can download the files and open them up in excel and breakdown the type of visitors your ads are attracting. To see that Facebook has opened up and allowed this information to be accessed through your account is simply awesome.

Being able to see what your users are interested in, and what they are doing within Facebook, will give you even more of an edge to making your ad campaigns more successful.

In the announcement email, Facebook also says “these reports are only the beginning“. It will be interesting to see what they offer next.

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  1. This is awesome, unlike any other source, you have demographics. And not just demographics, but psychographics. Being able to match offers to audience would be invaluable. Adwords cannot come close to this.

  2. "As if Facebook advertising wasn’t awesome enough, it just got better."

    really?!?! I hate facebook…

    i can't get anything approved and when i do, they barley get clicks. do you really like it that much? what works for you on facebook?

  3. So they are still denying ads like it's going out of style. 🙂 I don't try with facebook as hard as others.

  4. Couldn't be happier with facebook. I have already had success with my campaigns, but I have been wanting more data so I can further target my ads and <a>make more money on facebook. I agree that this is something that adwords does not have. Hopefully improvements like these will boost the overall reputation of facebook ads.

  5. With MySpace's new ad system, I can't wait to see what new changes Facebook will bring. When Mom and Dad fight the kids steal the candy. Muhahaha.

  6. Do you promote affiliate offers to your own landing pages? Everytime I tried doing this, Facebook rejected me. Any suggestions?

  7. This is absolutely fantastic because that way we can definitely understand who is clicking on our ads and laser focus on people that we know our advertise will get to for sure.

    I think this is an invaluable set of reports!

  8. That's pretty neat. the advertising performance section would be extremely helpful. I haven't tried facebook advertising yet. My wife is on there all the time. Maybe it's time I wake up and try it. lol

  9. I love Facebook when in terms of networking. The user interface is very professional.

    But when it comes in Facebook Advertising, I'm not that familiar with that.

  10. Isn't this awesome? Just a couple of days ago, I got on board with Facebook Advertising. It was so easy; I just can't wait to see what the results from the advertising will be! I have high hopes 🙂

  11. pretty interesting read. I’ve never advertised on facebook, but it seems lucrative from what I hear.

  12. That is so helpful. I am new to internet marketing, but that data looks like it would be incredibly useful. Keep us up to date with any changes they make or any improvements!

    – Jack Rugile

    Simple Sapien

  13. Your articles on Facebook advertising are creating an excellent resource for those interested in social networking sites. Before your posts, I had no idea how Facebook advertising worked. Now I am contemplating jumping in. Thanks for the great info.

  14. Wow! I have not advertised on Facebook before but will definitely consider it now. Great tools they are offering.

  15. wow, facebook is ready to compete with big guys?

    well if msn can't face google then facebook will !

    do you see any roi on that?

  16. Really crappy sales page, when you consider the kids you are trying to reach are either cool or want to be cool.

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