Facebook: Behind the Numbers

Written by Zac Johnson
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Facebook AdvertisingFacebook is a beast… there really isn’t much more to say!

Every day the site is getting bigger and reach more and more people. Now with well over a billion users the site is exploding is various countries across the nation.

Not to mention it’s making a ton of people rich along the way… and it’s not just the founders and insiders at Facebook.

Through the use of Facebook Ads, Apps, Fan Pages and much more anyone can build and connection with millions of potential customers around the world just the same way Fortune 500 companies can.

In the infographic below you will see who the Top 30 advertisers are on Facebook right now, and which industries are making the most money.

Here’s a few more fun statistics about the world of Facebook and what’s the driving force behind the site that receives 1 out of every 5 page views online!

Women on Facebook

  • North American women aged 18-24 are the most common Facebook demographic
  • Women upload and are tagged 2x more than photos of men
  • Men & Women both prefer pictures of Women

Gaming on Facebook

  • Zynga currently has the largest amount of popular games on Facebook.
  • 27 million users bought virtual goods through Facebook Payments in 2012.
  • Total amount of virtual purchases were $810 million! (Only $5 million wasn’t from games)

Fastest Growing Countries on Facebook

  • Brazil +29 mil
  • India +21 mil
  • Japan +11 mil
  • Indonesia +10 mil
  • Mexico +10 mil
  • Vietnam +7 mil
  • US +6 mil
  • South Korea +5 mil
  • Thailand +4 mil
  • Germany +3 mil

Facebook: Behind the Numbers

To keep up with the latest and greatest from Facebook and how to make money with their site. Be sure to check back on Monday when I post a breakdown of a successful ad campaign that you can replicate and start making money with right now.

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9 Replies to “Facebook: Behind the Numbers”

  1. It really is amazing how big Facebook is getting – they are a great way for us to keep up with our family around the world!
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  2. Hello zac,

    Nice article .We can use this type of data to market our product on facebook
    Well , i have not played any games on facebook which is good for me yet.These games are fully addictive. Both India and Brazil are the countries which is on first place in the orkut list in terms of users engagement.
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  3. Facebook is crazy. Next move, they should come out with their own OS. They are capable and big enough.

  4. Good stats on Facebook Zac.

    The women pics that are Tagged 2x more then Men does not surprise me one bit:) Guys love checking out women on social networking sites.

    Facebook is really gaining momentum in Brazil which is a little surprising to me because their Facebook was hi5 for years.

    I also read somewhere that Facebook just built a big location in Europe I believe it was somewhere in Sweden but I could be wrong on the location.

    Facebook is becoming a bigger Beast then it already was.
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  5. I've always had a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love everything it has to offer a business. It's the largest active marketplace on the planet, unlimited customers, and their wallets are at your finger tips. So what more could a business owner possibly ask for??? Well I'll tell you. They can stop changing their site layout and guidelines every 3rd month! Lol. I understand it's all for improved functionality and user experience, and in the long run each time they do it it's for the best. But each time they do it it also slows our progress with our businesses and sets us back while we relearn new ways to do many things that were already working just fine. Wouldn't it be nice if they just piled up all the updates and gave Facebook a "Facelift" like once every two years? It sure would make my life a lot easier. But I'll still gladly take things the way they are as opposed to having no Facebook at all!

  6. Wow
    Facebook is very a powerfull network,Every marketer can priorize this to get leads, sales,and build a profitable Business
    Thanks Johnson for this great post

  7. Nice share. Good to see India stands 2nd in the fastest growing countries in Facebook.
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  8. Zac, those are startling stats and some fun trivia. I think Facebook will cover the World like a virus. I am starting to spend more time on the site.

    They are growing because the more people on the site the more people will join. There is a large untapped market out there. Great stats.

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