February 2008 Blog Revenue Report

February has come to a close, which means it’s now time to report some blog earnings. Even though February is the shortest month of the year, this year we managed to get an extra leap day out of it. During February I was also fortunate enough to attend and provide blog coverage on AffiliateSummit West in Las Vegas. The blog is still less than a year old and will celebrate it’s birthday this month on St.Patrick’s Day. I’m sure we will also see the blog hit the 2k RSS milestone soon enough. Let’s take a look at how the blog’s revenue performed during February 2008, compared to January’s earnings of $3042.64 profit.


– Affiliate Sales/Referrals: $1536.86
– Private Ad Sales: $1300.00
– ScratchBack Top Spots: $425.00
Total Revenue: $3,261.98

– Mturk: $15.00
Total Costs: $15.00

Total Blog Income for January 2008: $3,246.98

ScratchBack earnings were high this month due to my “Humane Societydonation promotion. In short, all advertisers who bought a link in my “Top Spots” area would not only receive a link to their site for a week, but their ad revenue would go towards a donation to the Humane Society. ScratchBack was cool enough to wipe out their profit percentage as well, so all earnings were a full donation. On top of that, I will also be matching the full amount. I will post a check later this month, that will be sent to the Humane Society.

Ad costs for the month were a mere $15.00. Last month the costs were zero, but I came across a new service called mturk.com, which I wanted to try and out. I will also post a review on this service soon, as it pertains to blogging, advertising and outsourcing. It made for an interesting and rather cheap case study. As usual, my hosting costs for this blog are minimal since I have my own dedicated rack of servers to manage all of my network work sites. The bandwidth usage of this blog is nothing compare with my other sites, so it really isn’t measurable or worth calculating the cost.

As I continually say, running this blog is more of a passion and I love to help others try and make the move from working for someone else, to working for themselves. I love hearing from all of my users and being able to update them with new tips and information. As much as I can, I try and respond to most emails I receive. March will make for an interesting month. With the removal of the Microsoft AdCenter affiliate program, it may hurt overall numbers, but the blog continually keeps growing in size. I wouldn’t mind seeing a 10%+ increase in RSS subscribers and an attempt to end the month in the 2250+ RSS range. I have yet to try increasing blog traffic and users through ppc marketing yet, but may attempt to do so this month. I’d also like to start up another blog or two in other niche areas.

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    1. Wow. Impressive. I have thats why subscribed to the blog, maybe I'd be learning a lot too.

  1. When you called mturk.com a "new service", it really made me realize how vast the internet really is.

    I mean, mturk was launched almost two and a half years ago by one of the biggest names on the internet (amazon.com) and someone with your knowledge of the internet just now hears about it…wow.

    That also demonstrates the value of affiliate marketing…somebody has probably just recently created something awesome, and – if amazon can't even do a good job getting the word out about one of their services – what chance does that person have of getting the word about theirs without the help of affiliates?

    1. New to me.. first time I used it. I actually first read about it on 45n5.com a couple weeks ago. It's not the best service, but something worth checking out. I'm sure I could name 10 niche related sites for everyone most people don't know about.

      1. I'm sure you could, too. I didn't mean that disrespectfully, I was just saying that it really drives home how large the internet really is for someone with your web savvy to have only recently heard about it.

  2. A fantastic job on your part Zac. A short month yet earnings increased. Well I guess this clearly shows that you are a harder worker than John Chow is (LOL) as his income decreased for February.

    I hope you plan on posting some more pictures from the summit! Congrats!

  3. Zac – great job last month! Any ideas of pageviews and number of visitors? It would be nice to compare between Jan and February!

    1. Looks like last month's numbers for traffic were 28,944 Uniques Visits and 56,294 Pageviews. I think I will go back and update Dec, Jan and Feb's blog earnings post with traffic numbers. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Thank you for sharing the income breakdown, I think its great that its the real numbers and not an exaggeration of the truth. I think your blog will be in the 30k range by the end of the year!

  5. Nice amount of money you make from your blog. It's also interesting to see that your affiliate revenue is more then private ad sales. This is the opposite of what John Chow has. Different blogs, different ways of revenues.

    1. What's interesting about "affiliate sales" is how much it can fluctuate each month. Depending on what's hot or what you write about, this can vary monthly. At least if you continually sell out on private ad space each month, you know you are guaranteed that set amount.

  6. Hey Zac,

    Congrats, $3k is AWESOME for a blog that not even a year old! 🙂

    I need to think about advertising on my blog, looks like I'm leaving a lot of money on the table. LOL

  7. Amit,

    That's what I always wondered when I read your blog: why does he not monetize his blog yet?

    For me blogging is hobby, but if you have a popular blog it's still fun and interesting to see how you can monetize it and how people respond to ads, what works well and what not, etc.

  8. That was really surprise me with your earning. I will work hard to make that kind of earning too.

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