February Top Moving Sites & Hot Niches

Compete.com just released their list of February’s data for the top moving sites. In their chart below, you can see they track the visitors (with at least 1 million visitors) and the traffic percentage change from January to February. Since January focused on the new year and February focused on Valentine’s Day, a huge fluctuation in stats would be expected. Of the 16 sites listed, only 5 sites were related to Valentine’s day traffic. The other sites had their own niche areas and offer new opportunities for you to start making money.

Based on the top moving sites list, we can tell that fubar.com is a rapidly growing new social network, with a “online bar and happy hour” theme. InvestTools.com, MegaMillions.com and TaxCut.com are all investment related sites, whether it be to win money, or people working on their taxes and financial planning. Pajamagram.com, OmahaSteak.com, FTD.com, ProFlowers.com and 1800Flowers.com are all well trusted brands that people flock to for Valentine’s day gifts and every day purchasing. (Note, all of these sites have their own affiliate program!). Lastly, AmericanIdol.com and Nascar.com are both hot tickets on tv right now.

What I’m getting at is, all of these top moving sites have a huge following of users… and they are paying users, they want to buy from these web sites and brand names. Just look at NASCAR.com, it crushes everyone on the list with over 5 million visitors! Are you going to let others take advantage of the branding that these names already have, or will you take advantage of the opportunity that lies before you. Just because these sites were “HOT” in February, does not mean they will die out this month or the next. These are all niche markets that make money all year round.

Compete.com has already done the initial research for you, these are easy brands and niche areas you can target to. Using Compete.com you can also create your own top movers analysis. Choose any two months in the past, set the list size, dates, and demographics and Compete.com will compare the data for you.

Have you tried using the Compete.com web site for marketing purposes, and are you utilizing this type of information to target to niche markets?

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  1. that's a good idea but won't these niches be very competative since there big known companies alot of people told me to go after smaller niche's that don't have alot of compitation

    1. Everyone feels differently on competitiveness. Dating is one of the most saturated areas there is… but we continually see new dating offers available on most affiliate networks.

      I look at it as, you can either try and claim a huge chunk of a small niche market… or try and get a small chunk of a huge niche market. It all comes down to how well you can market your site/blog/product in each niche market.

      Another example is if you have a general audience web site. If you a getting a ton of eyes and traffic, running these well known brands might do well. Especially if they are during and targeted to holidays.

  2. I prefer the small chucks of huge, proven, markets myself. I do not try and release huge promotions myself, but I do try and scrape a few dollars from larger trend movements. Thanks for the post Zac!

  3. It is hard to believe that pajamagram and fubar are posting those kind of numbers.

    Who would have thought that so many people would have a need to send pajamas to their loved ones & friends? (I thought almost every town had a Wal-Mart or Target neaby).

    And what's up with fubar dot com?…I'm all for not drinking and driving, but this seems a little extreme.

  4. Just goes to show, you need a few "Holiday & Special Events Eggs" in your baskets. During those occasions, people are just looking for a way to spend money. If you can provide some value, you're in!

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