Fighting Your Way to the Top of a Niche

With so much competition everywhere you look online, how are you going stand out from the crowd? Simple… be the best at what you do, the replicate it in different smaller niches. A while back I did a review on a new design contest site called LogoMyWay. Since that review, Joe Daley, the creator of LogoMyWay has went on to build a very established marketplace for designers and clients. The site also won first place in the $25,000 Kodak / Entreprenur Prosper contest!

After having so much success in the design area, Joe decided to replicate his success and take on two different niche markets; tshirt design and mixed martial arts/fighting. With MMA and other fighting organizations just keep getting larger, the demand for apparel and new designs just keeps growing with it. combines the power of selling tshirts, with the designer aspect of creating new and awesome designs for customers to purchase.

You can purchase shirts through the T-Shirt Shop, or submit your own unique tshirt designs. Designs are then voted on by site visitors and customers. Winning designs will receive a $200 prize, then an additional $500 to $1,000 for every extra 1,000 shirts sold through the site. A winning combination for both and the designers who partake in the site.

This is a perfect example of taking a great idea, then breaking it down and expanding to different niche markets. While it’s a smaller site and probably won’t grow as fast as LogoMyWay, it can quickly become the leader in fighting/mma niche by advertising and partnering up with sites that have a direct customer match for the site.

Joe will be watching the comments section for any questions or comments about the site, as he is quite excited about the initial response and thoughts on the concept. Check out and let us know what you think.

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  1. I need T-shirt done but my niche unfortunately has nothing to do with fighting. I have a lot of cool T-shirt ideas and would like a T-short for my blog. They may even sell well. Could something like that work as an affiliate product?
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  2. A tip I have might be start 2 blogs at once so you can test different styles and methods as you build. It might be very hard if you have trouble with just one, but it can be very well worth it long term.

    Alex J

    CEO & Founder

  3. I think a good combination of PPC, SEO, and social media will help you rise to the tiop of your niche
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  4. I think it is a brilliant idea to share the profit of the shirt with the designer. Most of the time those who held the contest will give a prize money and all the sales will be his but not this one. 🙂

  5. Nice, I also agree, I like the idea of profit sharing with shirt designers. Especially since $200 is usually more than enough incentive for people to make shirts, it's just something extra.
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  6. Very smart and the competition is definitely fierce out there especially in the bigger more popular niches. A niche with low competition and a potential for high demand is where the big money is to be had the trouble is finding one that fits the criteria you have to do a little brainstorming. Good post!

  7. There are plenty of niches out there that are just waiting to be attacked in the right way.

    Having sites like these in the right niche can really be beneficial. The graphic art niche is huge because there are so many graphic artists trying to make money off of their designs but such fears competition.

    The site is a great way to monetize that competition.

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