Finding Hot Searches with Google Trends and Top Charts

As online marketers we simply love analytics, stats, tracking, trends and more! We love to dig right into a heavy source of traffic and see what we can do with. Throw in the amazing improvements in demographic targeting and we are set!

Since we all love stats and trends so much, I wanted to make a quick note that Google Trends recently updated their system with a few more improvements that make it not only more visually appealing, but also giving you a wide range of trends based on industry, people, location and more in the process.

The screenshot below is what Google Trends currently looks like, which is providing a daily break down of what’s currently hot among the search engines.

Google Trends Updates

Should you then click on “TOP CHARTS” on the left side menu then you will see the screenshot below. You can view everything they have listed or play around with the categories. They have everything from business, entertainment, shopping, sports and more. This is a fun way to see what people are talking about and build ad campaigns or content based around what people are currently sharing with their friends.

Google Trends Top Charts

You always have the option to use the Google Trends search box to pull up historical data from any keyword’s past history. In the example below I pulled up a report for “affiliate marketing”.

Google Trends Affiliate Marketing

Google Trends is just one of the many tools out there to help you with finding hot trends and niche markets.

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  1. I think google is starting to be less strict towards marketers now. They used to provide tons of tools and data to us, and they slowly have been banning marketers, and also closing down their tools and data sources.

    I think Bing has been growing in power, honestly I use Bing's Search engine over Google now (its waay better once you get used to it).

    To respond to this Google has been being nicer to marketers, they have come out with this tool and also I'm seeing ads in places that used to be "no-man's-land". It seems google has realized that they don't have to be too strict.

    But perhaps they will just fluctuate on and off like this to adjust with the practices (and malpractices) of marketers.

  2. Google is usually helpful but sometimes doesnt give exact and correct data…. only sometimes.
    Thank you for the article
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