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When I think back to all of the different web hosts I’ve had over the years, it’s been quite a decent amount. From my beginning days of hosting my sites for free on AOL member pages, to Tripod Geocities, then finally getting my own shared hosting and eventually dedicated servers, it’s been quite a ride. To many of you, this may sound like a simple task… but think back to the beginning when you had a ton of hosting options and had no idea what was best for you. I’ve jumped around from many different hosting companies, usually because I’ve outgrown the solutions or management of the company, or they were just horrible at support.

Fortunately, as more and more hosting companies are battling for your business, more legitimate review sites are popping up. With review sites you can see the real customer experience and not just a sales page, offering the most web space at the lowest price. In the end it all comes down to support, reliability and uptime.

Solid Individual Web Hosting Reviews
Even with the lack of customer reviews, has done an excellent job on breaking down each web host listed on their site and giving an easy to read, yet important review of costs and what’s included in each hosting package. This is where the customer reviews would really come in handy. While offers all of the basic information, it would really be great to see 10-15 customer responses and how they rate the hosting provider. You can see a portion of WebHostingReview’s review on HostGatorĀ below.

One of my favorite features on the site, is the ability to check off different hosting providers on the main page, then clicking the “Compare Plans” button. This feature should be extremely useful for anyone who is looking to purchase their first web hosting, and on a tight budget. Simply check off the lowest priced hosting solutions, then easily compare which is the best for your needs.

Every year the competition for web hosting just gets more saturated and tough. At the same time, more and more users are moving away from free hosting and getting set up with their own domains and shared / dedicated hosting. With more competition, hosting companies are paying hefty commissions to bring in new affiliates (which is the backbone of nearly all hosting review sites). With more participation from active users and the submission of real life customer reviews, the top web hosting review sites will prevail and continue to provide customers with top quality web hosting.

I’m sure many of you have shared and dedicated hosting with several of the hosting providers listed on Be sure to leave a comment on this post, or head over to their site and leave a full review. Your feedback and testimonials will greatly help those looking for their first (or a new) web host.

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  1. OK, nice write up, and it happens that I have an expansion plan which includes getting at least one more hosting account, so I follow your link to what you promised to be a site that does a good job sorting through the reviews. What does it lead to? A parked 'nothing' site which as a final parting gesture throws pop ups after I have already departed.

    Not up to your standards, Zac, I'm disappointed.

  2. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-118666" rel="nofollow">@Dave Starr:

    All of the links in the article worked fine except that last link you clicked on. It's working fine now.

  3. I like to have SSH provided in my hosting account, and I always find it hard to find a host that provides that šŸ™

  4. Hi Zac,

    Thanks for the review. I also reviewed the service myself and found out that it was indeed a really nice service, wondering already if I'm gonna transfer or not. =)

    Kind regards,


  5. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-118669" rel="nofollow">@jtGraphic: James Thompson:

    That's pretty cool having your own hosting company. I'm not that server techie, but always something I never wanted to manage. I've had my own servers before, but always outsourced their management.

  6. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-118688" rel="nofollow">@Craig Mullins:

    I personally use WiredTree for my big sites and they are just awesome. Send them an email for support and get an answer almost instantly!

  7. I went through a nightmare recently were Hostgator shut down all my sites on one account cause a single site was spiking a little bit too high on their shared service resources. Switched to Just Host (ever move 32 wordpress sites?) and everything is good so far.

  8. The biggest problem with these sites are that there are many web hosting review sites out there. And I know all of these sites are trying to push affiliate sales and promote the ones that they partner with. I dont have a problem with this, but its hard to know which sites are truly honest about their opinions on specific hosts.

  9. It's like the Yelp of web hosting. Except it seems it has way more features than Yelp.

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