Firing Away at Growing Niche Markets

I recently came across a BANS driving web site focusing on hunting rifle scopes. When I first saw the site, I thought  “now there’s a niche market I hadn’t thought of”. It may seem like a small market, but I’m sure there is plenty of money to be made if you are focused in and competitive enough on something so exact.

Yesterday I came across an article on how gun sales are up over 50% since the election! I then did a little more searching on Google and found there were many articles on the topic. The increase in gun sales is across the board and one of the articles states that the main reasoning behind the increase is that Obama is “seen as one of the most anti-gun candidates to run in years.“. It seems many people are taking the opportunity now to exercise their right to bear arms, should any gun laws change once Obama is in office.

Instead of looking at this in a political view, as always we will focus on it from a business aspect. With the combination of a tight niche market, and a wide spread increase in fire arms interest and buying, this could be (and has been) very lucrative for everyone selling guns… while many other businesses are suffering through the recession.

More than anything else, this just goes to show you there is always massive money to be made in small niche markets and you never know what might explode next!

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  1. I would say Google trends spots stuff a bit late, there are tons of ways too find niche's (as well as zacs) though, I would tell you but I use them ;p

    Secondly if you weren't talking about america where chances are the only thing sights are being used for is hunting then I'd be concerned about your – we all want to make money but theres a difference between working in a niche and selling arms to murderers.

  2. Zac, I hate to get off topic, but your contact form was kicking me out, just wanted to let you know I'm giving away 2 macbook pros over at my blog. Check it out, and share it if you're interested, thanks buddy!

  3. @Sonia:

    They are still pulling in money every month, and I haven't touched them since I wrote the case study on the BANS designs. Still getting search traffic, and the random EPN checks are nice to get.

  4. Just be the Warren Buffet of blog topics and you'll succeed easy. 🙂 But it's a bit difficult to guess what might be the "it" thing tomorrow. But it's always good to try and stay ahead of the 'market' so to speak.

  5. There's still a lot of undiscovered ways of making money online. This is something that I also wouldn't have thought about, great idea.

  6. You will also find that by focusing on a niche market at first and then expanding along the way, you have very little risk in the beginning and you can build solid foundations before scaling up. Great post!

  7. Nice post. Niche sites allow you to avoid direct competition with the big dogs of the corporate/retailing world……the ones with the big budgets.

  8. just once more an exmaple “think out of the box” always works and the money is in the air, you just need to take it.

  9. Great point Zac. There are so many untapped niches. A little research can land you a lot of money!

  10. Indeed everybody knows how profitable niche marketing can be… as you stated, the real key is actually being focused, and this can make or break a Internet Marketer!

  11. I need to create a serious business plan and get some professional demographics data for a fast growing niche market.I am NOT looking for cheap companies, I am looking for the very best that can provide these two things. This is for a medium sized business, not a major corporation.
    Thank you for your replies.

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