Five Entrepreneurs Who are Effectively Using Facebook Advertising

Facebook is, by far, the biggest and most popular social network out there. With over 1.71 billion monthly active users and around 1.13 daily active users, Facebook dominates the social networking industry.

Apart from being a social networking platform, Facebook has also emerged as a propitious platform for advertising. Subsequently, Facebook advertising is quite the rage. Facebook advertising has now become an integral element of social media marketing campaigns as it provides an opportunity to target your audience and communicate your message to them. Not only Facebook advertising is inexpensive but is effective as well. It offers unique targeting options and tools to measure the effectiveness of your adverts and ROI. An effective Facebook marketing strategy can give you a competitive edge over your competitors

As per HOOTSUITE, over 50 million businesses leverage Facebook for their business, with around 3 million companies that regularly use Facebook for the sake of advertisement and marketing of their products. Even though these numbers are overwhelming and promising, they are only bound to grow.

Below is a list of 5 entrepreneurs who are leveraging Facebook advertising in an effective manner.

Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison is a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, author, marketer, and mentor who believes that true financial independence comes from working for yourself. He is amongst the top social media experts and is passionate about teaching and nurturing other entrepreneurs with great potential.

Adrian Morrison has a successful career. Counted amongst the top Facebook marketers, this entrepreneur has utilized Facebook Ads to generated millions of dollars using for his own e-commerce store and his affiliate partners. Adrian’s ability to identify and explore an opportunity has led him to success. He has achieved these milestones by leveraging Facebook’s advanced targeting features. ?Apart from that, he also shares his precious knowledge and skills related to Facebook marketing with young and success-hungry entrepreneurs.

Adrian Morrison’s career as a Facebook marketer has been extremely decorated. Specialized in e-commerce, social media marketing, SEO marketing, PPC and media buying, he is a widely known and well-reputed consultant whose services are acquired by some multi-million dollar companies for their Facebook marketing strategies. Adrian has managed to communicate and link-up with a bunch of top social media influencers and helped companies drive sales and revenue by boosting the traffic.

Adrian is also recognized for his knowledge and expertise by Facebook itself. He is closely linked with Facebook’s internal advertising and was invited at the Facebook Headquarters.

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, investor and a renowned advisor, who uses his social media presence to inspire individuals. He offers training courses over his website, aimed at teaching people and businesses about the influence, usefulness, and effectiveness of social media to stimulate the growth of a business. ?Being a devoted reader himself, Tai Lopez publishes guidebooks and E-books for entrepreneurs who haven’t unleashed their true potential and urges them to read. ?Tai Lopez has become a widely known figure in entrepreneurship circles as a social media influencer. He was able to identify the prospect and potential in marketing offered by Facebook, back when the social network wasn’t as popular. He is amongst the first individuals to use Facebook for marketing purposes.

Tai Lopez now advertises his courses over social media platforms including Facebook. Apart from paid and sponsored advertising, Tai also leverages organic channels of advertisement to widen his approach. He has mastered the art of conveying his messages to the right people by interacting and engaging with them, which has led him to success.

Victoria Gibson

Victoria Gibson is a passionate entrepreneur who has successfully managed to brand herself as the ‘Facebook Ad Queen’. As suggested by the label, Victoria Gibson uses her entrepreneurial skills and Facebook Marketing expertise to manage Facebook Ad campaigns for a diverse list of clients.

Previously pursuing a corporate career in Australia, Victoria sought a significant change in her life. She initiated her career as a Facebook ad manager in 2011 and grew at an impressive pace.

As per today, Victoria Gibson is a widely recognized Facebook Advertising Expert who teaches businesses to leverage Facebook Adverts to attract and influence wide audiences. ?She stays fully updated about latest marketing trends and uses her expertise and experience to lead high-converting and rewarding Facebook marketing campaigns that drive targeted leads, resulting in swollen brand awareness and sales.

Victoria Gibson recently launched her website ‘MARVEO’ that provides total Facebook marketing solutions. She markets her website as a ‘Free Cheat Sheet’, which will help businesses translate their goals into effective Facebook marketing strategies aided by Victoria’s branding and marketing expertise. ?She provides training in the form of one-on-one coaching and Facebook workshops over her Website.

Perhaps the highlight of her website is the Campaign Management service. Victoria provides highly-functional campaign management which ensures a higher amount of likes on Facebook pages, Growth in email list, increased brand awareness and higher traffic on websites.?Her campaign management can be tailored according to the clients’ needs. The highlights of the services include Facebook strategy consultation, competitor audit, campaign timeline and advertising production.

Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata is an entrepreneur who needs no introduction. Counted amongst the wealthiest individuals, this visionary person did wonders as the chairman of ‘Tata Group’. Labeled as India’s best brand ambassador, Ratan Tata was able to convert his company into a multi-billion tycoon.

Tata group’s latest project, Tata Housing is an example of efficient use of Facebook marketing. In a nutshell, this project uses Facebook to sell homes. They use visual ad formats to give people an immersive look at its property. They aim to sell property entirely through Facebook, eliminating the need for advertisement over print or interactive media.

Due to effective advertising and marketing over Facebook, Tata Housing managed to sell around 250 homes in a matter of 4 days. Not only is it convenient for customers, but is evidently cheaper for the group itself as the costs per lead are 30% less compared to previous campaigns and the ROI is 10 times higher than average.?The effectiveness of Facebook advertising speaks for itself as Tata Housing was able to generate over 14000 leaders, solely through Facebook.

Irwin Dominguez

Irwin Dominguez is a committed entrepreneur who owns and operates multiple e-commerce stores. Irwin had a pretty successful start to his dropshipping career as he was able to generate around $1,000,00 within 8 months. Irwin jumped into the drop shipping business without any prior research or experience, but his lust for exploring new opportunities brought success to him.

Irwin Dominguez uses Facebook Ads for his e-commerce business and as a matter of fact, his first ever sale came via Facebook Ads. Irwin believes that Facebook Advertising is an important element of his business.

Even though Irwin wasn’t really fascinated by Facebook advertising back in time, he started leveraging it once he realized the influence and effectiveness of Facebook Ads.?Irwin believes that Facebook advertising stands out due its targeting features. He believes that targeting is extremely important for a marketing strategy as approaching and offering your products to the right people is the key to success.

Harris Schachter

Harris Schachter is a digital marketer, in-house specialist, agency team member and a private consultant. This entrepreneur is skilled is Search engine optimization, SEM, social media marketing,
branding, public relations, web analytics and content strategies and offers his services to clients. He opted for Facebook advertising not long ago and now believes that it was his most rewarding move
ever. Harris was fascinated by the level of targeting offered by Facebook Ads as he could target his audience to a sharper extent.

Harris Schachter initiated 3 Facebook marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, boost engagement around his brand and generate sales. Harris uses a tailored combination of Facebook Ads and Facebook Pixel to target audience and measures the effectiveness and influence of his adverts.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

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