Five Great Fiverr Jobs for Internet Marketers

Written by Zac Johnson
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Most of you have already heard about In short, it’s a marketplace where people will do nearly anything for $5. Everything from video testimonials, to coding web sites or even dressing up in something silly and saying whatever you want. The bottom line is that Fiverr has a lot of potential and opportunity for you to outsource simple jobs that can be completed quickly and for just a few dollars.

Here are five quick jobs that you can start outsourcing to Fiverr.

Paid Tweets!

Honestly, the rates to have some celebrities and people send out a “sponsored tweet” to their audience is quite insane. We’re talking thousands of dollars for Kim Khardashian to send out a tweet to her millions of users. Sure, it would be great for branding, but the ROI is usually never there. Instead, you can play with $5 at a time and see the results you might get through Fiverr users tweeting out to their audience. Don’t expect high quality and amazing results… but when you compare the rate of $5 to have your message sent out to 50,000 followers, or going the other route… the difference is ridiculous!

Video Testimonials

There are actually full agency companies that specialize in the business of providing legitimate video testimonials for companies, which are then used on commercials and landing pages across the internet. Going this route will cost you thousands of dollars. If you are looking for something much simpler and quick, there are plenty of users on Fiverr offering video testimonial and review services for only $5! Depending on what you are having reviewed, and how you are going to run these… check with legal counsel first just to be safe.

Backlinks & Link Wheels

Everyone is always talking about building backlinks to web sites and how important it is. The usual deciding factor on your SEO efforts comes down to time and money. When outsourcing to Fiverr jobs, you save both time and money. Don’t expect the same type of results as going with legitimate guys like SEO Link Wheelers, but instead n Fiverr you will have people spin articles and get your links out there. Not the type of stuff you want linking back to your main home page, but can definitely help if you know how to build incoming links to your landing pages which lead to money pages.

Banner & Ad Copy Creation

There is such a demand to make money online that even design services are now offered on Fiverr. You can get full landing pages and banners designed for anything you can think of. You will have to try a few different jobs out, as many lack in quality, but there are some decent designers offering services on Fiverr. For $5, you can’t go wrong… and we all know that ugly ad copy and banners continually surprises us and works better than flashy and expensive designs!

Writing Services

Everyone always needs a copy writer or something to keep producing new content for your web sites. Fiverr is full of everything from original content writers, to people who can spin articles, or even critique some content you have written. Many writers on Fiverr will create unique 300-500 word articles for only $5, which comes out to under two cents per word. Not bad compared to many other paid writing services out there.

To find any of the jobs listed above, just head over to Fiverr and search any of the key title phrases above. To make your browsing most effective, make use of the Fiverf filters, which will allow you to only see the popular jobs, best rated, and those that have videos and are completed within 24 hours.

Fiverr is a gold mine of information and services which can be outsourced for cheap. The difference between having success and failure is actually taking the time to find the right services and sticking with those that offer high quality and work. I’ve personally done over 200 orders through Fiverr in the past year, and it’s all about finding the gems within the sea of mediocre jobs.

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31 Replies to “Five Great Fiverr Jobs for Internet Marketers”

  1. If you're looking for copywriting bypass fiverr and their bureaucracy and hire me directly: Oxford University graduate who has been making content sites for over a decade. 2c a word for most content requirements. Available for work immediately!
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  2. Fiverr is one of those online resources where you can get outsourcing jobs cheaply. You'd have to be careful in choosing who handles the job though to make sure that it is done well.

    1. I always recommend sorting by rating, as these will usually provide the sellers with lots of positive feedback. 5 Star Ratings is also a great way to keep your jobs safe.

    1. There's always someone willing to work for just a few dollars. Finding the ones that offer quality services and that you can continually use long term is where the value is at.

  3. Fiverr is great way to outsource your work at $5 only, Some of my friends using paid tweet services and happy with the result too.
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  4. The Fiverr concept has unlimited potential in the web space and in the market to offer services ,Many a sites like are also offering attractive deals to both buyers and sellers and its a boon to the people.

  5. Fiverr sounds like a very useful site. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll give it a shot.
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  6. I use Fiverr as a way to draw clients into my regular online business. It works out quite well!
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  7. I have to thank you for sharing the fiverr website with us in one of your previous blog posts. I went and listed as a writer there and my gig to write a 400 word SEO article on your keyword already got a buyer. I've not really gone back much to the site as I have enough work keeping me busy as I shift houses, but I went ahead and listed another gig to provide personalized tarot card readings for $5 as well.
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  8. Hi, Zac!
    Fiverr sounds great with what it has to offer, as it represents a great source of services and information. However, I find it only to be great for those who want to engage someone for work, while for the contractors it sounds it is payed too low. I don't know if I could underestimate someone's work and effort just by paying the person 5 dollars for it. OK, I know, the person agreed on it, but where is the respect for the time invested?
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  9. Made a few bucks there when it was newer. Now it's become backlink buying central…
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  10. I've heard of Fiverr but I never thought of using it for my copywriting/editing skills. I think I'll give it a shot, and maybe if I do well there I can go for real freelance work! Thanks for the tip, Zac. 🙂


  11. I like doing a lot of linkbuilding through Fiverr because it is cheap $5 dollars for a good gig if you know what you are looking for and it saves me a ton of time. Linkbuilding is one of the more tedious aspects of internet marketing so outsourcing some of it is the way to go in my opinion.
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  12. I've been on both the buying and selling end of fiverr. It can be heaven for link building, but you need to be CAREFUL. Lots of the gigs on there may offer low quality links that can be very damaging to your sites (I've learned the hard way). Take the time to read reviews and look at the ratings. It can make or break your rankings.

    Writing content is a great way to make money on fiverr. Write 300 words for $5 or rewrite 500 word articles for $5. I was bringing in a few hundred a week doing this in my spare time.
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  13. I went and listed as a writer there and my gig to write a 400 word SEO article on your keyword already got a buyer.It is very useful for those people who are searching jobs in internet marketing.

  14. It can be heaven for link building, but you need to be careful. Lots of the gigs on there may offer low quality links that can be very damaging to your sites.Thanks for this posting.

  15. I love the backlinks and writing services of fiverr however i am wary of what the quality would be for such a cheap price.
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  16. do you know how to be a top rated seller on fiverr? i already 98% positive feedback, but still not become a top rated seller..
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  17. I looked at fiverr and how can someone promise 10,000 backlinks? It must be some kind of spammer software that does more harm than good.
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  18. For me writing articles is one of the tedious work so I use to outsource it in fiverr for $5, thanks for the review will think about the paid tweets in future

  19. I use fiverr to create clickbank product reviews and press releases for affiliate marketing

  20. I much prefer SEOclerks to fiverr, it is so much better for passive income and their affiliate program is great 🙂

  21. Hey Zac, Fiverr is a good place to get services, But there are so many scammers there. I saw some people sell crappy Backlinks and they have hundreds of Orders in their queue, But their customers don't know they are selling worthless links.

    Many people, doesn't know what they provide on Fiverr. But there are many Good Guys too. Also you've mentioned Twitter Services, Fiverr Sellers are creating fake accounts & getting followers from follow-to-follow system programs. So I can't recommend both service types on Fiverr. But if we do a hard analysis on Sellers, We can find the Good sellers. Rating doesn't mean Seller is Great, Number of Orders doesn't mean seller is Good, Positive feedbacks doesn't mean seller is good.

    Only way to talk with them how they are doing it and check their accounts and their portfolio.
    I hope this helps to your Readers.

    Thank you,

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