Five Reasons Why Your Affiliate Network Sucks

A great deal of the money generated in the affiliate marketing space, is done through many of the affiliate networks out there. With so much competition among the networks, it’s a surprise how some networks let themselves be seen. Over the next 5 days, I will be outlining a few of the top reasons why some affiliate networks just suck. If you are currently an affiliate network and reading this blog, make sure you stay tuned during the week to see where you might be slacking off, and how obvious it really is to some affiliates.

Here are Five Reasons Why Your Affiliate Network Sucks!

1.) Low Public Payout Rates
– Is your affiliate network paying higher or lower than your competition?

2.) Bad Affiliate Managers
– You affiliate managers are the blood and lifeline of your business. Make sure they are working for you!

3.) Same Offers as other Networks
– What good is an affiliate network if they all offer the same thing?

4.) Direct Deposit / Wire Transfer & Paypal
– Affiliates want their money fast, especially if they are spending a lot of money (ppc) to make money!

5.) Network Running Off DirectTrack
– Is it time you moved onto your own network platform?

Remember, this was just a quick outline of the where many affiliate networks are slacking and potentially losing thousands (if not millions) of dollars in commissions. Affiliates are the key to your success, and when we have so many different networks and options to turn too.. you will only get so many chances to make a first impression.

Where does your favorite affiliate network stand?

The next post in the series will focus on the “Low Public Payout Rates” from many well known affiliate networks. You know other networks are paying more… so are the networks paying a few bucks less, pocketing your profits???

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  1. the two things that matter most to me: 1. affiliate manager and 2. PAYPAL…

    i want to get paid twice per month, and not have to wait 2 weeks to receive and check and then another week or two for the check to clear.

    1. I agree with this. I mostly have great AMs but one or two are lacking. I really wish I could get a different AM.

  2. Can someone provide some insight as to what DirectTrack is? Never heard of that before…

    1. DirectTrack is an affiliate tracking software that powers almost all affiliate programs and affiliate networks.

  3. I agree with #2, a bad affiliate manager will make me leave an affiliate network. I want one that communicates with me and keeps me up to date as much as possible.

    Communication on the whole is another thing that affiliate networks need to improve on.

    Looking forward to rest of the "series"

    1. Zak,

      Your post is right on! Jonathan Volk of Volk Marketing, was flaming Market Leverage in his post yesterday. (I'm a ML member as of Friday last week, but no campaigns started yet). Jonathan discovered that ML had permitted internal, re-direction of inbound links, at around a $20,000.00 a day loss in revenue for the hacked Affiliate!

      Jonathan updated his post to say that ML was responding promptly to the issue, and he would update us soon. my ML Afilliate Manager stated that she had heard it was all abig misunderstanding. Thank you for your keen insight, and great posts! Someday I hope to be an authority, and give back to the community like you do. Respectfully, Nicholas Chase –

      1. Wow, I have to check out his post. I haven't been there for a few days but I actually like ML…


  4. One of the worst offenses for an aff network is professional support… A network needs to provide timely responses to emails.. if they don't it just feels like they don't care about you

  5. I agree with Steve. Affiliate manager should support us in making money because our success is their too.

  6. I totally agree with the payout numbers. Although I have never selected an offer based on a publicized EPC, that is some of the info that I always look for. It gives me the warm and fuzzy feelings.

  7. As a follow up, I HAVE NO idea why ALL affiliate networks DO NOT offer ACH transfers. They never cost more that 25 cents and it is MUCH better than using PayPal who takes a percentage.

  8. Haha, I've really enjoyed when you do these kinds of posts over the years. I work with MarketLeverage, PepperJam and NeverBlueAds at the moment… definitely agree with some of your slam on payout numbers and the like… keep it up!

  9. Zak, I just blogged about your post and placed a link to your post in my blog here:….

    Having some issues with Commission Junction and a 'Performance Incentive' preventing my obtaining the vendors link to begin promoting. The emails from CJ Support were not relevant to the issue.

    The vendor wants to give me the link, but CJ Status for the offer is 'Declined Application'. Customer Support is a critical area for Networks to fix, I hope I can get the links while the high payout is still active!

    Respectfully, Nicholas Chase

    1. Zac, All ok now at Commission Junction. The vendor discovered a glitch that he will have corrected by technicians at CJ. I now have a campaign running that has high payouts. Now I need to learn how to drive traffic to my site. Respectfully, Nicholas Chase.

  10. I am working with CJ, MarketLeverage, RevenueLoop and PepperJam. I am satisfied with my affiliate networks that I work with. Especially MarketLeverage, I receive my first payment from them and my AM is a great guy, always reply whatever i ask about.

    I've read Jonathan Volk post and still follow the latest news from there. but thats was horrible story about Affiliate network but i think ML has responding well to this case.

  11. I think affiliates managers are very wack they dont explain things. they just through you to the wolves and inexperienced people result to spamming. but there are programs that got there stuff together.

  12. CJ is the worst, they really don't convert for me at all. LinkShare has better affiliates and they really convert faster and more often.

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