5 Simple Steps to Create Amazing Landing Pages that Convert

When it comes time for you to find a new offer to promote through your preferred affiliate network you are usually going to look at three things.
  1. The offer and it’s target audience
  2. The payout
  3. It’s landing page

All three of these factors are important, but the landing page is crucial.

Not all landing pages are great, and I’m surprised at how often I see good offers out there with bad pages.

I’ve also come across some excellent landing pages as well.

Let’s take a look at this landing page from CreditReport.com which is available through Neverblue.

What I did was highlight the different areas that makes this landing page awesome and what you should be looking for or removing from your current landing pages.

Basic Landing Page Tips

Here’s a breakdown of each point I covered above.


So many web sites want to put a navigation menu at the top of their page, but this is just another distraction. Navigation menus are fine for blogs and online shopping sites, but when you are sending people to a page to take a specific action, eliminate the top menu bar and you are eliminating another distraction.


Just as important as removing unnecessary navigation bars and other distractions on your landing pages is to make sure they are clean. You are sending quality traffic to your landing pages and want them to take one immediate action. Keep it clean and their focus will be on the call to action.


The last thing you want to see when you visit a form or application on a web site is a ton of different fields to get started. Take a look at how this landing page only asks for your most basic information, then also has a Step 1-4, View Score count down on the site. Once you get your site visitors started with a registration path, they are much more likley to finish it, just give them something small to get started.


Offer an incentive or preview of what your site visitor is working towards. On the top right of this landing page you will see a screenshot for the 782 credit report that they will see when they complete the form. This is a great way to get the person engaged and think “wow, i wonder if my credit score is that high”? Give them a taste of what they are working for.


Lastly, the best way to get people to convert on your site is to simply tell them what to do! You will see two very simple and clear call to actions on this page - “Start by telling us about yourself” and “Submit and continue”. Walk your site visitors through the process and make it simple, stop trying to complicate the process.

Yes, these are very simple steps and they work… however it takes A LOT of time, money and testing to best understand your audience and make little changes to see what converts best. Be sure to look at other big name offers and landing pages to see what they are doing. There’s a pretty good chance that they have invest thousands (if not millions) of dollars into these most basic principles on making their landing pages convert.

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  1. hi Zac

    removing the navigational menu is the #1 tweak you have to implement if you want to increase your opt-in Conversion Rates… sadly, too many people prefer not to touch their "Brand" and leave either a graphic/header or something like this at the top of their landing page, which more than probably, will decrease their opt-ins.

    However, like with anything, you have to split test, and see what works for you specifically, in that niche market, for that particular offer… I've seen split tests where graphics have decreased conversion, despite the opinion of specialists… or where more fields added to the opt-in form increased sign-ups… which is another shocking thing to hear, don't you think?
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  2. Honored to be the first to show my appreciation on this piece. “Great post!” It’s great to know from an web designer point of view. Adding to information given abovr The Heading should be clear and short and all the content should not have any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Thank you admin for sharing such wonderful tips.
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  3. Hey Zac

    This post is very timely as I am looking developing a landing page was was very tentative to start the process due to being unsure of the layout etc…

    In the past my landing pages were so "busy" my opt-ins really suffered. I think I'll take the info you provide here and apply it to my next landing page with hopes of a better result.

    Zac, thanks!

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  4. Thanks for this post!
    I'm just creating my very first information product and started building the launch page.
    Bet your tips will help me 🙂

    Best regards,

  5. Good timing on this post Zac. What works for landing pages is an ever changing deal. It's funny. When I look at the pages I was using 4 years ago…I'm like…what? That blows! Your post lays out some pretty easy to follow "what's working now" tips. Thanks dude. Cheers!

  6. Pretty good stuff.It kept my interest from the beginning. Very few people write about landing page designs and not all of them are able to come up with most valuable and required info. But you have really put it nicely. It is worth reading. Your blog really attract the attention of people who want to know about Landing Page Designs.I agree with every bit of info explained in this blog.

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