Five Ways to Cash in Big, Before the New Year!

Now that October and Halloween are over, you should set your mind on some new targets for the rest of the year. If you are the type of marketer that likes to jump back and forth between offers, and ready to take advantage of the incoming onslaught of new holiday shoppers… then here are a few ideas for you to start putting your efforts towards!

HTML clipboardFive Opportunities to Cash in on, Before the New Year!

The Post-Election
No matter who is going to win the seat for the White House, there is sure to be plenty of attention, drama and search queries towards each of the candidates. There are plenty of ways that you can start making money. The easiest and what I assume most affiliate networks will take advantage of, is POLLS and ZIP/EMAIL offers. “Should McCain/OBama have Won the Election?“… there are plenty of ways these polls can be swung or reworded… but people will either be happy or angry about the decision, and it may be easy to grab their Vote once again.

Not many people think about Thanksgiving as a way to make money… but the opportunities are still there. The biggest idea around Thanksgiving, is cooking. How many people are going to search online for those holiday recipes and special ingredients. If you have a product or service that can target to this audience, you can flourish heavily over the next two month. Other ideas include, grocery coupons, thanksgiving costumes and travel (bringing families together).

Black Friday
Ah yes, the official holiday season starts on Black Friday, when everyone rushes out to buy a ton of cheap crap they don’t need. Not only can you get great deals on Black Friday… but more importantly, you should study what other companies are promoting and selling out of fast. Even if you can create an online store, or sell the actual product, create an information blog/web site and you can still cash in.

Christmas is Coming
The biggest shopping season of the year is upon us, and if you aren’t getting ready now… then you may miss out. Start your research now on finding what the hot products are going to be, and throw up a blog dedicated to that product. Start cranking out the articles and getting your content in the search engines. You may just end up with a free listing on the first page or two in Google!

New Years Resolutions
Even if you missed Halloween, aren’t planning to bank on Thanksgiving… and don’t have any ideas for Christmas… you must take advantage of New Years Resolutions! I’m sure many of you are already planning to lose a few pounds or kick some bad habits once the year ends! Weight loss, quit smoking/drinking, improve dating, get out of debt… you name it,… people are going to be spending millions on their new year’s resolutions and you should be there with what they are looking for.

This holiday season, are you going to be the one spending a ton of money… or receiving!? How are you planning to take advantage of the potential profits sitting before you over the next two months. Please also feel free to post any ideas or events that I may have missed.

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  1. Great idea on the Black Friday thing. I'm thinking about offering the popular products for sale from amazon. Wonder how that'll go?!?!

    What about those that are looking for a little extra money during Christmas? How about I show them how to make money online with affiliate marketing. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip Zac! How do you promote your newly built websites/blogs and begin building traffic to it?

  3. Using Amazon and Amazon store is a good idea too, who never buy something on amazon especially on the holiday time! An Affiliate Christmas Challenge sould be created by Zac!… What you think about the idea ? A++

  4. I think the election zips/emails is going to be a great way to make easy money. Everyone will have an opinion and the best thing is all you need is an email or zipcode.

  5. Excellent post. I'm always impressed with the way you watch trends and understand how to apply them to online marketing and online business. Great advice!

  6. These are all great topics to cover in your site to get money, Im sure the post election one will bring in a lot of traffic

  7. 'Tis the season… for affiliates!

    Having those "evergreen" type campaigns is great, but tossing in some seasonal stuff can REALLY boost your end of the year earnings.

    Great post… thanks for the reminder!



  8. Great tips Zac maybe ill win something or not.But nothing will deny my return to this blog,cause you give nice tips.



  9. Thanksgiving was always the one I could never figure out how to "cash in" on…but recipes and basically any offer dealing with bringing families closer would be ideal ❗

  10. I made a few hundred last year on Black Friday, not the way you listed but still. I have two ideas for black friday this year. I hope they both go well.

  11. Hey Zac, Great post and a lot of good ideas. I've been thinking of doing something for one of those Holidays, but have not started to plan anything. Your post makes me realize that I should of been planning a long time ago. I've gotta go …..and plan thanks.

  12. Great ideas here Zac! This is something that I wished I had known before. For every day that passes, it seems like I'm wasting a perfect opportunity. I guess I have to start ASAP.

  13. Niche marketing and New Years Resolutions go hand-in-hand. Thanks for the brainstorming ideas.

  14. Great tips, Zac! There really are a lot of ways online marketers can earn a little extra spending money for the holidays. I hadn't really thought about Thanksgiving being a money maker, but I can definitely agree with you! Thanks for posting these awesome ideas!

  15. In Christmas time you can make money almost on everything, not only on sales, i'm looking forward to Christmas to earn some

  16. Excellent ideas! This is how a web markets needs to have an opened eye on the targets. Thank you!

  17. Good tips ! Sometimes, we just need to hear what's obvious again. Reminders are never a waste of time.

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