Five Years of!

Today is a day to celebrate! Not just St. Patrick’s Day but also the 5th anniversary of! It seems like just the other day I was first getting into the blogging space and putting together the first designs and blog posts for the site. Over the past five years the blog has allowed me to connect with a ton of amazing people and open up who new world of opportunities, such as speaking all across the country and even doing a keynote in Australia!

With all of that said, I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about creating a blog of their own to start right now. The benefits of starting a blog to document your affiliate success or even just to build new connections and contribute another voice to the web. The connections and branding that you will receive from having a blog of your own is priceless.

It’s also important not to start a blog with the expectations to make money, but instead focus on whatever topic or niche you are going to be writing about… the rest will come later as your blog and brand grows with time.

You can see a yearly report of all the previous birthdays and how the site has changed over the years below.

Does anyone remember the classic blog designs from past? The site has gone through a lot of design changes over the years, but the branding and content basis has always remained the same, contributing year after year to making the site more of an authority for internet and affiliate marketing news every day.

Here’s to another 100 years and I thank you all so much for being one of the many loyal readers of and making it what it is today. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. Zac lng time. I totally agree with you comments. We should get together sometime soon and talk business. How is that for relevancy for your post.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!Wow,time goes by so fast!I remember the first time I visited you blog some 3 years ago and now you already had your blog for five years.Wow,congratulations.

    Bradley Nordstrom
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  3. Congratulations on 5 Years Zac you have a great blog keep it up I hope to see around for many years to come.
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  4. That's quite an achievement Zac! Congratulation for making your blog run for 5 years!
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  5. 5 years are a long time, Zac, I'm sure you've had many thing with these time and you also have gotten so much experience on blogging too. Congrats, I wish I could do the same like you 🙂
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