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Having already sold a few thousand copies of my “Flip This Web Site” guide I released a few months ago, I was approached by oDigger.com to bring an exclusive deal to my readers and users of their site. If you haven’t seen oDigger already, it’s just like Groupon, but focused on affiliate marketing software, products and courses. The original price of my web site flipping guide was $67, but is now an insanely reduced price of only $14.99, which is 77% off!

Flip This Web Site $67  – Now Only $14.99

This is a limited time promotion through oDigger, so if you haven’t grabbed your copy already please do! Get the book!

Since the release of the book, the business of buying and selling web sites on Flippa has just been exploding. With over $77,000 in new site sales every day on the web site, it’s truly become the world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling web sites. From $50 sales, all the way up to $1.1 million, Flippa has been responsible for some huge web site acquisitions.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent news and posts that have been written on Flippa and the type of web sites that are selling on their marketplace.

What’s New in the Web Site Flipping World?

  • Make Money with Angry Birds Web Sites – We all know that Angry Birds is one of the fastest and most profitable companies around when it comes to apps and online gaming. But they aren’t the only ones. Many web site owners are creating Angry Birds related web sites and selling them for thousands of dollars through Flippa.
  • Flippa Increases their Success Fees by 400% – The title actually sounds worse than it is, but I believe it was a necessary change for Flippa to make. This major pricing change will only affect sellers, and sites that sell for more than $40,000.
  • Flippa Kills Their Trust Score – Another big change to Flippa recently, was their change from their old “Trust Score” to a new system that would show only feedback, but also the amount of revenue done through their account. This a great new feature and gives sellers a much better idea of who is bidding on their web sites.
  • Celebrity Gossip Blogs that Have Sold for 6 Figures on Flippa – It’s always great to see how others are making web sites and selling them for big money on Flippa. This post will show you two celebrity and entertainment based web sites that have sold for over six figures!

The latest version of Flip This Web Site is now over 150 pages and has been updated with all of the latest changes to Flippa, along with a few tips and case studies. Grab your copy now.

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  1. It's always good to know what options are available when having a website that is showing profit but you don't have time or the interest to continue in the niche. The unfortunate thing about making niche websites is that many of us spend more time in the Niche that we love or feel more comfortable working in and is showing good profits. Time is always of the essence and every now and then, it is better to take a smaller profit rather than risk losing out on something that will never reach its full potential because of time constraints. Not every one wants the hassle of outsourcing so it is a better personal decision to sell for the best deal that can be found.

  2. Hi,

    Nice info including all things which can give us much more experience for something new.
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  3. Buying and selling websites is not new, it has been around for a number of years. I suppose it is the same principle to buying low and selling high that is used in property and the stock market, or any other sector where buying and selling is involved. However, not that many people really know how to do this effectively. To an extent it is actually a skill that can be learned, and many people who have taken the time to learn it have almost turned it into an art form.
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  4. Time is always of the essence and every now and then, it is better to take a smaller profit rather than risk losing out on something that will never reach its full potential because of time constraints. | 😛
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    1. Flippa seems to go up and down on how anxious people are to buy web sites listed on their marketplace. Sometimes its crazy, then other times its slow.

  5. These days one could find lots of post about website flipping on various forums. People are eager to know about how they can make money through website flipping. I think your guide and this post is a useful resource to look on.

  6. Very nice tips zac, fliping website give another chance to create a brand new blog for earning more from previous
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