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I’ve always loved creating web sites and producing a revenue stream that keeps coming in month after the month. The difference between a having a web site and creating ad campaigns all the time, is that you actually own the product and it’s something people use on a daily basis. As much fun as it is to continually create ad campaigns and always have to come up with new creatives and play with slim margins… it’s actually not that fun at all. I’ve always preferred the world of web sites and blogs.

One of my favorite web sites is Flippa.com, where anyone can buy or sell web sites at ease. It’s pretty much the eBay of web sites and domains. Since going live two years ago, the site has just exploded and there is a massive wealth of information, resources and opportunities at hand. Over 1,000 active daily auctions are running on the site… so it’s not hard to find yourself browsing their site for a several hours at a time.

That’s exactly where I’ve found myself… digging through numerous auctions to find the hidden gems, buying under monetized sites and reading about how others have come up with amazing ideas for web sites and created their own businesses online.

I’ve been on both sides of the deal… I’ve been a buyer and seller on Flippa for a while now, even back when they were just a forum on SitePoint. With over six figures in web site transactions and acquiring amazing sites like BloggingTips.com, it’s become quite a new passion of mine.

With that said, I found it was time to finally come out with my first product, which is a book and video course called “Flip This Web Site: How to Buy, Improve and Sell Web Sites on Flippa“. With over 150 pages of content, resources and videos breaking down each chapter, I feel it’s one of the best web site flipping guides out there, if not the best.

I’ve had a lot of focus on building web sites and blogs over the past several years, and the attention and feedback I got from the pre-release of Flip This Web Site went extremely well. I even had the chance to do a webinar with Matt Mickiewicz, the co-founder of Flippa, who also later sent a testimonial after reading my book.

I’m not going to try and sell you… it’s just a really great book and teaches you everything you need to know about site flipping. You can see a break down of all the chapters below, and also take a look at the sales page which covers everything that comes in the packages, including videos and a bonus mini niche guide book.

Flip This Web Site (153 pages)

  • Chapter 1: Immediate Warning Signs of a Bad Web Site Listing
  • Chapter 2: What is Flippa and Why You Need to Use It Now!
  • Chapter 3: Buying & Selling Sites: What Makes a Site Sell!
  • Chapter 4: Create, Flip, Profit… then Repeat!
  • Chapter 5: Promoting and Outsourcing Your Sites
  • Chapter 6: 3 Action Plans for Continued Success
  • Video Series: Six Videos Walking You Through the Process
  • Mini Niche Web Site Guide: How to Create Killer Mini Sites
  • BloggingTips Story: The Before, During & After Process of a Big Sale
  • Extra Bonuses: Interviews, Case Studies, Resources & More!

Thousands of web sites are being bought and sold every day using the techniques I outline in my book.

Download my book, watch my videos, and let me know what you think.

Access the “Flip This Web Site” Book & Videos

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  1. Congrats on the launch Zac!

    As someone who's been following and working with you for a long period of time I'm really glad to see you've finally released a product. I'm almost through with the guide and it's definitely the best guide on the subject of website flipping I have read online – in fact, because of your guide I'm starting to think about investing in website flipping on the long run and I'm sure your guide is the complete resource for anyone trying to get results in the website flipping industry.
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  2. You should do a case study where you help me try and sell a sitee I have been trying to sell on flippa for months. 😛 MmaClothingTrends.com

    Good post

    1. I looked up your site on flippa. It's a great looking site. I see that you are doing $400 a month in sales. Instead of running your auction at $7-$8k as a starting price. Start the auction at $1 and just place a reserve price. This will get you more people bidding on the site, which will lead to more people looking at it.

      1. I totally agree with this, if you start it at that you’ll get more people bidding on it which will make it go to the most active sites on flippa. It’ll help you get more money out of it!

      2. Back when I was selling laptops on ebay, I would always start the auction at $1 because more people would be motivated to bid therefore since there's more bids, people see it as a more popular item and keep bidding higher and higher. Although I never used a reserve, that can turn people off. Can see the same thing happening with flippa.

    1. Thanks. I went through a lot of different names before finally choosing "Flip This Web Site". One of the hardest parts about creating a new web site or product is the name!

  3. I sold a few sites on Flippa and this seems like a great set of tools and reading material, look forward to checking it out!
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  4. Congratulations Zac, I'm glad you have made it in the info product launch market. Honestly, I believe your book is going to make a headway, as your posts. I love your guest posts and have been reading them for long. Although I'm yet to get your new site flipping book, I'm just putting a few things together – God bless you!
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    1. Thanks Michael, great to hear from you and I appreciate it. Flip This Web Site ended up being a really great product and I'm proud of it's success. Let me know how things work out for you.

  5. Great idea and simply put, one of the best and easiest ways to make money online (if there is such a thing). There's a lot of garbage on Flippa.com, and there are indeed a few tricks here or there you can leverage to make more money…
    My recent post SEO & Brands: Monitoring and Revitalising your brand reputation online

    1. There's always going to be people who take advantage of others when it comes to making money, but the Flippa community does a good job of keeping the trash out and letting other members know about whats going on. I cover a bunch of these topics and examples in the book on what to look out for when buying a web site.

  6. Hi there, Zac,
    I am glad you found a new passion for yourself in form of web sites and domains auctioning. I also enjoy it, but I am currently not involved in it that much as I used to be before. I guess I could try out finding my happiness with it again, only this time involved in Flippa.com. I am going to check it and seriously take in consideration. I know that some nice money can be made out f it, and it is encouraging to know it already has more than one thousand offers per day!
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    1. I would love to pick up a few more sites, but I spread myself too thin with unfinished projects. Lots of fun sites out there to be bought!

  7. Coming from a person who has some experience in web site flipping, this is an extraordinary ebook, great work as always Zac!

    Recommended to anyone who has ever questioned the possibilities that can be made with flipping websites.

  8. Great information Zac, Thanks
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  9. I've had no experiences in website flipping, but if I ever do, I'll most definite;y get this eBook! I'm already interested thanks to seeing a few posts on this and your eBook
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  10. Bought the course but haven't gone through it yet. Looking forward to getting started.
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    1. Thanks, the book is doing well. A few hundred copies sold in the first week, and amazingly through many different countries as well.

  11. Hey Zac,

    I just published a post about an Adsense site that I bought a month ago. Within an hour of tweaking, I was able to increase the earnings 35%. In my post I linked to someone else's flipping course (easily changed) and now that I see you have a course, I'd like to invite you onto my next podcast? If you're keen, please get in touch!


    PS. which plugin are you using that allows me to subscribe to replies only?
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