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It’s time for another big contest promotion at the Zac Johnson blog. This time around, any one can be a winner. The only requirement, is that you have a twitter account. Just follow the simple direction below, and new winners will randomly be selected over the next five weeks. All contest and prize information is listed below. Follow up posts will be made every Friday, with updates on winners and the next set of prizes.

1) Follow me on Twitter.

2) Then twitter, “I just entered to win a ton of prizes from! You can too, just follow @moneyreign and retweet”

All of the prizes provided for this contest promotion, are active sponsors on this blog. In addition to being blog sponsors, I’ve had great success with all of them over the years, and highly recommend you join them if you aren’t already. Rewards and sponsors are listed below.

Rextopia: $100 CASH
– While they are not one of the most well known affiliate networks out there, Rextopia is definitely making money for affiliates. I’ve personally known the founder for many years, and still use Rextopia to make money. Rextopia also has a decent amount of offers that aren’t found on many other networks.

Hydra Network: $100 Best Buy Gift Card
– I’ve always enjoyed the large selection of offers available through Hydra Network. While offering a lot of high quality offers, they also have a massive amount of zip, email or short field offers. Hydra has been a top network for many successful affiliate marketers.

MarketLeverage: Flip Mino HD Camera
– Always in the mix and ready to get their hands in any affiliate related promotion, MarketLeverage is quickly growing as one of the top recognized affiliate networks in the game. Not only does MarketLeverage have a great selection of offers to choose from, but they are also a great team with work with and talk to about anything.

Motive Interactive: 16G iPod Touch
– After a successful promotion last month, Motive Interactive is back for more. Motive just recently improved their affiliate network and is now helping affiliates earn more than ever. I highly recommend joining their network and looking over their much improved ajax run network and offers.

NeverBlue: Blue-Ray Player
– One of the most successful and cherished affiliate networks around, is NeverBlue. Based in Canada, Neverblue caters to all affiliates and their needs. Just through this blog alone, referred affiliates to NeverBlue have earned over $400,000!

PPC Coach: 3 Free 1 Month Memberships
– Pay per click marketing has never be easier to learn with PPC Coach. Unlike other programs where you signup and are left on your own to learn. PPC Coach walks you through everything, and includes access to members only videos and active forum.

PepperJam: $100 into their PJN Account
– PepperJam Network is rapidly becoming one of the largest networks around. If you are already an affiliate, of theirs, you will notice they have exclusive advertisers that can’t be found on other networks. (You must be signed up with PepperJam Network to win this prize.)

Gary Vaynerchuk: 20 Signed Copies of Gary’s New Wine Book
Gary V is taking the web and television by storm. Not only was he the speaker at the latest Affiliate Summit West, but you may have seen him on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Ellen, Fox News and more. Gary was cool enough to send 20 signed copies of his latest “101 Wines” book my way.

Joel Comm: 5 Signed Copies of Twitter Power
– Whatever Joel Comm touches, turns to gold. His latest book, “TwitterPower”, just went live last week and I have five signed copies that will be given away.

ZJ Blog: MoneyReign T-Shirt & Stickers Pack
– Five winners will be selected each week to receive a tshirt, along with pens, stickers and more. I’m also rewarding a $100 prize to bloggers that link back to the contest post (details at bottom.)


Week 1: Winners Announced Feb 27
– Rextopia $100 Cash
– 5 MoneyReign T-Shirt Packs
– 1 PPC Coach Membership
– 1 Signed Joel Comm “Twitter Power”
– 4 Signed Gary V “101 Wines” Book

Week 2: Winners Announced March 6
– MarketLeverage Mino HD Camera
– 5 MoneyReign T-Shirt Packs
– 1 PPC Coach Membership
– 1 Signed Joel Comm “Twitter Power”
– 4 Signed Gary V “101 Wines” Book

Week 3: Winners Announced March 13
– PepperJam $100 Deposit into Account
– 5 MoneyReign T-Shirt Packs
– 1 PPC Coach Membership
– 1 Signed Joel Comm “Twitter Power”
– 4 Signed Gary V “101 Wines” Book

Week 4: Winners Announced March 20
– Motive Interactive 16G iPod Touch
– Hydra Network $100 Best Buy Gift Card
– PepperJam $100 Deposit into Account
– 5 MoneyReign T-Shirt Packs
– 1 Signed Joel Comm “Twitter Power”
– 4 Signed Gary V “101 Wines” Book

Week 5: Winners Announced March 27
– NeverBlue Blue-Ray Player
– 5 MoneyReign T-Shirt Packs
– 1 Signed Joel Comm “Twitter Power”
– 4 Signed Gary V “101 Wines” Book
– $100 Cash Blogger Contest

Bloggers Can Win Too! – $100 Cash
Lastly, blog about this contest and link back to this post and you could win $100 cash. One blogger will randomly be selected from the permalinks listed on this blog post, on March 27th and listed in the week 5 winners. $100 prize will be rewarded through paypal.

Thanks for Entering and Good Luck!

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  1. I have to admit I rarely enter in these types of contest, but you just have so many good prizes that it's worth it. Great job on getting all these prizes!

  2. It sounds like you're doing a different set of posts each week. Do we have to retweet this each week to be in that week's drawings or is once enough for the whole thing?

  3. Hey dude, does it mean we can win more than one prize? i do suggest that each one should be eligible for just ONE prize. so that more people can win.. you know… 🙂

  4. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-100951" rel="nofollow">@Melvin:

    One tweet equals one entry… each twitter account is limited to one entry, no matter how many times it's tweeted.

  5. Sorry, someone who does not follow me on twitter is not someone I follow!

    Have fun with your contest, grabbing followers right and left, not one of whom you will follow.

    Thus eliminating the primary purpose of twitter, for conversation between people,

    Not a one way exchange.

  6. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-102089" rel="nofollow">@iowadawg:

    I'm not auto-following everyone, I go back and follow those will relative content and interests. Since starting the contest I have come across a lot of new Twitter contacts and friends.

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