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I’m getting everything ready and doing my last minute packing for San Francisco, CA, where I will be attending Elite Retreat this week. I will have plenty of posts over the next few days to cover the event, but first I would like to talk a bit about Twitter. I signed up to Twitter quite a while ago, but never really got into. I just started up again a couple days ago and I’m finding it really useful. Just last week I made a post on how I wanted to connect with my users through Facebook. The response has been awesome, and I will post the t-shirt winners later this week! Since the post I’ve added over 200 friends and once again came across a bunch of people in the past, that I had no idea read the blog… it’s also brought me a bunch of new contact and even some new business.

Back to Twitter… so everyone pretty much already knows what Twitter is, and a great amount of people are already using it. It’s like AIM on crack, but with a massive audience you can talk with all at the same time, or individually. It also comes with some great programs or addons you can use to better your Twitter experience. I’ve been using Twhirl and really enjoying. Another great resource is TwitterFeed, which updates your Twitter account with your latest blog posts.

As mentioned, I’ll be in California for the next few days, so I’ll be posting updates to Twitter throughout Elite Retreat and my adventures around the state. Stay up to date and network with me on Twitter!


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  1. Some day I will have to attend a conference. Have fun, learn a lot, and I will read all you have to say.

    I am now following you on Twitter.

    1. Yeah, I am attending Adtech just to see how these conferences are .. I am actually just going to the exhibit, but if Jeremy decides to have one in South florida, then i'll definately attend elite retreat.

  2. Lol sucker paypertweet was awesome fun 😉 hehe..

    And Zac, will just follow you from my profile sizzler_chetan as soon as i return back to my mac.. Right now on mobile 🙂

    1. Facebook doesnt present any professionalism.. Better than that for networking would be linkedin and twitter is just a status update and chat site 🙂

  3. Hey Zac, let me know if you wanna check out the nightlife in SF, I am a club owner and can give you some great referrals and VIP treatment.

  4. Twitter really seems to be the hot thing, I like how it is short and to the point and how you can get a whole group involved.

    Have a great trip.


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