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We all know that affiliate networks are still one of the driving forces in the pay per lead industry and also one of the most competitive markets you can get into. Go to any affiliate conference, and if you are an affiliate, the networks will pounce on you trying to get your traffic. Ask why you should run their offers and you will usually get the same answer…”best offers, highest payouts!“. They all promise the same thing, but that game doesn’t work anymore. Network are having to truly focus on being the best around, and coming up with new incentives to bring in new and active affiliates.

One of the most recent networks to get into the affiliate game is Wolf Storm Media. The goal behind Wolf Storm Media, is still to compete with other networks by offering a wide selection of offers at competitive rates, but also to pay all affiliates on a weekly basis (ACH, and earning at least $50). Another focus from Wolf Storm Media is their affiliate training center, which walks affiliate through the process of how to setup new ad campaigns across different platforms, such as Facebook Ads, Plenty of Fish, CPV, Media Buying and more.

There are currently over 400 different ad campaigns to choose from within the network. The majority of them are in the categories of Games, Dating, Mobile and Email Submits. The pay outs on most offers available through the network are in line or slightly higher/lower than other competition networks. Base rates among the networks are never a huge deal, as everything is negotiated on volume. WSM also pays out a 5% commission on all referred affiliates.

We are seeing a growing trend in the affiliate network space over the past recent years. Successful affiliates are moving away from just pushing affiliate offers, to running their own affiliate networks. Wolf Storm Media was started and run by Jeremiah Cooper, who also first started out as an affiliate and now in the affiliate network game. The WSM network is run off the HasOffers platform, which many other networks are also operating off of.

Preview of WSM Affiliate Training Area

Before reviewing the network, I asked Jeremiah what makes Wolf Storm Media different from the majority of other networks out there competing for your business. The response was “Our network is dedicated to training our affiliates in any way we can.“, which can be demonstrated through the affiliate training section setup to WSM network users. Jeremiah also says the following about their affiliate training area “The training area consists of video and text tutorials in several of the affiliate friendly traffic sources.  We also have a private forum for affiliates to use to ask questions, and help each other.  All of our account managers are affiliates as well – and are happy to answer any questions our affiliates have.  We’re here to help affiliates build, scale and optimize their campaigns.“. The last thing I wanted to ask Jeremiah about, was the ability to build out custom landing pages and ad copy for affiliates, to which I was told, “We have several designers that we work close with – and I’m working on setting up a creative services department so that all of our affiliates can use our team to design their creatives and landing pages should they choose to do so.

Wolf Storm Media is one of the most recent networks to go live and compete in a very tough space. If you are a successful affiliate, or even a newbie and still trying to figure things out, WSM promises to take the necessary steps to take you to that next level, or even your first. Join Wolf Storm Media today.

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  1. Coop is a good guy and runs a great network. Works really hard to get and keep your business. Weekly payouts are awesome as are high payouts on offers. But what really sets WSM apart is the fact that they take the time to make sure you are growing as an affiliate. Great network highly recommended.

  2. Thanks Zac for this awesome review! I know Coop since a couple of weeks now and his training and payout can't be beat! This guy is a real hustler, always there to help his affiliates and improve their game!

    All I can say is WSM is great and I back Coop 110%. I know some guys that were doing around 100$ a day are now making 1000$+ /day because of him…

    Seriously, give WSM and you won't regret it, ever.


  3. Thanks Zac for this post. Wolf Storm Media best networking looking forward .Great network highly recommended.

  4. I couldn't agree more… training is important and too often underestimated!
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  5. I'll join this free training Zack, thanks
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  6. Great review~ WSM is one of the best networks around. Awesome offers, great payouts, and the affiliate managers are quite helpful. You can't go wrong with wolfstorm.

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