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Written by Zac Johnson
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After I received so much great feedback on my last free landing page template, I thought it would be cool to come out with a new version. This time I focused on building a landing page for a comparison shopping or a product review site. Did you know that people are banking like crazy with these review pages? If not, just go search on any weight loss, software, or comparable product and I’m sure you come across at least one adwords advertiser that is running a comparison page.

The concept of a comparison landing page, isn’t to discourage the user from buying the products you have listed… but to convince them that yours are the best. I wanted to keep this landing page design very simple, that way you can play around with it and make any changes, without having to make a lot of coding changes. As usual, a “BIG CALL TO ACTION” on the top. You will want to find a picture that relates to your products, but also with your site visitors. The “Eye Grabbing” call to action is usually to text that will get the user excited, and make them want to keep reading. I would then follow up with a short story or testimonial. Your “Last Key Points” should tell they user why they should keep reading on.

reviewslandingpage by you.

As always, I wanted to give you an example of what you can create with this free landing page template. I could have done my mock page using diet offers, virus scanning software, free credit reports or really anything else. Whatever you choose, make sure you have at least three products or services to compare against. Making money online and working from home is always a big topic, so I logged into Market Leverage and grabbed a few of their “Biz Opp” offers to list on this page. It’s came out pretty nicely! You can click here if you want to view the full version. (I haven’t tried any of these programs, they are purely for show and example only)

mmoreviewslandingpage by you.

To quickly recap my completed landing page, I included the image of each product, three key points on why each were great, an easy to see “Click Here” to order link and a brief description about each product and why I like it. If your product also includes a free trial, or satisfaction guarantee, you should also include that in your landing page. Refer back to my original free landing page for my “Golden Tips” and other advice on landing pages.

You never know how your traffic will respond to your landing pages, or if they will actually like product number #2 or #3, more than your #1 product… so make sure you continually test your landing pages and rotate ad positions to see which work best. Another idea is to use pixel tracking and web site heat maps to see where people are clicking and what they are ordering.

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    1. I'm giving it a try too…although I'm a little late for the party!! LOL Never heard of ya to I seen you mentioned on the Cash Tactics site. Good stuff. Keep up the awesome posts Zac!

  1. Zac,

    I am very new to affilaite marketing and have found your blog as a great resource for learning.

    I have yet to do my first campaign so please pardon my questions if they are too simple.

    With landing pages (this or others) what are the best resources for images (free or otherwise)???

    Does the advertiser of the offer provide you with the actual product images???

    And my last newbie question…I assume where the text reads "Click here to buy …."

    is where you attach your affliliate publisher code? and this in turns take them to the advertiser site and is how you receive credit?

    Again I know these are very basic questions and thank you in advance for any response.


  2. This template looks great. It’s very clean and organized! It makes comparing offers so simple. This is probably one of the nicer templates I’ve seen. I think it’s awesome that you’re offering this for free, Zac! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is free? Zac, you’re giving away something that’s worth hundreds!!

    Thanks for sharing it man! It’s going to come in handy when I start out with my first search campaigns. πŸ™‚

    1. I haven’t personally started any ppc campaigns with this template yet, but have done other comparison landing page offers. I will be using this one and tweaking it a bit for an upcoming comparison campaign.

  4. Nice looking template! I have a comparison page already, but I kinda like this one a little better, and like SOB a couple of little tweaks this will work great.

  5. Hey great advice Zac, may be the most important thing is give to the visitors what they want to read. Landing pages is about trial an error….

  6. Great template. I made a comparison page consisting of 3 Clickbank products, fired up a PPC campaign and was able to bank $12,710.00 in 4 days of having the campaign up. Made a few simple tweaks, but all thanks goes to you for the great template!

  7. Made my first $30 bucks off this landing page. Paid $50.00 driving the traffic though. Apparently I'm doing something wrong. if anyone has any friendly suggestions.

    Thanks, Zac.

    1. Nice work, glad to see you put the landing page to use. Now it's probably a game of testing what keywords you are using and weeding out what doesn't work.

      1. Stick with it, Jeremy! We could help you out in two ways: one way is to place your search engine's conversion tracking code (a.k.a. pixel) onto each offer's "thank you" page. The tracking code can help you weed through all the keywords that are costing you money by telling you when you receive a sale. It will also show you which specific keyword and/or ad text generated that sale for you. This way, you can focus more of your time on expanding your campaign with variations of your profitable keywords! Another way would be to implement SubID tracking into your MarketLeverage URLs. Using the SubID feature is relatively easy and invaluable when it comes to testing out new keywords and testing your different text ads for each campaign group you create! Let me know how i can help you, Jeremy!

        1. Thanks Guys! I just made $60 bucks today and only spent about $30 driving the traffic! πŸ˜‰ Erick, I'll have to experiment with placing the pixels. I know that would be helpful for sure, I've just never done it. I'll try it out tonight and shoot you an email if I can't figure it out.

          Thanks again, Zac & Erick.

          You guys are pimp.

          Much Affiliate Love,

          – Jeremy

  8. Great template and most appreciated.

    Would adding a lead gen form be too distracting for this model?

  9. I will never going to generate or build a landing page for my offer . First i don't have much time to do that second there are offers with great landing page already available.

  10. Hmmm….lets see, long pages with 3 paragraphs of text, and 1000 testimonials always works right? πŸ˜› well maybe not, but I'd like to give it a try. I like John Chows quote,

    "I make money by telling people I make money"

    LOL !

  11. Hey Zac!

    Thanks for this nice template!

    Did you think that you can promote "every" product with such an easy site like books, dvds, clothes, clocks – what ever?

  12. These are fantastic! Thanks Zac. Found these just at the right time I am dusting off some old PPC campaigns that need a bit of a makeover!

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thanks for another great template. I've been using one of your earlier templates to sell weight loss pills for quite some time, and actually you are the 1 that turned me on to ML, so thanks a lot.

  14. Hi, Zac… thanks for this landing page. I will waiting more… :p

    <abbr>Edwin’s last blog post..Secrets to Cat Training</abbr>

  15. Zac, do you have template for order page? I don't know how to make the order form and payment gateway.

  16. Zac, Thanks for the templates! A quick question or two… on earth does the newbie get accepted to CPA networks such as ClickBooth,NB(instant reject for me) and some of the others that you have here on your site?

    Did you use this blog as your "example site" and how did you get around some of the CPA networks that will only look at you if you have 10k visitors or more?

    If you have this info on your site, please point me to it.

    Great looking blog (I want one like it) πŸ™‚ (Who designed it?)

    I signed up for your newsletter.



  17. Zac,

    I really like this template. Do you think it works best for natural searches or Paid searches on Google?
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  18. This type of comparison landing page is the easiest to do and and I can say is very effective. I'll try it once with CPA campaign and it work perfectly!
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  19. Thank you for your comparison landing page template, love your great works πŸ™‚
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  20. Thanks for offering this for free, I'm going to give it a shot.
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