Free Money with the New “Money” WordPress Theme

The wordpress platform is so amazing. Not only is it free, but the customization and easy learning curve just makes it an amazing application to work with. One of the most exciting things about wordpress, is keeping up with all of the new themes that comes out. I’m always game for buying a new theme if it’s got everything I’m looking for, but free is always best. Since the release of the “Affiliate Theme”, Unique Blog Designs has been quietly cranking away at their newest theme, which is the “Money Theme”… and this ones free for a limited time.

Top Theme Features:

* Powerful control panel:  Easy for the newbie or advanced blogger to get setup in as little time as possible.
* Upload your logo with one-click: No need to upload!
* Affiliate-style homepage design: Works great for blogs and affiliate marketing style landing pages!

Other features include flickr display, feedburner integration, built in twitter widget, automatic image resizing, advertising management and more.

I know a lot of blogs have used free UBD themes in the past, so I wanted to let you know about this one as it just came out.

Download Money Theme

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this one, I am all about free stuff 🙂 If nothing else, i like picking through themes and seeing if anything in it is worth utilizing on my own stuff, new ideas are always a great thing.

    <abbr>Jesse’s last blog post..Make A Video, Win $5000 Cash</abbr>

  2. Looks like an a awesome theme. How long is it free for?

    I will try out this theme and see how it goes!

  3. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-109536" rel="nofollow">@PS3:

    It doesn't say how long it's free, but I know it's part of a new web site promotion, so you might as well grab it while you can.

  4. I think friendly edit wordpress themes are going to start popping up soon like this one. This theme is awesome!

    <abbr>Love Poems & Love Quotes’s last blog post..Either Make Money Or Make A Million Dollars For Her</abbr>

  5. @Jesse:

    They try to change the layout the way blogs looks with this theme i guess.

    <abbr>Shanker Bakshi’s last blog post..Google Lifted Ban from John Chow dot Com</abbr>

  6. You know what this needs? An article slideshow. Wether people will use it or not doesn't matter – some like it and personaly I would defninitely love to see it there.

    <abbr>Stancje’s last blog post..WrocÅ‚aw 13.07.2009: Mam do wynajÄ™cia</abbr>

  7. Completely agree that the WordPress platform is amazing. Direct Agents uses it for our blog ( The money theme looks cool.

    Thanks for the info, Zac!

  8. Just took the theme for a test drive and have to admit that FREE certainly doesn't mean crap. This theme not only looks great, but has a stack of really kick-butt features built in.

    Thanks for the tip.

    PS: Their affiliate theme rocks as well, it ain't free, but it's a winner.

    <abbr>Bronson’s last blog post..Top Gear Extreme Driving by Ken Block</abbr>

  9. Very cool, I still have the older edition of the money wordpress theme that they gave away a long time ago, I definitely will get my hands on this one as I absolutely love the work these guys do!

    Till then,


  10. Has anyone run into display problems with the 'money theme?' It wouldn't load in IE for some reason. It worked find in other browsers but not IE. I've got a similar issue with another WordPress theme. However this one loads it just doesn't display the site correctly. I like WordPress but there seems to be some issues with IE and WordPress. Also with the money theme I couldn't get the ubd block ad to work. Got it uploaded and it's in the WordPress admin panel, but I could never get it on the site. Anybody have an answer to that?

  11. WordPress is awesome, and this offer is definitely worth checking out, as you've got nothing to lose! I like the name – "Money Theme" – it was only a matter of time before somebody picked up on that name!

  12. Just checked it out.. UBD is really good at coming up with such money making stuff these days.. They really understand the market well =)

    <abbr>Ben Pei’s last blog post..Pro Blogging Secrets™ Pre-Launch Notice</abbr>

  13. @Jesse:

    You can always do some modifications from there..

    <abbr>Ben Pei’s last blog post..Pro Blogging Secrets™ Pre-Launch Notice</abbr>

  14. Free works for me. I've gone and registered for the UBD newsletter, and they've sent me my complimentary Money Theme and blogging report. I'm intrigued to see how many new subscribers they gaion from this exercise.

  15. UDB always comes out some great themes to benefit wordpress blogger like us. I've actually seen this news on other blogs 2 days ago, I've downloaded the themes as well. It's really a great themes! Thanks again for sharing Zac!


    <abbr>Money Making Ideas’s last blog post..Kids Money Making Ideas</abbr>

  16. @Shanker Bakshi:

    Yea, the themes doesn't look like a blog, I think it's designed for affiliate markerter who want to make money selling products. That's why it's called money themes. Anyway, that's a great theme indeed!


    <abbr>Money Making Ideas’s last blog post..Kids Money Making Ideas</abbr>

  17. it is a nice post with have a nice topic.keep it up…

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  18. Solid wordpress them, looks like it can be monetized pretty efficiently as well. Win, win.

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  19. @Custom term paper:

    Me too just downloaded the themes, I'll be using on my next blog as well! I think Money Theme is more to themes for affiliate related niche blog, how do you think?


    <abbr>Money Making Ideas’s last blog post..Kids Money Making Ideas</abbr>

  20. Thanks. This seems to be a good one for my upcoming blog. 🙂 Downloading it 🙂

  21. Wow. This is an impressive WordPress theme. The customization options are outstanding, allowing users to create an endless number of designs by customizing this theme.

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  22. I googeled and found some great WordPress themes.All tent to say they are "FREE!" but when i try to upload the css, it says that i must download something to save it.Why the heck is it so?If they say they are free…That most make it a fraud,huh?

  23. I have downloaded this theme a while ago. But I haven't had the time to test it out. Not sure how it compares to other wordpress premium themes out there…

  24. Theme seems awesome especially designed for affiliate market… It seems worth checking it out.

  25. Thanks for the template. After long hours of searching for the right template for my blog, I have finally found the best one.

    Again, thank you!


  26. the theme looks cool to me and also it is free so I have nothing to loose..i am going to use it on my new blog..thanks for the share
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