Free SEO Tools and Backlinks Reports from Sheer Explorer

Everyone loves quality tools and reports for checking on their web sites and search rankings, especially when the tools and services are free! That’s exactly what we have today from In short the site is a free and easy to use site explorer that has over 10 billion urls indexed and over 40 billion backlinks… with more being added and tracked everyday!

So what can Sheer Explorer do for you and how does it work?

The site is dead simple to use. Visit their site and plug in your site url for a quick free report that will look like the following.

SheerSEO Zac Johnson Site Report

You will see that currently has an 8/10 Sheer Rank, 877 linking domains coming back to the site with 15,665 total backlinks and around 1,000+ scanned and live pages on the site. For a break down of what each of these mean you can see the explanations below.

  • Sheer Domain Rank – The Sheer Domain Rank is a grade given to a domain by calculating it’s total known page, inbound links, outbound links and a few more parameters.
  • Linking Domains – The number of domains that link to an explored domain.
  • Total Back-Links – The number of discovered back-links to the explored domain.
  • Scanned Pages – The number of pages within the explored domain that were scanned.
  • Known Pages – The number of pages within this domain known to our system.

Using Sheer Explorer to Find Site Backlinks

Besides Sheer Explorer being free and extremely easy to use, I also like to report for seeing what sites are linking back to mine. When I pulled this report for I noticed I had some nice links coming in from sites like ABCNews and Search Engine Land. These are quality links and authority sites that really drive juice to your site and help you rank higher.

Zac Johnson on ABCNews

Sorting your inbound links by “sheer domain rank” is an easy and quick way to find the most valuable incoming links to your site.

Viewing Your Site’s Top Pages

Sheer SEO Top Pages ReportAnother feature of Sheer Explorer is being able to pull a report on the Top Pages for any given site. The report will show you the specific url, title, amount of inbound links and referring domain are linking to content on your site. This is very useful for anyone that has a lot of pages on their site.

This blog currently has over 1,000 unique articles published and when I pulled a report I can quickly see that the three articles below are getting the most links from other sites.

Create a Free SEO Report for Your Site

As you can see it’s very simple to run a free SEO report for your site. All you need to do is plug your URL in and take a look at the stats. You also have the option to sign up for a free account through their site, which will allow you to perform more URL searches each day. There is no upsell and membership here, just a free quality tool for you to add to your marketing and business arsenal.

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  2. Hi Zac,

    For SEO purpose you need to check correct details, such as linking domains, incoming links, outgoing links etc. And Sheer Explorer is really an useful tool, which is offering such crucial details for free. I would certainly try this tool.
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  3. Great article. One of the best Google Adwords tips I ever got, from a guy named Simon, was to include a solid mix of the three (four including modified) match types, with the correct proportions of broad, phrase, and exact within each ad group. Most people that get started on PPC don’t think to do things that way. If you want to talk to Simon, you can call him at 302-401-4478.

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