Free T-Shirts & Pens!

Written by Zac Johnson
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Oh no… I missed posting the past three days! How horrible! There’s only one thing I can do to make it up to you…. GIVE AWAY SOME FREE STUFF! A year or two ago I ordered a ton of t-shirts and pens for some of my sites. I really never ended up doing anything with them, so now I have a ton of them. Time to unload some of them! The shirt features one of my sites I’ve had for many many years now, which is Originally a free greeting card site, now in the process of something much bigger… videos, forum, games and more. (minor changes/updates are still being made on the site)… but this is about free t-shirts, not critiquing sites!

If you would like a free t-shirt, simply reply to this post that you want a free shirt or how great the blog is! πŸ™‚ (If you are feeling generous you could even link to this post off your blog, it will automatically ping list you) On Monday I’ll randomly select 10 commenters and make a post listing the winners. The winners can then send over their shipping addresses and desired shirt size. Don’t worry about shipping, I got it covered… :). So post away and good luck!

You can look this good too… just make a comment to this post! πŸ™‚

With each shirt I’ll also throw in a bunch of blue/black ink pens!

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160 Replies to “Free T-Shirts & Pens!”

  1. I can always use more pens! πŸ™‚

    Forgot how I got here a few weeks ago, but have enjoyed your writing so far!

  2. woohoo, more free stuff? awesome!

    the blog that keeps on giving πŸ˜›

  3. I really do think the blog is great! Not just trying to suck up! It's cool because you invested some money to get it going strong, it looks great, and you obviously know what your talking about and make some serious bank (as evidenced by the hummer in that pic)!

  4. If it weren't for the ad in Revenue, I'd never have found this blog and added it to my reading list. Consequently, you can never have too many white shirts. Count me in!

  5. You are one of the few net marketers that I actually look forward to hearing from. You never waste time with fluff and you are providing content that others wouldn't unless they were charging for it.

    This may sound a bit sappy, but my favorite post so far, was the fathers day one.

    Continued success.

  6. the less I have to do my laundry the better, I could use another shirt!!1!!!ONE!!!!

  7. I am not sure if the Tees will be fitting me, but hey, I ll give it a shot.. Count me in for the draw..

  8. Hello- Sure, I'll advertise your logo for you

    in exchange for a free XL T-Shirt, and I'm actually famous.

    Al Schrader

  9. can I get a shirt?lol..actually nice site and thanks for the contest :)Id be glad to add a link to my sig!


    your cute lol ;P

  10. Yeah, I like your blog. It's got some useful info and that's a cute pic. I need to keep up with my blog, you just reminded me lol. I would love a free t and pens. I'm always losing them. The pens that is, not the t-shirts or I'd be even more popular than I am. Heh.

    Stay cool,


  11. Hey, I really would like one of your free t-shirts.

    I am a sucker for getting free stuff

    My address is as follows

    15106 Philpott Rd

    Alton, Va 24520

  12. Hey….. This is great!!

    I would LOVE a free t-shirt….. I will wear it proudly!


  13. Whoot!! I have dug on and sent cards from your fantabulously killer cool site for a while now! I can't believe I found this opportunity!! πŸ˜€ You soooo RULE!!! Like to put myself in the running for a T-Shirt/Pen pkg. If ya don't mind! πŸ˜€ I'd so wear it when our band jams onstage! πŸ˜‰

    Thanx mucho dude!



  14. I think it is pretty cool that you are willing to share something for free that you no longer have a need for!! There should be more people like you on this planet!!

    Just in case I win – you can email me and I will give you my address – the size is extra large!!

    What a GREAT guy!! Your blog is cool!

    Have a GREAT day!!

  15. Hey I think you have come up with a unique way to advertise. Good thinking. I would not mind being a walking advertisment for you. What a great deal both parties get something they need for free.

  16. I don't have a URL, other than my myspace and that is Your site is probably the most honest site I have been on. All I have to do is comment & I might just get a free shirt & pen. Holy Moly, this can't be true, should I click my pretty little heels three times? Yep, all-america sarcasm.

  17. your writing is interesting and fun. I'd like to get in on the tshirt too if you don't mind. Hopefully I will get picked πŸ™‚

  18. Hey, the shirt looks great on you. I'd looove to have one please, if I'm not too late. πŸ™

  19. Hey..I really want a free t-shirt and some pens πŸ˜‰ hehe. The blog is great its a good catch!! Nice!!

  20. pretty darn neat of you to give this stuff away.ever won anything or got anything free in my life so i thoght i would give it a try ,thanks,anita price,1695 hauser rd lot 2,lewisville nc 27023

  21. Hay man! I LOVED your site! Been there much! πŸ™‚

    Check our band out! You might dig it!



    I can always use a pen or two, but I'd really like to have a shirt from your site!

  22. Very cool site and contest idea. Is it too late for me to enter for a free shirt? 'Cause I really want one…..

  23. Nice post

    good way to get traffic

    lets see if this is real.

    never seen any of the web worlds tshirt coming in real.

  24. I love freebies, I love tshirts, and I am gonna like pens if I win. I want in. Hope to win! πŸ™‚ This is a great idea.

  25. it would be awesome to recieve one of your t-shirts….I collect them….I have like 300 from all sorts of websites….please let me add you to my collection….peace out!

  26. I am a BIG guy & i sure could use a new T-shirt!! i would look soooo cool for my wife..

  27. Hello Zac,

    dont worry know your promo is done by now so not writing or sucking

    I stumble across your site while looking to buy pens for where i work, funny the sites you pick up on google that

    I dont do aff. have no interest but my brother loves it, got tons on is blog. I will tell him about your site only because you seem really nice and up front.

    Well off to buy pens wishing you very best.

    from a canuck Gal!

  28. Great Site!!!

    Nice BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Need a T_Shirt for work.


    Keep up the good work

  29. I will like to have your T-Shirt and use it to promote your product in Nigeria, If you like the good partnership send to my Address


  30. Sorry got to this to late… I collect pens from everywhere.. However they have to have some kind of business or name on them. I have over 450 so far… Most were all free. If you have any left and are still willing to pass on some I would love to add them to my collection. Even if you know of someplace else I can get free pens thank woould work too.. Thanks

  31. Thanks for a great site! I'd love a free t-shirt (small) and free pens will help my broke college daughter.

  32. i think this is a great site, and they t shirt giveaway is a great idea too, i sure could use one lol. have a good one!

  33. I would really like a free t-shirt and I could always use more pens. Thank you very much. I really enjoy your site.


  34. First comment. That automatically entails that I should receive a shirt.

    I Agree with this guy fo sure.

  35. Hey! I'm in Rehab for the fifth time and I don't have many t-shirts! I saw your site and I think it's pretty cool. It's kind of cool being sober, but it would be even cooler wearing one of your t-shirts Pens would be even cooler. Thanks, Teddy

  36. I would love to have a tee-shirt because it is free. I love reading your blogs. Your pens would be great also. I could always use a pen. I love t-shirts, must admit I don’t have that many. I would love to have one.Thank-you for the offer.

  37. I love your post! It works for me! you look really good in your shirt! I wish i could learn how tomake money like you did. well have a wounderful day im trying to type with abroken key board my appoligies..

    Dara Pardue

  38. Help!! I need a new t-shirt and some pens. I'm in alcohol and drug treatment and need some free stuff. You seem like a cool guy to be offering stuff. Fly low and Aloha Brah!!

  39. Think the idea is great! Now send me one of those great t-shirts! Oh, and don't for get the pens, too. hehehe

  40. I would like to have one of your shirts so I can look as good as you!!! πŸ˜‰ So please send one my way!!

  41. what a nice thing for you to do young man! i will be looking forward to your gift. thank you very much

  42. I would love a t-shirt to make all my friends jealous that they can't get anything cool like me!

  43. I would love to have a T-Shirt, and Ink pens. I am a collector of ink pens I have over 5000, and would love to add one of yours. That would be awsome. I love T-shirts and a great way to advertise. Please. Thank You I hope I am one of the lucky one's that you pick.

  44. Hi there. Yep. You guessed it..I'm in for the free t-shirt…and if ya want you can throw in the pen too! But first let me tell ya something…in the freebie world…most of all my pals have received a free t-shirt in the mail…and I haven't at least not yet! So my New Year's resolution was a goal to get these two items….a free tshirt and a free deck of cards. Those two things are my freebie goals for this year. So if you could help me achieve at least one of them , it would make my year!! Thanks. :0)

  45. OK here's my comment, You look cute in that thar shirt but I'd look realy cute in it ;) everyone I know would be mad cause I finally got a free T-shirt and I didn't have to take mine off to win it. hehehe..

  46. I am a retiree,disabled and grandmother of 4 very sweet kids.I am requesting a t-shirt for my oldest grandson who was shot in the face last summer(he's ok now) but went thru a lot of pain and suffering.His name is Josh.I think he would love one of your t-shirts.He's a big guy so a size 2xl if you have it and some pens would be nice too.

    Your blog is very nice.Thanks for your consideration and have a blessed day.

  47. I want a free Tshirt please , this sounds so great, the pens would come in handy since my cat takes off and hides mine,

  48. Hi! I love freebies and just getting mail, so I would love a shirt and some pens! And…I deserve it 'cause I'm cute! *muah* lol Please?

  49. t-shirt in x-large or large or more would be great advertisement or give-aways at my sons bar , home slate sports bar & grille in slatington, pa!

  50. i would love to have a tshirt and a pen thank you very much my address is rt2 box 255c salem wva 26426

  51. yes i would love to have a free t-shirt and pens to show off my new t-shirt and pens thank you tracy

  52. Me love free stuff, and any place to get free stuff is great, so if you gave me free stuff, this would be a great place.

    1. Your comment is simply poetry, with a dash of logic. I hope bzadd winss the free shirt and pens.

  53. I would love to have a shirt and or pens! This must be a great place to come and stay awhile. First visit to a blog, and I will be back. Its a great site.

  54. I'd love a t-shirt but not sure you have one large enough to cover my large, lovely and all natural busoms. I'm willing and able to try though πŸ˜‰ I'll send you a pic of me in the shirt if I win sweety.

  55. I would love a T-shirt for myself and a matching one for my husband if you have extras. And the pens sound great too…thanks for your generosity…

  56. Cool…

    I appreciate your effort of spreading the word and marketing in this unique way!

    Would like to have a t-shirt as a token of your effort!

    Surely mail me!

    Great Job!!

  57. Thanks for the opportunity to win a free shirt. I believe I can look as good as you in my shirt – if I win. Your site looks interesting. I will check it out more but I thought I would post for the shirt b/f I forget!

  58. While I don't have large, natural breasts to fill out the shirt like some others apparently can, I'd still love to get the shirt and pens. And if it helps – rest assured that I won't wear a bra when I have it on, either!

    …gotta make sure I fit in around here…

  59. I love this blog and I would love a free t-shirt because I am a mommy and go through t-shirts too quickly! I would be super happy if I could have a matching shirt with you. lol! This is the best blog ever….

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