Free Tickets to the SuperBowl in Miami

The NFL season just kicked off, but that really just means you have more time to find out how you can earn big and walk away with free tickets to the SuperBowl in Miami, FL. Last week I wrote about the new “Live Like a Super Affiliate Charity Contest“. There has been a lot of excitement around the promotion, but many were upset it was only for “new” affiliates. ClickBooth was listening, and that’s why they’ve put together one of the best affiliate contests yet!

Forgot odds and random winners, this contest is based solely on your skillz to pay the billz! From now until December 31, 2009, if you can earn commissions in any of the tiers below, you automatically win that prize. Prizes include anything from a Sharper Image DV518 Video Camera to Fighter Pilot For a Day For Two and even a Two Tickets to the SuperBowl and Live the Life of a Super Affiliate!

How to Enter:
1.) Join ClickBooth as an Affiliate
2.) Earn Commissions in any of Prize Tiers Below
3.) Claim Your Prize & Live the Super Affiliate Lifestyle

Tier 1: $10,000: Sharper Image DV518 Video Camera

Tier 2: $25,000: A Relaxing Day at the Spa

Tier 3: $50,000: $300 Gift Card to Ticketmaster + Limo to and from the event.

Tier 4: $100,000: Hummer Limo For You and 12 Friends

Tier 5: $250,000 Grand Canyon Adventure Tour for 2

Tier 6: $500,000: Fighter Pilot For a Day For Two.

Tier 7: $750,000: 5 Day Aspen Ski Trip For Two

Tier 8: $1,000,000: Dive with Great White Sharks For Two + Sharper Image DV518 Video Camera

Tier 9: $1,500,000 1 Week Trip to Hawaii For Two + Sharper Image DV518 Video Camera

Tier 10: $2,000,000: The Ultimate Superbowl Experience + Sharper Image DV518 Video Camera

If you haven’t already, join ClickBooth and try your skills at one of these prize tiers!

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  1. Fighter pilot for a day or two sounds like fun to me! A really cool prize would be a trip into space, ala Mark Shuttleworth. Now just imagine that! Clickbooth really pulls out the stops to make their offering attractive to affiliates. This competition is proof of that yet again!

  2. Boy would I love to go down to Miami, but I have little confidence in my skills in such contests. I guess I'll just keep working on my sites hoping to build them up enough to afford stuff like that.

  3. It is really a great idea on this topic with have a Live Like a Super Affiliate Charity Contest in this post….

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