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Written by Zac Johnson
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Over the past few months I’ve been getting back into the game I love, and that’s focusing on building web sites and killer content. As much as I love building web sites, it’s never fun to work on the backlinks and social bookmarks it takes to truly get a web site indexed and getting the search engines to love you. With that said, I’ve been looking at a lot of different solutions for link building and bookmarking management.

I remember when I first paid a few hundred dollars for a company to help with building links and getting my site ranked in the search engines. It was complete crap… I rarely ever hear from them and I don’t recall seeing any results. This was around seven years ago, but it’s just a reminder of how horrible the link building industry can be if you don’t know where to go. With so many to choose from, how are you supposed to know where to go? One of the most trusted solutions around is SEO Link Wheelers, and they are actually heavily promoted and used by ShoeMoney as well.

How SEO Link Wheelers does Link Building

There are many different methods for link building, such as article marketing, social bookmarks, backlinks, using anchor text and forum posting. Trading links with other web sites may seem like a good idea, but one way backlinks is where the link juice really flows. Everyone has a different concept on what works best, but SEO Link Wheelers takes a bit of everything and builds actual “link wheels” to increase backlinks to their customers web sites. In addition to backlinks being spread across article directories, blogs, and web 2.0 directories, SEO Link Builders also creates original content and YouTube videos to build quality backlinks.

SEO Link Wheelers gives you a 100% guarantee that any links they build for your web sites will be Dofollow, all content will be relevant, unique, and created 100% by hand. The video below was created by SEO Link Wheelers to give a better understanding on how their service works, and why it’s important to cover all link methods when building the right link wheel for your web site.

What are Your Target Keywords?

Before even jumping into the SEO and backlinking game, you need to take a look at what your web site is ranking for and how you can improve your results. Head over to SEO Link Wheelers and submit your url into the box on their main page. You will quickly see a report with three of your top ranking searching terms. If you want the full list, just click the “Full Report” link and confirm your email, then you will have free access to a report like the one below.

This report is an excellent summary of how your web site is listed and ranking in the search engines. You will see up to 100 keywords and rankings, along with the average CPC, traffic volume and the url of your site that is ranked for that search term. This report is completely free to access. You then have the option to choose a link wheel package to improve your rankings.

Building Your Backlinks and Putting It All Together

Taking everything we’ve covered, SEO Link Wheelers will build a link wheel and campaign just for your web site and the keywords you are looking to rank for. With three different packages available, you can choose from 37 links ($379), 74 links ($479) or 119 links ($664). When you first look at these prices, they may seem high to you, but that is because SEO Link Wheelers is actually building a link wheel with original content just for your web site and backlinks… these aren’t just links thrown around on Twitter, Facebook and dead forums. The value in these links is that they are spread across high content sites with pagerank and original YouTube video is also created. You can see a breakdown of what links are included in each package below.

At the very least, I highly recommend you head over to SEO Link Wheelers and grab your free report on what search terms are sending you traffic. If you decide to signup for a backlinks package, be sure to use coupon code “ZACJOHNSON” for 12% off your first order with SEO Link Wheelers.

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22 Replies to “Free Top Ranking Keywords Report from SEO Link Wheelers”

    1. I think Google's first task should be dealing with all of the auto blogs that are just stealing and replicating content. Blogs and mini sites created by SEO Link Wheelers are original content.

      1. Auto blog and markov-generated networks are still bringing in the rankings, especially if used as link networks for "real" websites. They're not that hard to detect – surely it's just a matter of time before Google finally gets around to doing something about them.

  1. It's just unfortunate because there are companies out there that are dedicated to helping you, and with the scam companies getting there first, it really tarnishes the image of SEO. It's true that Google needs to rid the automatic world of blogging, because clearly content quality is far more important then quantity. Though, with as vast as the WWW is, how long do you think it would take them to halt the spam?

    1. Apparently Google is going after the auto blogs now, but it will be quite a mission. I see a lot of blogs ranking very well that are just pulling content from this site and other make money related blogs. Search any blog post titles from this blog on Google and you will find copy sites ranking on the first page.

    2. Spam will unfortunately always be there. As efficient as Google's algorithms become there will always be that group of people who find the holes. I do like the fact that Google is FINALLY taking content into account. Seems this last update to the algorithms hurt lots of unrelated content back linking spammers.
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  2. I have worked with linkwheelers in the past and I love their work. Fast and highly effective
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  3. Sounds interesting but I have a virtual assistant who does a great job at this at a better rate for my other venture. She decides to retire on me, I will be sure to check it out.

  4. I have to dugg your article ..
    and I would frequently to your website, because this blog is very interesting.
    I will follow you on twitter 😉


  5. Worth checking out. I remember Amish Sha mentioned some company he used for $99 to get hundred or so links and made a ton of money with that .Wonder what that company is… But most cheaper ones I've seen seem pretty poor.

    1. It's hard to find good companies at really cheap rates. Test a few for the best results, then compare the costs. If you are buying large or longterm, you can usually negotiate a deal.

  6. I don''t find forums helpful at all. I always get flagged for spam and banned. I don't seem to know the difference 🙁
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  7. Such a great article. Just bought the Gold package and I'm hoping it does me good! Will come back with results! The free rank-checker thing is really useful too.

  8. I love the idea, and think it may be one of the natural ways to build links. But my fear though, is that Google may come down hard on the sites where they intend posting ones links. Still worth a try though.
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