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Everyone’s talking about Twitter. On TV it’s being used by shows to be interactive with users online. Online marketers on the other hand, are continually finding new ways to make money with Twitter. A lot of people are finding success, while others are just confused on how a profit is to be made. A new system called Full Auto Tweet, introduced by Johnny Martinelli and Ziah Jolley, has been very well put together and has some great information and video on how you can start making money with Twitter. The goal of Full Auto Tweet is simple, find a targeted audience for you to start providing quality news content, and let them make you money.

Top 10 Twitter “Tricks and Tips”
Right when you get tot he Full Auto Tweet landing page, you are shown a quick video on “Twitter Trick #8“. This short video shows you how to quickly setup a content feed (based on top trends), then deliver it through your Twitter account to interested users. While this video may seem simple, I’m pointing it out to show how easy it is to understand the video walk throughs available through the site.

Twollow Training Video
Once you signup for the free Twitter tips and tricks mailing, you’ll receive a link to their information page, which includes a 25 minute video walk through of Twollow. Twollow is a service used to bring in new followers to your Twitter account. Unlike other programs that allow you to follow every Twitter account under the sun, Full Auto Tweet goes into detail on how to follow actual Twitter members, and not just spam bots. With the combination of Google Adwords and Twitter, Full Auto Tweet breaks down what type of “search phrases” you should be targeting and which you should stay away from. In the end, you need to follow real members to make real money.

Members Only Section
Once you are a full paid member of Full Auto Tweet, then you have access to everything that really matters. As I mentioned the important and ease of understanding instructional videos, once you log in, you’ll have full video training on the following; Beginner’s Videos, Anti-Spam, Twollo Training, Twollo Grouping, Twitter Karma, RSS Feeds and a Full Auto Tweet Handbook and Templates.

Become a Member, and Make Money Instantly?
If any program out there says you will make money just by downloading their program, or buying their script… it just isn’t true. The same holds true for this program. There is plenty of money to be made through Twitter, but it’s a learning and testing process. No one becomes a master at social marketing or search marketing over night, but this program gives you the tools and the video walk through you need to get to the next level. You won’t be upset with the quality of video walk throughs offered in the members area.

What’s the Cost?
The cost to have full access to Full Auto Tweet is $37 a month. I know, the majority of people immediately throw out a program or sales page once they see it will cost them money, but you would only need to generate $1.24 per day to show a profit from using this program. There’s no long term commitment or signup fee, so you can try it for a month then cancel if you aren’t happy. At the least, you may learn a few new things about Twitter and how targetting and marketing works.

*BONUS*: Post a relevant question or comment about Full Auto Tweet and or Twitter marketing and one random winner will receive a free month of Full Auto Tweet. John will also be responding to all comments and questions to this post.

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  1. I like the look of this, Twitter is a money maker now. People are always offering money for tweets and plus all the contests held for Twitter. Big things coming.

    <abbr>Stocks on Wall Street’s last blog post..How to Choose a Brokerage Account: Do’s, Don’ts, and Deciding What Type of Investor you Are</abbr>

  2. Yes, there is some good ideas, like following real people instead of spambots (I've got a ton of sexy girls following me who just happen to live nearby!), but I'm still unclear how to turn followers into money. I do have my share of real people followers, but I don't see them coming to my site even though I am pretty careful to not obviously spam my tweets.

    <abbr>Logan’s last blog post..Vegan Coach – Get Sauced With Sass!</abbr>

  3. @Logan: We go over how to monetize your Twitter account, as far as what offers appeal to the Twitter audience.

    @JL: All of the techniques we teach are designed to drive large volumes of traffic to an offer that you're getting a commission on. We teach you exactly how to find these offers. 🙂 Or, if you have a product, you can promote that as well to hyper-qualified audiences.

    <abbr>John Martinelli’s last blog post..Progression in Perspective</abbr>

  4. @JL:

    What Zac has failed to mention here is that Full Auto Tweet is not just a mere Twitter marketing course. We offer an automation tool as part of Full Auto Tweet, hence the name, that will "auto-tweet" anything you want to your loyal followers. We have designed it so that it will not allow anyone to spam their followers with too many tweets at one time. John automated his links with the affiliate program, and then set it on autopilot. Targeting the right followers is crucial in order to be successful. Please keep the questions coming and I'll try to answer in a timely manner.

  5. so how did he exactly make $1000 in 9 days? All I saw was him using rss feed to populate his twitter account. i can see how that can attract new visitors…but don’t the links that he gets through rss feed link directly to the source? any clarification on that would be helpful.

  6. @John Martinelli:

    I just paid $ 37 to your account in order get an access to your tool "FullAutoTweet" – but all I get is NOTHING! – I do not find a way to get in contact with you directly. For me, it seems to be a fake.

  7. I've been using the free version of Twollow and it works great. This is an extremely useful way to follow people who talk about topics that interest you, especially when those topics are in small niches.

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  8. @Vero:

    Hey glad we got you all taken care of. Fake? Heavens no hehe.

    Contact information has been added and we thank you for pointing that it was not there. Enjoy and please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

  9. I'm a fan of making money, but to be quite honest anyone that I am following who uses this will find out just how fast I can hit the unfollow button. I hate spam, I choose not to read it and for that reason, if I see it in my twitter account your gone.. Now, do I think there could be some value in this.. sure, for an account that you set up for this purpose and dont care about.

    <abbr>Jesse’s last blog post..Interesting Effect From Changing Feedburner Settings</abbr>

  10. @Logan:

    Hahahahah Logan!Those sexy girls are seductively popping up amongst my followers too! The big issue I feel that twitter needs to overcome is the spam one, and anything that aids in identifying spam accounts is a huge step in the right direction.

  11. Twitter can be used for making money but not by spamming the follower with affiliate links. Twitter users are smart. They can tell if a tweet is a spam and hardly will click on it.

    The only way to make money on twitter is to provide some valuable information to bring followers to your site where you can try to sell them something to make some money.

  12. Way to make money on Twitter is by targetting and marketing. Atleast you can try to make money.

  13. The Twitter has been a great tool on the web, and each day grows a lot, so many people looking to make money with Twitter.

  14. Twitter is one of the fastest growing sites in recent memory. I have been thinking of how I can make some money with it. The Spammers seem to be destroying twitter though, I am sure twitter will crack down on them soon.

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