Funny Viral Internet Commentator Videos

As bloggers and internet marketers we can really appreciate the comments and feedback left by others when we write a new post or article. CollegeHumor recently created a series of videos which are based on “commentators” and their onslaught of comment postings, which really provide no value to anyone. Whether it’s the a “first!” or “last” comment, comment spam from a bot or simply a talking banner ad… CollegeHumor did a great job at pointing out all of those comments, CAPTCHAs, spammers and gratuitous comments we love to hate. Congrats to CollegeHumor for another great viral video campaign, which currently has over 2000 Diggs.

All three of’s Internet Commentator Videos are shown below. Some videos contain adult language, but are still funny nonetheless. 🙂

Internet Commenter Funeral

Commenter Business Meeting

Commenter Business Meeting 2

Come on… you know you want to leave one of those annoying comments!

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  1. Oh sweet, I had missed the Funeral one.

    Overall a much better post than that $306,373.24 check that is clearly Photoshopped!

  2. HAHA FUnny video 🙂 BTW, what’s with the “FIRST” thing at the first comment LOL. Reminds me of


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