Gamblers in the Night

It was now midnight and after a game of monopoly (which further forecast the night and throwing of dice) and having watched a less than stellar attempt at a Britney Spears comeback at the MTV Video Awards, Reena and I found ourselves slightly bored again. We started joking about going down to Atlantic City, it was funny because we were just there the night before. Not too funny though, because Reena and I live in the moment and do whatever. Soon enough I called Resorts for a room, then we got ready, jumped into the car and drove down to Resorts again. We left at midnight, arrived at 1am, played for an hour at the Craps tables (won a nice $800 off some sweet horn bets!), then grabbed something to eat with our comps.

After some quick gambling and grabbing something to eat, we headed up to the room. Before driving down, I requested a room in their new tower, since last time we were in such a horrible room and the beds were so hard and square. At the Ultra Members only cocktail party the day before, we talked to a couple that said the towers in the new hotel were great. So once arriving I told the lady to set us up in a room in the new tower, and she said that was fine. While looking for the new tower, we noticed it was the same path we took the first time we stayed over. We went up to the room and it was the same type! Same crappy bed and this one smelled like a pet store. Unhappy again, I called down to the main desk to see if they had any suites to upgrade to, they said none. I then called housekeeping and asked for four new pillows and a blanket. About a half an hour after calling, no one ever showed up, so we just decided to leave again. Once again, we drove all the way down to Resorts and got a room, but left without staying in it for more than an hour. Unless I am ever offered a suite, it looks like Resorts is simply a hit and run casino, no stay overs. The good thing is we made a quick profit and got a free dinner, bad part was the driving back and fourth longer was actually longer than the amount of time we stayed there! Go for the game play, gifts and comps… not the rooms!

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    1. Na, not yet at least (haha). Reena graduated from Rutgers over the summer with a degree in Psychology and looking to work with helping children in that field.

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