Gambling at Caesars Casino

Yesterday Reena and I were off to another fun filled adventure to Atlantic City. Before leaving, we headed back to my old house to pick up my mustang since the Hummer is a killer on gas and it won’t fit in the Resorts parking lot! After backing out of the drive way, I noticed the back tire was nearly flat and the front tire wasn’t looking too healthy either, so we decided to take the Hummer. It’s so much more fun to drive in anyway! 🙂

On the way down, I called my casino host at Resorts and asked if there were any other parking garages at the Resorts casino since the Hummer would not fit in their regular garage. To my surprise, my casino host told me the Resorts had just fired him! This guy was one of the best and the main reason why I went to the results, he always took care of me, comp’d my dinners and always called for new promotions going on. Even though he was recently fired, he told me to talk to vale and to let me park in the executive parking lot. I then told my host to call me as soon as he knew what casino he would be working at next. Since Resorts just fired a good friend of mine, we decided to go to Ceasars instead… not to mention the Hummer would fit in their garage fine.

Once arriving we played craps for a bit, ended up about $300… then walked over to Wild Wild West at Ballys and played a few slots. We then went back to Caesars to play some blackjack and it was horrible! Reena and I kept getting 19s and 20s, and the dealing kept matching or pulling one card higher. This happened for about 6 hands in a row, then we hit craps again for a couple throws… at this point we were now down $1200! Blackjack really killed us.

Quite disappointed with the recent gameplay, we went to the comp machine and grabbed a ticket to get dinner at the buffet. It really wasn’t that great of food, but we got to relax and get away from the games a bit. After dinner we headed downstairs again and I went to another craps table and started with a new $1200 in chips. This time I would play the dark side and play the DON’T, hoping everyone sevens out and won’t hit their point. Basically everyone did that and no one hit their point for six turns…. then it was my turn to throw. I switched over to the PASS LINE and ended up throwing for about a half an hour and hit four points. After I finally sevened out, we played a bit more and eventually left the table up $1350… which put us ahead for the night!

At the end of the day it was a pretty good trip. It’s quite unfortunate that results had to fire my awesome casino host, I’m hoping he gets a job at a casino where I might actually stay the night! Resorts is offering me free leather jackets, free luggage and a free toaster oven over the next two weeks, so I might head down and pick them up. Otherwise, I probably won’t head back to Resorts unless they are offering an incentive… I could pretty much write a whole new blog just based off what’s happen with Resorts.

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  1. Wonder why they fired the guy if he was so good at his job. Wait, corporate America, never mind, I already know the answer. 🙂

    Glad to see you were up for the night. The last time I went to the casino in Gulfport I ended up down about $150 for the night. 🙁

    You've got me kinda interested in hearing more about the "I could pretty much write a whole new blog just based off what’s happen with Resorts" thing…

  2. well im from southjersey and i never gamble the house allways wins you might lose let say $1000 today next week you come back and then you win $800 bucks your like yea i won ima come back next week. well if you do the math you just lost $200 bucks which any online money maker nows thats a bad deal.

    1. You bring up a good point, Alexander, but consider it like this: gambling is not a way to make money so much as a form of entertainment. You are PAYING for the entertainment. When you go to an arcade, you pay to play the games. The same is in a casino. While you may win or lose, you are paying to play. So, is it really a bad deal or just you saying, “two hours of fun is worth this much money.”

  3. Two weeks ago, I played DON'T at Caesars, what a cold table, the tell tale sign was a bunch of players left with just a few chips in their hands, a less crowded table allowed me to get a good spot to see the action. They were rolling 2 and 3 in the come out roll. Unbelievable! I ended up winning $2300 in 30 minutes

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