Gary Vaynerchuk Bringing the Thunder to BlogWorld

Written by Zac Johnson
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If you were already banking millions of dollars per year and had the power of 80,000+ viewers whenever you created a new blog video… would you settle there? If you were Gary Vaynerchuk, the answer would probably be a THUNDEROUS “Heck No!

“Gary V” as many call him, continues to take the world by storm, if not just the “Wine World“! Later this week Gary will be keynoting at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas and early next year, he will keynote at Affiliate Summit Vegas 2009. There is no doubt that Gary will not disappoint.

What separates Gary Vaynerchuk from everyone else in the industry? If you already know Gary, the majority of you would probably say “his passion” and his open desire to “help everyone around him“.

In addition to his extremely successful WineLibrary TV (80k+ viewers per video), his new book release and across the country book signings and tv appearances, Gary still has time to network and chat it up with all of his followers through his personal blog and mega following on Twitter. While Gary may not be able to personally respond to every email he gets, he does make the effort to be the face and hands behind his name and company.

Recently interviewed in FeedFront magazine, Gary gave some solid advice for anyone looking to make a brand for themselves online. Gary says, “Authenticity. Baby. Be a RAT. Be real. Authentic and Transparent. And know what you’re talking about. That means going as niche as you have to.

So if you think you know a lot about basketball, but you realize you know more about the Houston Rockets, that do that. And if you know more about Hakeem Olajuwon than the Houston Rockets, then you can do a Hakeem Olajuwon TV of Hakeem Olajuwon blog.”

Solid advice from one of the best branded marketers/bloggers around.

What’s next for Gary? Like many of us, Gary wants to own a sports team… his love for the NY Jets is clearly visible no matter where he is to be seen. So whether it’s at BlogWorld, on your computer screen, or even at the sidelines of a Jets game… keep your eye on Gary Vaynerchuk!

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12 Replies to “Gary Vaynerchuk Bringing the Thunder to BlogWorld”

  1. We can all take a little something from the guy. He has really taken over the industry so I'm surprised that we don't hear more about him. Or maybe he doesn't care too much to hear his name being talked about or written about all across the Internet.

  2. Gary is a great guy. I rode on the Social Media Bus from Boston to New York with him and we had a blast. He is very inspirational and passionate about what he does. His keynote will be a must-see.

  3. Can't wait to see him there. I hope I get to meet him! He has a goal to meet everyone on the planet so I had better get in line 😉 Love his vids and can't wait till the next one.

  4. Loren Feldman said Gary's full of s%&t at IzeaFest. Loren says a lot of off the wall stuff, but I found that one interesting. I, personally, believe he's an inspiration to many small business owners, such as myself. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to meet him at Blog World.

  5. Despite the fact that Gary only reviews the wines that he sells at his store and online I have watched some of his shows and drank some pretty good wine.

  6. Gary is amazing! take time to get used to his sense of humor but seems to be a great guy. Knows his stuff and genuinely wants to help others and share the excitement!


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