Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Crush It” Autographed Book Winners

Today Gary’s “Crush It” went live for sale and was listed as the 12th best selling book on Pretty awesome for a first day! In addition to the book going live, Gary also kicked offer his book signing tour. Today Gary was in NY, then he’s off to on some crazy tour for the rest of the year, hitting a ton of states and book locations.

On to the contest winners! The following Twitter users and commenters were randomly selected and will receive a signed copy of “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk, and will be contacted shortly.
TWITTER: erad1cate mikebuechele Nikhilvishnupv EricSchechter theanand
COMMENTERS: Lorne Fade Ricky Joe Fiorini Kim Rowley Filipina Heart

Congrats to everyone who won the contest, and if you weren’t a selected winner, you can still pick up Gary’s book at

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  1. Niiiice! Glad to see my luck is increasing right before Vegas! 😉 As I mentioned before, I already bought the book, but look forward to sharing this one with some friends.

    Thanks again Zac and look forward to catching up at BlogWorld!

  2. dang i didn't win. i'm still going to buy the book anyway though looks like it will be another winner

  3. Hi Zac Johnson,

    It is really nice post with have good info of Autographed Book Winners…keep it up this nice sharing.

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