Generating Worldwide Buzz with PRWeb Press Releases

Press releases have been around forever and while Google might be playing around with how much they actually help with rankings in their search results, you still can’t deny that the mass promotion and reach they deliver isn’t valuable. I’ve personally used PRWeb several times in the past when I wanted to share news for any of my sites or getting my message outside of just the affiliate marketing space. The bottom line is, if you need to get exposure on some of the top news sites in the world and potentially reach news reporters from around the world, a press release is the way to go.

What is PRWeb and How Does It Work?

PRWeb Press ReleaseIf you aren’t already familiar with PRWeb, they are a press release distribution company. Basically you write up a press release (or you can hire their team to do it) and they will get you the distribution you need across various news sites and platforms. Through the use of PRWeb you can have your press release content reach the top news sites, bloggers, journalists and buyers all around the world. Their distribution network includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, ABCNews, AOL Money & Finance, Google News, Smart Money, USA Today and many other well known and respected news outlets.

Below are just some of the numbers that represent the reach PRWeb is providing to their customers.

  • 82 million Monthly PR Web Headline Views
  • 250,000 News Subscribers
  • 30,000 Opt-In Journalists

How to Write Press Releases that Actually Work

In the past a lot of site owners would use press releases to build links back to their site and hope to improve their search rankings. While you will still gain a lot of back links to your sites, the benefit from an SEO stand point isn’t what it used to be.

Instead you need to create and cater your content to work with current trends that people are researching and intertwine your message with what is hot right now.

A good example of this would be to write about “Miley Cyrus” at the MTV video awards since news on that seems to be all over the place right now. Another hot issue would be the ongoing crisis that is occurring in Syria. It’s not so much about what events are taking place in the world, but what is going on and how you can relate them to your press release and still get you message across.

When I was speaking at BlogWorld I had the chance to meet up with FoxNews and get interviewed and had my piece air on The O’Reilly Factor. Instead of focusing on the positives of blogging and how it’s a legitimate business, they instead made a spoof out of it. I then took this angle and went live with a press release of my own. This was the perfect example of how to use names like Fox News and Bill O’Reilly to promote my own name and site in the process.

Zac Johnson on Fox News

How Much Does It Cost to Send Out a PRWeb Press Release?

PRWeb was created to cater to press release for businesses of all size. Whether you are sending out your first press release and simply want to get a message out, or you might have a full SEO and marketing plan to build your business online, there is solution for you to choose from. The basic package which includes a press release being posted on PRWeb and will appear in a few search engines will cost $99 per press release.

The most popular package, “Advanced”, is $249 and includes your press release being sent out to major news sites like StreetInsider and the International Business Times. There are also “Premium” ($369) and “Financial” ($499) press release packages which get you the most exposure and listings on major news sites like Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance and USA Today.

PRWeb Press Release Packages

No matter what type of business you run, press releases are always going to be in demand and a fun and effective way to reach new audiences. Remember, the goal of your press release is to reach other bloggers, journalists and news outlets so they can pick up your news and expand it’s reach.

The next time you are thinking about doing a press release, be sure to consider PRWeb.

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  1. Zac

    I've heard about PRWeb before, they're probably the most popular/biggest press release outlet out there…

    I've used it in the past a few times… Google released some notes recently… alerting webmasters to avoid the over use of hyperlinks and keywords in press releases – as they're keeping an eye on any method or technique that WE (the users) employ trying to game the SERPs…

    Have you heard about this, and what's your take on that?
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  2. First of all, thank you for unassuming that your readers already know what PRWeb is. Because there are many, like me, who only have a clue, but not knowledge about it. 🙂

    Press releases are acknowledged to be effective. But I'm pretty sure, a lot of us don't know how to make one that actually works. So thanks for this information!

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  3. thanks for the information about PRWeb, I haven't heard about it before. Maybe I will check it and give it a try

  4. thanks for your information about PRWeb. I haven't heard about it before. Maybe I will check it and give a try

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