Get in My Top Spots + A Free T-Shirt!

Today I wanted to introduce you to my “Top Spots“, which is an opportunity for you to advertise your service, web site or blog on for a relatively cheap price, while getting a free t-shirt out of it as well. I currently offer a few premier advertising spots on the blog, but I wanted to be able to also offer advertising that anyone could afford, while offering a fun and unique twist to it. What I came up with was, running the ScratchBack program and rewarding anyone willing to test it out and advertise on this blog. You can get your site or blog listed on my “Top Spots” area to right (shown on all pages) for $25 a week, and as the incentive, I’ll send you one of my new black MoneyReign T-Shirts, (US/Canada only) also shown in the pic below. (I’ll also throw in 5 “I Make Money Online” stickers!) To sweeten the deal even more, all advertisers have the opportunity to take a picture of themselves wearing the shirt and can get their photo and site link listed in my picture gallery section.

Jim Kukral, Myself (wearing MoneyReign Shirt) & John Chow

There are still a few spots available if you would like to take advantage of this promotional offer. Simply click “Get In My Top Spots“, then send me an email through the contact page with your shipping address and I’ll have your t-shirt sent out. Just thought I would try something a little different and fun for my blog readers! 🙂

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  1. Cool idea Zac ; ) I just had to go and nag one of those famous spots up myself as I am an Avid reader of your blog. I also just recently joined Scratchback and love the concept of "Top Spots" for bloggers. They have a directory now, where you can go search through people who offer the Scratchback widget on their blog and have spots for sale. You can visit it at: I can't wait to get my $$$ shirt & send you my photo wearing it! Thanks again for this opportunity and come visit me sometime!

  2. I was going to buy a spot anyway Zac, but you put up the OTO I couldn't resist. Thanks for all the info you put out there man and I especially like your PPC posts!

  3. Sucks always being broke. Though it helps stop those impulse buys it also keeps me from being able to jump on great deals like this too :(.

    Would love to get a spot and especially a shirt! But hopefully I will be able to later when I get some cash.

    Nice spots regardless!

  4. Great idea. My first reaction was YES YES.. $25, all GOOD. But then I saw that it is only for US and Canada; too bad that I'm in Switzerland. But at least I found my way to your site, added to my RSS 😉

  5. If you ship to Australia then I will definitely order a top spot sometime over the next couple of months. 😀


      1. Looks like I'll be buying two weeks worth then. 🙂

        ~ Dave

        …just need some money now.

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