13 Top Sites to Buy Real and Active Instagram Followers

As a business owner with an online presence on Instagram, you need Instagram followers – and lots of them!

They are an integral component of your engagement rate, and the more you’ve got of them, the more respect your competitors give you and your Instagram algorithm.

However, getting a lot of Instagram followers is easier said than done. Unless you don’t have all day to commit to your Instagram account, you can find yourself slipping behind and feeling like nobody sees your content.

Let’s have a look at what we think to be the top sites to buy Instagram followers so that you can set your profile up for success and stop losing sleep over your engagement rate.


Famoid is more than just a site for buying Instagram followers. It’s a fantastic Instagram management tool. Patronizing Famoid doesn’t have to be limited to purchasing real people followers (though that is what they specialize in); you can have Famoid handle anything from comments to automatic posts on your Instagram account.

When it comes to buying followers, Famoid ensures that all of its customers receive 100% genuine followers. The only thing that may look like a drawback with Famoid (but trust me, it’s a great thing) is its slow growth rate. 

That is to say; you will not gain as many followers as you would with other services. But, it proves that they only supply human followers since naturally gaining followers in the real world takes time. However, in the end, they deliver on their promise of providing you with the number of followers that you need.

Finally, the Famoid followers you get are active ones — actual people who comment, like, and share your content.


Kicksta is another one of those businesses where you can buy Instagram followers that seem basic and weak in terms of the quality of its services. However, the opposite is true, and they disregard their site’s aesthetics to devote that time and effort to their customers’ features.

They think their growth tool can get your content in front of the proper target market, and the good news is that they don’t rely on bots or phony accounts to do it.

Finally, they aim to assist their clients in being followed back and finding profiles similar to theirs so that they can establish themselves in their community’s network and develop a content strategy that will be relevant and beneficial for a long time.


Growthoid knows something about helping its customers purchase Instagram followers. These guys have been floating about in the market for a long now, and the whole time they have been hard at work, improving their features so that their customers may receive the boost they need for their business.

They speak a lot on their website about how they provide their customers actual Instagram followers. And based on their evaluations on third-party sites, we are inclined to trust them.

One feature that stands out about Growthoid is that they provide their customers a point of difference in targeting the audiences of their competitors.

These followers are going to be people who are just as interested in your content as your competitors, so what better approach to defeat the competition and accelerate your content than to persuade them to check out your feed instead?


iDigic is a unique site to buy Instagram followers, and they, like the other firms on our list, aim to make it very simple and easy for you to get aid with the rest of your engagement rates all in one place.

We appreciate this organization because they provide a lot of information on their website on how to expand your Instagram account in general, so you don’t have to go into it blind or feel like you don’t know what you’re doing.

You must submit your information after selecting the appropriate package for your requirements, and they will not ask for any sensitive information such as your password. They take pride in offering excellent customer service, and they even provide a money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk involved if things don’t work out.


Morelikes is undoubtedly one of those sites where you can purchase Instagram followers, but certainly, you may be excused for assuming that they can assist you with your Instagram likes based on their name.

Of course, they can assist you with lots of likes too, but they understand the benefit of supplying their customers with every component of their engagement rate.

Morelikes provide their clients a unique, original point of view, so you can put your content ahead of the competition and get creative with how you develop your Instagram in general.

This service differs from others in that it utilizes software to know when you post a new picture or video on your feed. They will provide you the precise amount of followers you need as soon as they have done so, and the greatest thing is that they will keep the number of followers diversified.

This implies that they will never send the same number of followers again. These are the kind of services you want on your side if you want to increase your Instagram profile properly and effectively.


If you’re looking to acquire Instagram followers right now, Growthsilo is a great option, and you’ll notice a few keywords on their website. The keywords “organic” and “real” are among them, and although other firms may use these terms carelessly, we feel this site is telling the truth when it makes these promises.

With this, you can be certain that their Instagram followers are genuine and organic and that they originate from genuine accounts, boosting your profile’s trustworthiness. They claim to offer a fully managed service strategy that allows you to concentrate on your content and not worry about how your engagement is going.

Once you’ve decided between their two options, they’ll get down with you and chat about who your target audience is so they can promote your content to the correct individuals. All you have to do now is think about your next piece of content, and they’ll start marketing your Instagram account to the right audience.

We believe that this is one of the good guys for generating real Instagram followers, the kind of service that you can rely on for a long time to help you with your whole market strategy.


When it comes to being an excellent service to purchase Instagram followers, SidesMedia surely has a few tricks under its sleeve. What is the reason behind this? Because they haven’t concentrated only on their features at the exclusion of other parts of their service.

Another quality they possess is that they are very trustworthy, which they recognize as critical in the Internet age. There are just too many firms out there that you can’t trust with your Instagram growth or followers, so it’s a breath of fresh air to come across one that does.

SidesMedia recognizes that most of their customers seeking assistance with Instagram followers are attempting to expand their brand on the platform, and their features reflect this.

They also think that their high-quality engagement can be given to each of their customers in 72 hours, which is a fantastic turnaround time compared to other businesses in the niche.

Task Ant

When it comes to getting Instagram followers, Task Ant is a popular choice, largely because they pay attention to other parts of your Instagram content strategy as well.

They accomplish this by assisting you with your hashtags, which are crucial to how your material is perceived and who interacts with it when considering your engagement rate connected to the larger picture.

Your hashtags are the lifeblood of your content, and if you don’t use the appropriate ones on every content you post, you risk jeopardizing its success.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media has got a lot of positive feedback from its clients over the years. Since they are so invested in their customers’ Instagram success, they will continue to support them for a long time.

They’re also motivated to stay up with Instagram’s developments, which is why they’re always attempting to improve their features. They assist their consumers in purchasing real and active Instagram followers that are completely automated.

You may get new followers on your profile every day in this method, and you don’t have to worry about whether or not they contribute to your credibility. They put a strong focus on targeted followers, and one great thing about them is that their customers don’t require any previous technical expertise to use their features.

You may contact them by email or via their online live chat, and you can also visit their dashboard, where you may customize their features as needed.


Upleap’s website has a very simple look, leading you to assume that they are a very basic firm that hasn’t given much care to its features. The exact opposite is true, and they are one of the most well-known websites to purchase Instagram followers.

In reality, they are similar to the other sites on our list in that they have been in the business for a long time and have spent a significant amount of time improving their features to stay up with Instagram’s algorithm.

They aim to assist their customers in increasing their Instagram following and profiling quicker since they understand that time is money in social media marketing.

If you’ve previously spent a lot of time developing your Instagram following and getting a little tired of it, these guys are a great option for you.

The good thing is that you need to present your login to use their services, and you can get started for as little as $9, which we believe most people can afford.


Buzzoid is a website that can help you acquire Instagram followers and recognizes that you may need assistance with other parts of your engagement. You’ve probably heard enough about Instagram engagement rate to realize that your followers aren’t the only thing you need to be concerned about.

At the same time, you must ensure that your likes, comments, and views are doing well. However, many firms do not provide all of these features, which means you will have to go to another firm and pay twice.

Buzzoid, on the other hand, can assist you with everything, and they’ve even divided their features into sections so you can pick whether to concentrate on your following right now or receive aid with anything else.

They claim to leave it up to their customers to select the best plan for their requirements, and after you’ve provided your information, you’ll see their growth begin to take effect.


Rushmax is a website where you can buy Instagram followers with a great reputation among previous customers. One of the main reasons why they are excellent for your Instagram followers is their cost.

We believe you will have a tough time finding another service that offers greater Instagram following rates. They’re also a terrific alternative if you need a small boost right now and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on Instagram followers.

Their customer support staff is there at all times to help you figure out the best approach to reach your social media objectives, and they will even offer you tips on how to enhance your content and have it highlighted on the Instagram Explore Page. If you want to stay away from phony Instagram followers and false accounts, you should stick with Rushmax.

Social Empire

Social Empire is a one-stop-shop for buying Instagram followers, including likes and views. According to their website, their followers start at $8.49 and may be delivered in one to two days.

They claim that the quality of their followers is outstanding and that you have to pay once rather than signing up for a monthly membership. Their delivery time will be determined by the number of followers you acquire; for example, if you buy 10,000 followers for $84.49, you can anticipate it to take up to six days for them to deliver.

We like that their strategy is straightforward yet effective and can even assist their customers in developing unique Instagram growth strategies.

Where to Buy Real IG Followers Online

More businesses are devoted to assisting customers in improving their Instagram results, but you must know where to go and which firms to avoid. The problem is that there are so many businesses out there these days who want to take advantage of their customers to earn a fast profit. 

This is why, until you have more time to devote to study, lists like this are an excellent place to start. When it comes to buying Instagram followers, there’s no way you can go wrong with firms like the ones listed above.

And if you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our latest expert tips on how to build a strong social media following.

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