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Last month I introduced a new program from Izea, called Sponsored Tweets. The concept of the program is for Twitter users to get paid to send out sponsored tweets. The idea is not fully accepted by all, but it is legit, offers full disclosure and is approved by Twitter directly. As a member of Sponsored Tweets, you have the option to be a “Publisher“, or an “Advertiser“. Today we will look at the process of how to join as an Publisher and tips on how you can increase your chances of getting new opportunities and start making more money with with Sponsored Tweets.

The signup process is really simple.
1.)  Head over to SponsoredTweets
2.) Complete the signup form using your Twitter account info.
3.) Setup your categories, payment information and how much you want per tweet sent out.
4.) That’s it! Then you just wait for a new sponsored tweet to come in.

Once you are signed up and have an active account, you will be notified when a new sponsored tweet comes in. At this point, it’s up to you to log into your account and approve the tweet. Some advertisers provide their own ad copy, but most will allow you to write it yourself. Once this is completed, the tweet goes into que for approval and will be sent out automatically through Sponsored Tweets. Payment is then depostied into your account, which can then be sent to your paypal.

How to Get More Paid Opportunities

– Make Sure You have a Nice Icon/Avatar
Once the advertisers are in the system and looking for people they want to tweet out their ad. More likely than not, the advertiser will select twitter accounts that have real faces behind them, vs. a default twitter icon or a funny picture. This also stands true for keeping your profile and bio information accurate and interesting.

– Keep Your Sponsored Tweet Price Low to Medium
This whole system is almost like a silent auction. Everyone is posting what they have to offer, but everyone has a different price. The advertiser not only sees how many followers you have, but also your tweet price and how that backs out on a CPM basis (cost per 1,000 followers). Think about it… Are your followers any better than the next person? Are you not getting any sponsored tweets? Whatever your answer, you may want to look over what you are charging again per paid tweet. If you aren’t getting many/any paid tweets, lower your price. If you are getting a lot of paid tweets, increase your rate.

– Is Your Twitter Account Real, or a Bot?
One of the big problems with Twitter right now, is the massive amount of accounts that are simply fake, and just posting affiliate links every few hours. While these accounts may be effective and can still make money, it’s likely an advertiser will shy away from buying sponsored tweets on these accounts. If you want to improve your chances of getting new opportunities for your account, make sure you are genuine, tweet often, and that every tweet doesn’t include some sort of link.

With that being said, Sponsored Tweets is making a good amount of money for some of their tweeters. The program is still very new, and more opportunities will just continue to increase over time.

As an advertiser, I’ve already spent over $400 on testing and sending out sponsored tweets. I will write a post on this later in the week.

Join Sponsored Tweets and see what it’s about.

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  1. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-110636" rel="nofollow">@Uncle Same:

    No one is tweeting just to make money off sponsored tweets. Advertisers are more interested in regular twitter users who aren't trying to make money off their accounts.

  2. This is pretty interesting. I might give it a go with a few offers and see if I make any conversions … If we had some decent non-spammy twitter users doing this, it could work.

  3. I just don’t know if it’s worth it to spend time tweeting and then hope to make $1 a day with sponsored tweets. Unless you tweet all the time anyway.

  4. nice… i am love sponsored tweets too.. i got my first advertiser in my first day as their member.. this is really neat site to make money by using twitter account

  5. Oh wow, that sound so great, I would like to join it right away.

    The site seems very new, no PR at all. Can we trust it?

  6. This caught my attention…but too bad I haven’t been up on twitter, and don’t have nearly enough followers. Still signed up though. Haha, oh well I’ll get there eventually.


  7. I am a little surprised that Twitter approved this because of the way it could degrade the quality of Twitter. That is, it seems like Sponsored Tweets could motivate more tweets with little value to readers.

  8. Eww I don't like this. Basically they are taking a platform that was becoming spammy and opening the door for every other spammer. I think this is the beginning of the end for twitter.

  9. SponsoredTweets probably isn’t for me because I have almost no subscribers, I hope so in the future though. Thanks for the article Zac.

  10. @Uncle Same:

    Yes you have a point, arguments in favor of and against the scheme have already been up all over the place, with people making good points on both sides.

    At first, it may seem not so bad, but as more companies catch wind of the idea your whole twitter stream will be nothing but ’sponsored tweets’!

  11. That sounds cool. It seems that you have a point. I will check this out first before take a try.

  12. I have only 143 follower so anyone have interest to pay for my tweets. I think i have to collect more twitter follower. But i think if you tweet affiliate marketing links you can do a lot of more money than money from sponsored tweets!

    Best regards


  13. The more bona-fide followers you have, the more you can charge for sponsored tweets. It is kind of a nice extra bonus for being an internet celebrity in many instances. This does provide some decent incentive to active pursue building up of your twitter following, however.

  14. looks like i had to consider automatic tweets for my twitter unless the potential is low.. still counting my twitter to 120 days.. tired of waiting

  15. signed up for sponsored tweets and so far it is doing very well. Very easy to make money with this program. You can sign up directly at: Sponsored Tweets –

    good luck and happy tweeting.

    regards, lethemknow

  16. so many ways to make money online. good thng i stopped being a seaman even though the pay is decent and try to make money on the web.
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  17. I have sign up sponsored tweets.but not getting more opportunities.still waiting and thanks for ur post.its really nice.
    My recent post What is Amplifier?

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